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Audio Weaver DSP Concepts, LLC. 2Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Our Vision and Mission Our Vision Accelerating the development of embedded audio products.

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1 Audio Weaver DSP Concepts, LLC

2 2Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Our Vision and Mission Our Vision Accelerating the development of embedded audio products and technology Our Mission We assist our customers in developing innovative audio products customized to their requirements, through consulting services coupled with state-of-the-art proprietary design tools. Tools + Services = Value

3 3Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC About DSP Concepts Founded in 2003 as an engineering services company Specializes in embedded audio development and tools Currently employ 12 engineers (9 full-time, 3 part-time) 7 in US / 5 in India Core competencies Digital signal processing Audio algorithms Embedded software PC software, USB, and device drivers Hands on experience with most industry standard algorithms Decoders: Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby True-HD, DTS-HD, MP3, WMA, and AAC. Post-processing: DPLIIx, eMix, Neo:6, DHP, DVS, NSD, etc.

4 4Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Audio Development Tools Why are tools needed? Developing audio algorithms requires many skills: audio, signal processing, embedded software, and Windows UI. Typically requires a team of engineers. Audio engineers spend 20% of the time concentrating on the algorithms and 80% of the time dealing with plumbing What about Simulink or LabView? Extremely flexible tools Large code generation overhead No library of standard audio processing functions What about VisualAudio? Many key features – hierarchy and multirate – are missing Tradeoffs were made between efficiency, flexibility, and ease-of-use which dont match the requirements of many customers. A flexible and efficient audio development tool for embedded applications is still needed!

5 5Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Introducing Audio Weaver Developed by DSP Concepts and used internally to support customers for 24 months. Publicly released in Spring 08. Two versions available Audio Weaver Designer - Free download allows system development on the PC and selected hardware targets. Audio Weaver Developer - Full version required to develop end products Initial target markets Automotive audio Speaker manufacturers Audio IP developers

6 6Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Key Features Cross platform approach speeds development Prototype on the PC Seamlessly switch to your evaluation hardware and then to your target hardware Supports SHARC and Blackfin processors from Analog Devices Generates efficient code Links together a sequence of hand optimized processing functions Can be included in commercial products without further MIPs or memory optimization Full hierarchical design Design systems using MATLAB scripts Real-time tuning using GUIs or MATLAB scripts Dynamic or static memory allocation Includes a large library of optimized audio processing modules Full regression testing capabilities Built-in MIPs and memory profiling Decoder support as modules

7 7Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Cross Platform Support Speeds Development Audio Module Development Audio System Design Tuning Target hardware integration Module Optimization Testing Native PCEvaluation HWTarget HW

8 8Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Initial Target Markets Audio IP Developers Full-featured algorithm development environment Supports multiple embedded processors Convenient mechanism to demonstrate and safely deliver algorithms to customers Automotive Amplifiers Matches the work flow used by product developers: Create Platform Design audio processing In-car Tuning High End Speaker Manufacturers Turn key solution provides both hardware and software No need to develop their own software

9 Audio Weaver Demonstration

10 10Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Demo Hardware Audio Weaver Demo Board BF533 EZ-KIT

11 11Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC High-Level Architecture

12 12Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Audio Weaver Server PC application that manages the tuning interface to the target processor Includes native real-time audio support Draws user interfaces Manages flash memory on the target Translates symbolic names to physical addresses on the target MATLAB interfaces to the Server via a MEX DLL

13 13Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Built Upon MATLAB MATLAB is the standard environment for algorithm development. Allows you to leverage MATLABs huge library of signal processing design functions. Provides a full scripting language for system design, parameter setting, tuning, and general automation. Scripts lead to consistent and repeatable results.

14 14Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Example MATLAB Script (Creates a 10 Band Graphic Equalizer) SYS=target_system('Graphic EQ Example'); add_pin(SYS,'input', 'in', '', new_pin_type(2, 64)); add_pin(SYS,'output', 'out', '', new_pin_type(2, 64)); add_module(SYS, graphic_eq_subsystem('geq', 10)); connect(SYS, '', 'geq'); connect(SYS, 'geq', ''); build(SYS); draw(SYS); test_start_audio;

15 15Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Audio Weaver Script When an Audio Weaver system is built, a set of text commands – called Audio Weaver Script - is sent to the Server from MATLAB. Script commands provide: Module creation Parameter setting Starting and stopping of real-time audio processing Drawing of inspectors

16 16Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Flexible Deployment Models Development Using MATLAB PC Script Execution Final product using dynamic memory allocation Final product using static memory allocation

17 17Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Development Using MATLAB Large library of audio modules is compiled into the executable Commands are sent from the PC to the target to instantiate and configure audio processing No need to constantly rebuild the executable Only required when changing the library of audio modules Faster development cycle Also reduces the number of development system licenses required

18 18Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC PC Script Execution (Without MATLAB) MATLAB is used to generate Audio Weaver Script files Script files are then processed by the Server Systems are dynamically instantiated and user interfaces drawn Parameter settings can be stored to flash memory Used for turnkey audio processing solutions

19 19Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Final Product (Using Dynamic Allocation) Audio Weaver commands are stored in the flash file system. Commands are executed when the DSP boots. PC is optional and can connect for tuning or to change the audio processing design. No need to rebuild the executable.

20 20Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Final Product (Using Static Memory Allocation) Required in memory constrained applications MATLAB generates C code for Initializing audio module data structures Sequentially calling processing functions Executable must be rebuilt whenever there is a change to the processing Server connects for tuning Some features are no longer available Dynamic instantiation Memory profiling

21 21Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Hierarchy Subsystem = Modules + I/O Pins + Connections Arbitrary nesting of subsystems. Hierarchy extends to both the processing and the control functions. Two different types of hierarchy Virtual Hierarchy True Hierarchy

22 22Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Extensive Audio Module Library Filters Second order filter designer with over 20 filter types Butterworth and Linkwitz Riley crossovers 5 coefficient Biquad filters 32-bit and 40-bit processing FIR filters Spatial Balance and fader controls Allpass filters Misc Table lookup Meters And many others! Basic Scalers Mixers Adders Routers Delays Basic delays N-tap delays Dynamic Compressors Limiters Automatic Gain Controls Clipping

23 23Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Subsystems Provide Additional Audio Functions Crossover filters Arbitrary number of output bands Butterworth and Linkwitz Riley designs Hilbert network (90 degree phase shift) Graphic equalizer Automatic gain control Dynamics processors

24 24Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Native PC Target No additional HW required! Supports multichannel USB and Firewire devices Many vendors to choose from: Motu, Yamaha, M- Audio, etc. Audio input can also be taken from a sound file. WAV, MP3, and WMA, formats supported. Full audio module library support.

25 25Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Danville SHARC Targets Danville Audio Weaver Demo Board 266 MHz SHARC Analog 4 Analog S/PDIF S/PDIF 48 kHz sample rate with analog Up to 192 kHz with S/PDIF USB tuning interface External SDRAM and SPI flash Danville Crossover Board 266 MHz 32-bit floating-point SHARC processor 2 Analog In 4 Analog Out Balanced or unbalanced inputs. 120 dB SNR. 48 to 192 kHz sampling rate USB tuning interface External SDRAM and SPI flash Eight GP I/O including SPI, UART, I2C options.

26 26Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Analog Devices EZ-KIT 400 MHz SHARC Analog 8 Analog 48 kHz sample rate RS-232 tuning interface External SDRAM and Parallel flash

27 27Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Analog Devices Blackfin EZ-KITs BF533 EZ-KIT 600 MHz Blackfin BF533 4 Analog 6 Analog 48 kHz sample rate High speed USB tuning interface External SDRAM and Parallel flash BF537 EZ-KIT 600 MHz Blackfin BF537 2 Analog 2 Analog 48 kHz sample rate RS-232 tuning interface External SDRAM and Parallel flash

28 28Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC Audio Weaver Versions Audio Weaver Designer - Free Can be downloaded from Create and tune audio systems on the PC or supported SHARC or Blackfin target hardware Create custom audio modules on the PC. Create user interfaces Requires VisualStudio and MATLAB Audio Weaver Developer - $8,000 Create custom audio modules for an embedded processor Create custom hardware targets Requires VisualDSP++ and an emulator Includes 20 hours of customer support or training Audio Weaver Production License Leverage Audio Weaver optimized libraries in your end product. Reduce your time to market by reusing our existing code base. Licenses are based upon unit volumes. Contact DSP Concepts for more information.

29 29Copyright 2008 DSP Concepts, LLC DSP Concepts Consulting Services Audio module development. Assembly optimization. Algorithm porting starting from reference code. Floating-point to fixed-point conversion. Real-time platform development System design and architecture review Custom hardware support Custom tuning interfaces Audio system design and integration Develop overall signal chain Real-time tuning to optimize sound quality Audio Weaver training.

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