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© MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 1© MIRANTIS 2012 Does Hypervisor Matter in OpenStack Greg Elkinbard Senior Technical Director.

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1 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 1© MIRANTIS 2012 Does Hypervisor Matter in OpenStack Greg Elkinbard Senior Technical Director

2 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 2 Outline Brief History of Time: Hypervisor Requests 2011, 2012, 2013 Trends in Different Segments Opportunities and Challenges

3 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 3 2011 Hypervisors XEN Default choice given Rackspace and Amazon use KVM Bleeding edge users

4 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 4 2012 Hypervisors KVM Emerges as the lead XEN Loses momentum

5 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 5 2013 Hypervisors KVM Maintains lead (around 90%+ for Mirantis) Vmware Emerges as a surprising second choice Containers (LXC, Parallels, Docker) Web Hosting and SAS focused Xen and HyperV Infrequent requests

6 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 6 Trends Telco/ISP public clouds Single hypervisor KVM Internet focused companies Single hypervisor KVM Web Hosting and SAS sub-segments Single or multi hypervisors Containers (LXC, Parallels, Docker) KVM Enterprise Multi hypervisors KVM and vCenter/ESXi

7 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 7 Opportunities and Challenges Multi-hypervisor use cases Advantages and Issues KVM vCenter/ESXi Containers (LXC, Docker, Parallels)

8 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 8 Multi Hypervisor Use Cases Existing virtualization infrastructure Extend instead of replace Provide a common API Hedge bets against bugs and vendor pricing Utilize additional features Virtual appliances not supported by other platforms Advanced features not directly supported by OpenStack

9 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 9 KVM Currently about 90%+ of requests, 95%+ of deployments Type 2 hypervisor Relies on a distro Relatively easy to add new devices Easy to tune to get good performance Flexibility creates speedup opportunities Mellanox e-switch Intel DPDK vswitch Few issues Mostly distro related

10 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 10 KVM Tuning We use KVM for HPC and NFV Extensive set of tunings Short Summary BIOS to max performance Enable huge pages On RHEL tune for virtualization Libvirt configure host pass-through for CPU flags Increase TCP buffers and processor input queue Congestion control to htcp Enable jumbo frames

11 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 11 KVM performance results KVM with OVS With tuning 7-8 Gbits/s VM throughput (jumbo frames) KVM with Mellanox Throughput host to host: 19.4 Gbit/s VM to VM on same host: 13.9 Gbit/s VM to VM on different hosts: 23.1 Gbit/s KVM with Intel OVS DPDK Alternative to dedicated hardware Good performance even for small packets 7Gbit/s for 64 byte packets 9.6Gbit/s for 512 byte packets

12 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 12 KVM Features and Issues Widest set of OpenStack Features Issues Difficult to transfer images from other hypervisors Older versions of QEMU in RHEL/CentOS require virtio drivers SCSI emulation in Ubuntu Updated CentOS with latest QEMU

13 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 13 VMware ESXi Currently about 8-10% of requests, 5%+ of deployments Primarily vCenter Type 1 hypervisor Does not need a linux distro VMware controls the code, 3 rd party packages must be signed. VMware is supporting both ESXi and vCenter APIs

14 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 14 VMware OpenStack Compatibility Good compatibility with OpenStack Features Pause, Un-Pause and Resize missing Caveats (Grizzly) Network integration Nova-net no security groups Neutron requires Nicira commercial plugin Glance integration inefficient Only a single datastore is supported With Cinder only iSCSI type volumes are supported Only linked clones are supported

15 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 15 Vmware OpenStack Havana Linked and Full clones are supported Multiple VC clusters can be managed by a single driver Config drive support Cinder support for VMDK based Volumes vShield Edge Driver support for NVP plugin (FWaaS, LBaaS)

16 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 16 VMware Networking Nicira NVP/NSX Cisco 1000V (future) Accelerated Options NVP using STT VN-Tag, SR-IOV & Cisco Switches (VM-FEX)

17 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 17 Containers Currently about 5%+ of requests, 0 deployments Low overhead alternative Hundreds of guests All Apps belong to a single tenant Fragmented space LXC Parallels Docker Limited OpenStack support but interest is growing

18 © MIRANTIS 2012PAGE 18 LXC OpenStack Support VM – only launch, reboot and terminate Networking – basic VLANs Possible to get Neutron/OVS to work Volumes – officially no Cinder support Possible to hack something

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