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Mobile shelving systems – presentation

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1 Mobile shelving systems – presentation
Nikol Martin, s.r.o. Škultétyho 14 Martin, Slovakia ZIP Code Contact person: Ing. Miroslav Balga, director Tel: 00421/905/

2 About us... Company Nikol Martin, ltd., Slovakia was established in 1993 in Martin – beautiful historical city almost in the hearth of Slovakia. The first business plan and intension was manufacturing, supplying and instalation of various shelves for banks, libraries, offices, archives or warehouses. The specification of business was especially in mobile and static shelves made to measures of the project. But after a time the main purpose of business extended with services of registry and archive field – fully outsourced services. By this we joined with a few similar companies in Slovakia who provides to their clients full services. Almost 20 years in business experiences gave us a lot of clients in many fields. Their satisfaction with our projects without any claim is the result of our good job. Reference groups includes ministries, libraries, government institutions or important production plants in Slovakia and Russia. Our mobile shelves and construction system was tested in Technical institution Piešťany - under the Law of State testing . Excellent results of tests are specified in certification Nr /104/1/2000.

3 About us... The project of archive in Eastern energy RWE, Košice, Slovakia The project of archive in Industrial bank Slovakia,

4 Project of Theatre institute in Bratislava...
The Theatre Institute – established in is a modern European institution under the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic and its mission is to provide Slovak and international public with complete information services regarding theatre. The project of library for the students, as well as public archive were realized from

5 Project of library in Comenius university, Bratislava...
New project of library in Comenius university in Bratislava, Slovakia, was made in cooperation with architects during the first reconstruction steps. Our mobile shelves were drawn directly into the drawings and realization was much more simple. We fully supplied University with other important material – metal and wooden cabinets for files, special table for librarians, special stores for magazines or newspapers, etc...

6 Books, newspapers, magazines ...


8 Guarantee... Company Nikol Martin, ltd. Provides 10 years guarantee and well managed professional service in the case of any problems.

9 Special mobile archive shelves for maps
Static shelves for books in library

10 Professional production constructions...

11 Important part of our professional attitute is closer comunication in the case of mobile shelves and its pressure on the floor in upper floors. All this information includes also capacity of shelving system and the best solutions for saving of place ...

12 References... Slovak forests, government company and 8 branch plants
Slovnaft, a.s. Bratislava Volkswagen Bratislava Volkswagen Kaluga, Russia Ministry of interior, Slovakia Ministry of health, Slovakia Ministry of construction and regional development Ministry of foreign affairs, Slovakia Comenius university, Bratislava, Slovakia Technical library Russia, Nižnyj Novgorod Chemical factory a.s., Nováky, Slovakia Airport of M.R. Štefánik, Bratislava, Slovakia Historical military archive, Slovakia SPP, a.s. Nitra, Žilina, Bratislava – the biggest gas supplier Eastern energies RWE, Košice, Slovakia Post bank, a.s. Bratislava, Slovakia Tatra banka, a.s. Prievidza, Slovakia Wustenrot insurance company, Slovakia Aerospool, s.r.o. – airplanes constructions, Prievidza, Slovakia Doprastav, a.s. Bratislava, Slovakia 4x Skanska, a.s. Slovakia Many State archives in all parts of Slovakia T-COM, a.s. Hansaflex constructions, Slovakia Many libraries in Slovakia And other....

13 Contacts... Adress: Nikol Martin, s.r.o. Škultétyho 14 036 01 Martin
Slovakia Tel: 00421/43/ Web: Director: Ing. Miroslav Balga Tel: 0905/

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