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Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital ® MOVING FORWARD… (JUNE 18, 2013)

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1 Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital ® MOVING FORWARD… (JUNE 18, 2013)

2 Notes Please dont eat other peoples food and if you do, throw away the empty container when youre done. Read the chart thoroughly anytime a pet is boarding to make sure we are getting everything completed while the pet is here. One pet was in two weeks in a row for boarding and the owner asked for a UA on both visits. It was not done either time, even though it was clearly marked on the chart both times. Dentals – a product of the owners choice is to go home with the pet after dental is complete. This is included in the charges. Please make sure you are writing everything down in the chart. Suzanne Thomas dog has staples that came out and it we replaced them. The record doesnt say who replaced them or that a doctor even looked at the dog. New Acupuncture release form. Needs to be signed each time the client visits. It has been created.

3 What to Expect Today Its not going to be easy Were going to be honest Were all going to contribute Were going to be blunt at times Were not going to offend or attack others Were not going to be offended by what is said Were going to walk away from todays meeting with a renewed outlook for what we are doing here Lets get excited!

4 The First Blunt Thing of the Day If youre not 100% happy here at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital ®, we need to see about getting you there or you should really look for someplace where you can be 100% happy. You are doing a dis-service to both you and us if you stay here when youre not happy.

5 What Can You Expect? You may be asking yourself: Whats in it for me? A place where everyone is happy A place where everyone enjoys coming to work A place where we can make a difference in the lives of our clients In the long run, a place where we can all make more money

6 What is it we are doing? We really need to be giving our clients everything weve got; more than they expect A place where everyone is happy Making sure every single service their pet is due for is completed, or at least communicated with them so they can make the decision to move forward or not. We should be going over their record completely with a fine-toothed comb to make sure we are not missing something – whether in person or on the phone We should be offering them everything and doing what is best for their pet

7 Mission Statement - Our mission here is to provide your pet with the best possible care. From surgery to senior wellness, we want to help ensure that your furry friend is as happy and healthy as can be. The Veterinarians here at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital®, working under Dr. Julie Wickel, are highly skilled in diagnosis and are knowledgeable about the most advanced and best treatment options available for your pet. Provide, Best Possible Care, Happy, Healthy, Highly Skilled, Most Advanced & Best Treatment Options

8 Our Philosophy - We have started a veterinary hospital because of our love and compassion for the well being of animals. Each day we will strive to provide the highest quality of medicine and service to all patients and their owners. After a client has been seen, we want that person to feel that their baby has been pampered and spoiled. Our goal is to be as well known for our courtesy and compassion as we are for our high quality medicine. Love and Compassion, Strive to Provide, Highest Quality, Baby has been Pampered and Spoiled, Know for Courtesy and Compassion.

9 So, What Are We Doing? Lets reduce what were doing right now down to one simple statement it has to be memorable and portable In doing so we can remove all the other extemporaneous, useless noise So, What are we doing? Lets get this written down on the big board. We will be able to refer back to this.

10 Why Are We Doing It? Why did we come here in the first place (not Claws & Paws, but the veterinary field) What is the motivation to do the best we can Why should we make a change Lets get this written down on the big board. We will be able to refer back to this.

11 Where Do I Fit In? What is your core responsibility What is your critical role What is your unique contribution Create mission statements for each job position (weve done this) You Each Have a Card with Your Personal Mission Statement You can (and should) refer back to these.

12 Our Motivation (to do a great job) Keep our job Helping pets & clients Having the pets feel loved & secure To better ourselves (pride) Happy working environment

13 Receptionists You have the most important job in the practice. Clients talk to you on the phone, then talk to you here before anyone else. You are the last ones they talk to before they leave. Your top priority is making our clients happy by keeping them in the loop about time delays, fee estimates and anything else they are concerned about. Know their names and know their pets names. Welcome them by name as they enter and tell them you look forward to seeing them again when they leave. Be friendly to your co-workers, you need them. They need you..

14 Technicians You have the most important job in the practice. Clients tell you things that they don't tell the doctor. They place the well being of their beloved pet into your hands. Your top priority is the health of that patient. Listening and documenting are very important in your position. Be on the same page with the patient, client and doctor. When any of these are not communicating well with the other, it is your job to make sure that the doctor understands the client and that the client understands the doctor. And, when you observe something in the patient that no one else has seen or have heard something from the client not told to the doctor, you must bring it to the doctor's attention for the well being of the pet. The pet's life is in your hands. Be friendly to your co-workers, you need them. They need you.

15 Kennel Technicians You have the most important job in the practice. Our clients form a bond with you unlike any other in our practice. Your top priority is the health of the patient when boarding here with you. Your 2nd highest priority is to communicate with clients about their pet's stay (how much they enjoyed it and how well they did) and answering any questions they have. When you see anything out of the norm for that pet, bring it immediately to the attention of a doctor. Our clients depend on you to take as good care of their pet as they would! Be friendly to your co-workers, you need them; they need you.

16 Management You have the most important and difficult job in the practice. Keep Julie & Willie happy, keep the clients happy; keep the employees happy. That's it. Be friendly to your co-workers, they need you. You need them.

17 Todays Accomplishments Were going to set our own Standards of Conducts Were going to agree to follow them, because we set them We agree to hold each other accountable when we see the standard not being withheld We agree not to get upset or take offense when someone calls us on a standard we failed to uphold We agree that we will help pick up the slack for others who are living up to the standards i.e. answering the phones, help other clients, etc

18 Standards We All Set for Ourselves Let Gerry know of inventory issues, before we are completely out Enter Reminders verified & No Services needed. Even on food & medication purchases. Reception put red & yellow sheets in files Technicians update red & yellow sheet and reminders in computer In the morning, technicians assist receptionists with check-in of patients, until 2 nd reception arrives Clean the room after your appointment! Floor, walls, cabinets, counter and scales. Leave light on and door open until completed Check with everyone before leaving to see if they may need help. Try to muli-task and take care of your area (cleaning) so we can all go home in a timely manner.

19 Standards continued… Double-check cash files before filing! Respond to co-workers in a timely manner, who request to have a schedule change, even if the answer is no. Make sure the prescription requests are getting filled. Write these in the patient files. Help reception check out clients if they need help Improve discharge procedures (surgery release).

20 Goals for the Year Keep them few in number Make them SMART Specific Measurable Actionable Realistic Time-Bound Write them down Review them frequently Share them

21 Goals for the Year, cont… Increase clinic revenue by five percent (5%) (from now through Dec) Increase Google and Yelp Reviews by 100 total reviews (by Dec 31 st ) Increase client retention Attention to Detail (eliminate 90% of staff errors on patient records) Ask 100% of the people requesting their records, why they are leaving Lets list out some other goals you all think we should achieve Get participation from at least 50% of staff in future Educational Tracks We will re-address these in future Team Meetings – track ourselves

22 Educational Tracks It will be a virtual tour of the facility and we need volunteers to be stationed in several locations: Receptionist Exam Room Treatment Areas (lab work, dental, doctor with patient) Surgery Radiology Kennel (probably in the cat room)

23 Improve Reviews A little discussion on how Google now incorporates all kinds of factors into their SEO. We are implementing a new Review Program in order to improve our ratings on Google & Yelp. Program details Every time we increase the number of reviews by 50, well draw a name The winner gets…an Apple iPad Mini If a client reviews us on Google and Yelp, they double their odds of winning

24 Extra Curricular Activities Two Kickball games this Sunday 2:00p & 5:00p Summer Bar-B-Que Saturday, August 3 rd After Work until??? At the Wickels House Mobile App has a new Emergency Clinic tab – it will allow navigation from a GPS enabled Smart Phone. Ill hopefully finish this up in the next day or two.

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