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Technical Reflections By Don Smith OSI Software, Inc.

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1 Technical Reflections By Don Smith OSI Software, Inc.

2 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.2 PI ProcessBook – Version 2.1x released – SQC and Batchvue updated – PB 2.1 demo PB 2.1 demo – Ad-hoc - #pens / window – Format number in window – Menu & Toolbar customization – Button -> URL

3 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.3 The PI Client SQC – X-bar, R, S, Histograms in ProcessBook Profile package – Defect and roll cut overlay. New beta with 10-fold increase in speed due to caching data locally – Being re-written to take advantage of the new Equipment database/Batch Batch Client – Now OLE compliant - add-in to ProcessBook Control Monitor – New Beta add-in to ProcessBook Manual Logger PI-SDK / PI-SMT PI-AlarmView

4 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.4 PI-DataLink Office 2000 support State caching for faster performance PI3 data types on more functions New TimeFiltered expression

5 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.5 PI-Profile Large number of values per page Overlays for defect and trim Improved user interface Speedup by local data caching

6 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.6 PI Profiles

7 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.7

8 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.8

9 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.9 Interfaces Versions – readme – documents New interfaces? – OPC? other generic protocols? – Requests, vendor contacts, models, timeframe Most are bi-directional

10 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.10 Honeywell: APP node and PHD Joined Team Uniformance May 1999 Siemens S7 and S5 / TIWay /Teleperm Modbus-Plus and A-B RSLinx ABB IMS NT Foxboro AW70 NT Emerson: Fisher DeltaV and Intellution Bailey SemAPI OPC

11 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.11 Newer Connectivity to Gauging Systems ABB 1180 and 1190 NT interfaces Valmet XD and Classic now on NT MXOpen - DaVinci and all subsets Ulma (2000, NT, 3D) Roibox

12 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.12 ABB Interfaces ABB1180 Quakerlink ABB1180 DIU ABB1190 DIU ABB OPC/Nexus

13 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.13 Honeywell Measurex Interfaces MX/OPEN & server Da vinci OPC

14 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.14 Sigmafine: Data Reconciliation Yield Accounting – Material Balance – Energy Balance Tracks Loss of Material Instrumentation management – Detects tuning problems with instrumentation Unit Optimization Custody Transfer

15 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.15

16 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.16 Browse PI Displays & Reports on the Web

17 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.17 PI Activeview Aquarium Aquarium on web

18 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.18 PI2 conversions Many very good experiences Rich set of tools for conversion Assistance from OSI Service Group Minimal lost time during conversion Ability to run parallel until comfortable Can be faster & more compact archives Float32 is popular from my travels

19 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.19 PI Archive Benchmark Tool by Que Systems Version is 3x faster Equation points and Totalizers Batch monitor in every server Alarm monitor for everyone

20 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.20 Stranger than fiction PI DataArchive – UDA Use other archives – See the data from PI view – Use PI clients – Use PI interfaces – Use PI / Microsoft development environment

21 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.21 Embedded PI Archives Fisher Rosemount Delta Vee Intellution GE

22 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.22 Archive Version 3.3 in development – Module database – NT Performance Monitor Object PI-Perfmon interface – Manage your resources by exception – Analyze time before lockup

23 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.23 Batch Basics Group tags under UNIT Refer to tags via Alias names Batch monitor produces the index file Everything contained within the archive file Used by PI Profiles

24 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.24

25 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.25 How to get PI Updates New database to enable web functionality Major releases sent Minor releases by request – Download authorized by support – Physical product by request Check – Did I mention that already?

26 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.26 Support News Using new SQL Server database Call processing – California 7a-7p – New Zealand 7p-2a – Future – 24hour callback weekends

27 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.27 Support call handling Leave a message processing – Message priority over call shifts & attachments are very useful Tracking your calls? – Register for your support access Web tracking / call logging in testing – Customer access to new database

28 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.28 Tools for you Focus for application questions Feedback to us on your interests Resource commitment by OSI

29 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.29 Point Tuning

30 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.30 Exception Compression Interface dependant Simple change test Archive dependant dual slope test for accuracy

31 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.31 Exception Compression excmin = 0 (default) excmax = 600 (default) excdev = 0 (default was 1.0) Deviation of zero Does a lot!

32 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.32 Exception Compression compmin = 0 (default) compmax = (default) compdev = ? (default 2.0)

33 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.33 Start with all points compdev = 0.5%span or 0.25% span Add exceptions for specific groups of points to refine first guess

34 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.34 Temperatures – Set for engineering units 1degf / 0.5degc – Or appropriate for process (larger dev for furnaces & high temperature processes) Power – Set for 0.1% span – Low noise measurements

35 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.35 Yield Measurements Custom tune yield calculations appropriate to production reporting requirements

36 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.36 compdev / compdevp PI – SMT tool shows both attributes by default Compdevp takes precedent over engineering deviations! When both columns are shown in SMT then only the compdevp contents matters.

37 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.37 A blank value of compdevp causes the default compdevp to be applied regardless of compdev value. Remove the compdevp column to cause the compdev attribute to be applied

38 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.38 %Span, span defaults to 100! Archiving & compressing = 1 Step set according to measurement

39 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.39 API interface PI Archive Use bufserv Start interface with /stopstat=shutdown Set shutdown attribute Shutdown=0

40 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.40 pH example Instrument +/- xx.xx calibration – No compression = 3500 values / day Comdev=0.01 for – 80 to 140 values / day

41 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.41 Check archive consumption Archives can be resized – Guide is 8 to 25 archives / year – Archives must fit backup media Remember to add archives to shift into Backups should be automatic

42 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.42 Training 2-4 hour pills Available frequently A little knowledge encourages users CBT reinforces details – Schedule classes – Download resources

43 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.43 Getting value from PI Deliver Business Value Actionable Information Web presentation stampede Windows desktop advantages – Low cost – Sophisticated features, multimedia – Most frequently updated

44 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.44 PI Steering committee Think information in all departments – Engineering – Environmental – Safety – training, reviews, instructions – Production – Plant business objectives

45 April 2000OSI Software, Inc.45 Window 2000 Launched here in San Francisco OSI participated Tested for so…long Bet your company by Microsoft Launch presentation said it all Aquarium Tested

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