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FAITH BA $ ED GRANT PROGRAM Signs of the Times Unemployment Rate 2.6 Million people (2008) 71,000 in one day April 2009 (539,000 jobs lost) Foreclosures.

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3 Signs of the Times Unemployment Rate 2.6 Million people (2008) 71,000 in one day April 2009 (539,000 jobs lost) Foreclosures of Homes 2.3 Million 2008 Over 6,300 a day Stock Market Crashes Loses 34% of value Not since Black Tuesday California Deficit Grows Highest recorded ever and will soar to over 10 billion in the next two years

4 Jesus And The Rich Young Ruler Mark 10:17-25 Stewardship


6 Supernatural Wealth Transference I. Abraham was very rich. Genesis 13:1-2, 13: 5-6, 13:14-17, 14:14 & 14:21 II. Isaac Genesis 26. Isaac sowed in the land of the Philistines (recd 100 fold) III. Genesis 31:3-12 God transferred the wealth of Laban to Jacob IV. Moses and the children of Israel. The wealth of Egypt into the hands of the righteous Exodus 11:1-3 7 & 12:35-38 V. King Asa defeated a million man army under the command of General Zerah, apprehending all the cities and inherited exceeding much spoils 2 Chronicle 14:8-15 VI. Joseph, King David, Solomon and the church of Macedonia VII. Constantine ruler of both Eastern and Western Roman Empire from 312-337 AD, he slaughter and persecuted Christians. God gave him a supernatural vision in the sky. In 313 AD the wealth of the Roman Empire immediately flooded into the church, causing it to move from persecution to prosperity.

7 Ambassadors for Christ Who are we? Kingdom Business Builders

8 Taking The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Through Out All The World II Corinthians 5:20 We Are All Ambassadors For Christ

9 Ambassador for Christ Faith-Based Initiative The basis of this organization is the belief in: God, the Father, who creates and sustains us; Jesus Christ, the Son, who redeems and rules us; and the Holy Spirit, who guides us personally and professionally, through Gods inspired Word, the Bible, our infallible guide of faith and conduct, and through the communion and fellowship of the Saints.

10 Ambassador For Christ Convention Churches INC. Orlando, Florida United States Trinidad Haiti Jamaica Cayman Islands Paris, France London England Central America Nicaragua Guatemala Honduras El Salvador Panama Costa Rica South America Guyana Venezuela South Africa West Africa Ghana Nigeria Brazil Mexico India Israel Philippines Korea Germany Japan Taiwan

11 Ambassador for Christ Convention Church Inc. Mission Statement: The mission of the Ambassador for Christ Convention of churches, Inc., is to present Jesus Christ as Lord by embodying His character and the values of the kingdom Of God. We are attracted to the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, with a special focus on the Word of God, always remembering that our true citizenship is in the Kingdom of God. As Ambassadors For Christ, we are about changing lives to change the world through the living presence of Jesus Christ as Lord among His people. Theme: Keep the faith, change is coming! For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Habakkuk 2:3

12 Ambassador for Christ Convention Church Inc. Provide funding resources to Pastors, Evangelists, Ministers, Missionaries and Lay Members. Proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian visionaries whose sole purpose is to serve others. Provide programs that promote godly kingdom initiatives, while at the same time making an impact upon the world. The Ambassador for Christ is led by Dr. Franklin Frisby, this is a faith based initiative that seeks to:

13 AFCC Seeking Project Leaders Your program should target at risk areas and create jobs in and around your Community. Domestic Violence Educational initiatives Christian Schools Programs for the elderly Homelessness Housing initiatives Hospitals Substance Abuse Theatre & Performing Arts Children program such as day cares, learning centers Youth /Teenagers – Examples: team pregnancy, abstinence, gang violence, etc Organizations which offers assistance with housing, utilities, budgeting, etc. Amusement Parks or other Christ Centered Family Recreation

14 Required Items for AFCC 1. Completed Application & processing fee ($100 - $225) Members/Missionary$100 Deacons/Ministers$125 Elders/Evangelist$150 Pastors/Bishop$200 Apostle/Prophet $225 2. Proposal (at least 10-15 pages) a. cover letter b. your picture on proposal 3. Two forms of I.D. a. copy of drivers license b. copy of social security card c. birth certificate/citizenship documents 4. Pastors copy of licenses (pastors only) *** Make all payments out to: Ambassador for Christ Convention Churches, Inc. and submit to your State or Jr. Ambassador.

15 PROJECT LEADER CHECK-LIST REQUIEMENTS FOR FUNDING RELEASE PRIMARY/ESSENTIAL 1.8 Completed AFCC Training Sessions * 2.EIN (Employment Identification Number) IRS – (800)829-4933 * 3.Copy of IRS 501(c)3 (if applicable) 4.Article of Incorporation * 5.Business/Personal Bank Account (B of A, Citigroup or Wachovia) * 6.State/County/City Business Licenses (if applicable) 7.Set up board of Governing (Board of Directors) 8.Key Executive – with bios 9.Key Management Personnel with employment application 10.Be prepared for Random Drug Testing * 11.Have AFCC License * 12.Establish ADP payroll Account 13.AFCC Approved Budget & Financials *

16 ADVANTAGE(s) Guaranteed approval for a card No credit check No cost for card issuance No cost for card activation No cost for account closing No annual fee No security deposit No interest charges Free cash-back when purchasing with PIN Free online access 24/7 Bilingual (English and Spanish Card to card transfer Card to account transfer Cash at millions of ATMs

17 AFC has implemented a new policy for release of funding This policy is that everyone must take a 5-6 week Management/ Leadership Training Course. Training will be 40 hour a week consisting of: 1.Management 101 2.Management 201 3.Management 301 4.Leadership 5.Management leadership

18 Benefits of phase I program All project leaders will receive a salary of $100,000/year for 5 years All project leaders will receive an additional $60,000 for the purchase of a new vehicle All Project leaders will receive $35,000 All Project leaders and their spouses will have all of their debts paid off. **Does not necessarily include (Brand new purchases made after submission of a project). All Pastors debts included. Health benefits will be offered to every one, including Pastors and their church members with a $5 co-pay Pastors can add in their budgets a benevolent fund to cover emergencies for people with financial problems such as evictions, unpaid bills, etc.

19 Project Guidelines and Requirements A potential project leader must: 1. submit a written proposal detailing and explaining your vision. 2. A five year budget plan (budget plan should include start up cost) Salaries Buildings purchases Business equipment Office Furniture Office Computers Office Supplies Business expenses Transportation And all other program expenses

20 Your Business Plan/Proposal Is Your


22 Gather as much detailed information about your plan/proposal

23 The Love of Christ Inc. Minister John J. Doe 1234 Love Blvd. Any Town, USA 20021 Cover letter Dr. Franklin Frisby AMBASSADOR FOR CHRIST CONVENTION CHURCH INC. PO BOX 682257 ORLANDO, FLORIDA 32868 Dear Dr. Frisby: One of the biggest problems we are faced with today in our communities is homelessness and guidance for our children. As you well know, we take about what can be done but how often do we roll up our sleeves and assist in helping to make a difference in the lives of others. Our communities are being targeted by spiritual influences, homelessness is at an all time high, loss of jobs are increasing at an alarming rate. Here at The Love of Christ Ministries we chose to make a difference by creating jobs and a place to live for the less fortunate in and around our community. Sincerely, John J. Doe

24 Minister John J. Doe Project Amount $50,000,000

25 THE LOVE OF CHRIST INC. HOMELESS MEN, WOMENS & CHILDREN Minister John J. Doe PROJECT DIRECTOR 1234 Love Blvd. Any Town, USA 20021 (202)654-7890 Amount of Project: $50,000,000

26 Table of Content Executive Summary 4 Mission Statement 5 Vision Statement 5 The Market 6 Statistical Data 6 Competition & Analysis 7 The Love of Christ Inc. Program 7 Homeless Helping Homeless 8 Family Shelter/Transitional Housing 9 Child Care Center 9 Out Reach 10 Medical Clinic 10 Food Services 10 Employment & Training 11 Social Enterprises 11 Women Employment Training center 12 Substance Abuse rehabilitation 12 Remedial Education 12 Vocational Assessment & Training 12 Legal Services 13 Housing Placement Assistance 13 Alumni Continuum Aftercare 13 Partnership & Collaboration 14 Summary/Conclusion 14

27 Theme For I was hungry you gave me meat, I was thirsty you gave me drink, I was a stranger you took me in EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Every night in the United States more than 750,000 people experiences homelessness. Our program addresses the increasing need to provide housing and employment. The important social issue of homelessness have become a tremendous problem in the United States. With inflation gradually heightening and the cost of necessities, it is becoming more difficult for the homeless to dig themselves out of their large hole of debt. Each night more than 25,000 homeless veterans and more than 50,000 non veterans (some with their children) sleep on the streets of the Sacramento area. We provide hope for these veterans and their families by providing safe, sober, clinically supported housing and employment assistance. These comprehensive services help homeless women and at-risk female veterans rebuild their lives and rejoin society as productive citizens. Many hard-working people are living on the edge of homelessness. One illness, layoff, disaster, or loss of child care provider can put a family over the edge. Family Supportive Housing, Inc. is often the only place to stay after other services and friends have been tapped out. Many families come to the Shelter after living out of a car. Today the majority of homeless families are actually working full-time, but they do not earn enough to afford housing, food, clothing and the necessities of life on one or even two paychecks. The average American today is just one paycheck from bankruptcy and nearing homelessness, many have recently come out of homelessness and are now on the verge of going backwards. We deal with issues to help decrease the likelihood of them becoming homeless again. Our goals are to provide an intensive twelve to eighteen-month therapy program. Its not a shelter or a transitional house where they just come and flop; its a place where they are actively working on whatever their challenges are. Our gender-specific program includes a family component for men, women and their children, providing on-site child care services for women transitioning into the work force. Additionally, our program services include counseling for mental health issues, addiction treatment, job assistance at our state of the art career development centers, seminars; workshops covering a myriad of subjects including small business mentorship, relaxation activate which include arts and crafts.

28 MISSION Our mission is to provide a holistic approach, that offers continual residency in order to stop homelessness, especially for women and their children. We offer a safe haven which address mental health, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, healing through our mentoring program, and reuniting families back together. To support our mission we offer all inclusive resources for women and their families giving them a leg up to move forward into mainstream society as viable citizens, mothers, and as a wholesome family units. We will help adapt an innovative outreach and housing placement program that reduced street homelessness in the city of Sacramento, California and the surrounding neighborhoods by 87%. We intend to move individuals living on the street directly into housing, and provide them with the individualized assistance they need to get back on their feet and lead a stable life. The City of Sacramento needs a citywide strategy to end homelessness. VISION STATEMENT Our calling is to help others help themselves though the provision of safe, clean, and tranquil housing, food, clothing and skilled training. Our desire is that men and women entering our portals learn to cope with and be healed of past traumatic experiences. Our goal is to provide our residences with the tools and resources whereby they will recognize the positive values learned from past experience. We believe our programs and services will enable each woman to learn how to appreciate the ability to live in the moment. Our goal is help our residence become entrepreneurs, and homeowners allowing them to obtain their dreams moving into their purpose and destiny. We are committed to helping our communities to prevent homelessness by assisting individuals and families who are particularly at risk, e.g., veterans, young people aging out of foster care, and families in areas where high rates of unemployment, incarceration, and child welfare involvement are predictors for homelessness. We help by assisting in the location and purchasing houses and apartments that are either abandoned or foreclosed. By purchasing and renovate them for assistant living we will not only help in beautifying our communities but also help to combat homelessness before it happens. We will bring together service providers, government agencies, landlords, businesses, and community leaders to support homelessness prevention and housing solutions. Helping homeless men and women move from the street to stable housing is a common ground we all should seek to achieve for innovation and results.

29 Table of Content Executive Summary 4 Mission Statement 5 Vision Statement 5 The Market 6 Statistical Data 6 Competition & Analysis 7 The Love of Christ Inc. Program 7 Homeless Helping Homeless 8 Family Shelter/Transitional Housing 9 Child Care Center 9 Out Reach 10 Medical Clinic 10 Food Services 10 Employment & Training 11 Social Enterprises 11 Women Employment Training center 12 Substance Abuse rehabilitation 12 Remedial Education 12 Vocational Assessment & Training 12 Legal Services 13 Housing Placement Assistance 13 Alumni Continuum Aftercare 13 Partnership & Collaboration 14 Summary/Conclusion 14

30 5 Year Salary Projection Excel only Staff Position 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Admin Staff President/CEO 100,000 100,000 105,000 107,000 110,000 Executive Director 70,000 70,000 75,000 78,000 80,000 Program Director 65,000 65,000 67,500 70,000 73,500 Comptroller 60,000 60,000 62,500 65,000 67,500 Accountant 45,000 45,000 47,500 50,000 52,500 Bookkeeper 38,000 38,000 39,500 41,750 43,750 Human Resource 65,000 65,000 67,500 70, 000 72,500 HR Assistance 40,000 40,000 42,500 45,000 47,000 HR Secretary 28,000 28,000 29,750 31,250 33,000 Office Manager 40,000 40,000 42,500 45,000 47,500 Office Secretary 30,000 30,000 32,500 35,000 37,250 Program Manager 36,500 36,500 38,250 40,125 42,375 Grant Writer 0/1 st yr. 0/2 nd yr. 26,000 27.500 30,000 Employ/Benefits 500,000500,000 500,500 510,000 515,000 Total Salary $1,106,000 $1,106,000 $1,101,859 $1,112,356 $1,225,300 Grand Total including all other salaries$23,644,500

31 5 year Operating Expense Projections Excel only Expenses 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Food 100,000 110,000 120,000 130,000 140,000 Toiletries 40,000 45,000 50,000 60,000 65,000 Car Insurance 14,000 15,000 16,000 17,000 18,000 Car Maintenance 1,000 2,000 3,000 3,500 4,000 Gasoline 6,000 6,500 8,000 9,000 10,000 Electricity 10,000 12,000 13,000 14,000 15,000 Gas/Heating 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 Telephone/Cable 6,000 6,500 7,000 7.500 8,000 Office Supplies 1,500 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 Petty Cash 2,000 3,000 3,500 4,000 4,500 Property Tax 10,00010,000 10,000 10,000 10,500 Property Ins. 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 6,000 Training/Travel 4,000 5,000 5,500 6,000 6,500 Misc. Exp. 5,000 5,500 6,000 7,000 8,000 Total Exp. $78,789$87,755 $90,278 $92,699 $93,457 Grand Total including all other expenses$4,525,500

32 Capital Equipment List Excel Only 1 Project Leader Car$60,000 8 – 16 Passenger Vans$480,000 30 Box Queen springs & Mattresses$40,000 80 Queen Size Sheets & Bed Spreads$15,000 100 Twin Box Springs & Mattresses $20,000 400 Sheets/Pillows/Covers/Bed Spreads$15,000 100 Chester Drawers$10,000 200 Lamps$16,000 100 32 Plat Screen TVs$50,000 60 Complete Living Room Sets$70,000 60 Complete Dinning Room Sets$50,000 60 Surround Sound Stereo Systems$30,000 60 G.E. Gas/Electric Stoves$48,000 60 Washers & Dryers$90,000 60 Micro-waves$10,000 100 Cook Wares$10,000 90 Computers$100,000 90 Computer Desks$30,000 200 Sets of eating Utensils$8,000 60 Irons$5,000 60 Ironing Boards$5,000 200 Sets of Drinking glasses$8,000 60 Coffee Makers$3,000 60 Carpet Cleaners$12,000 60 carpet Shampooers$24,000 60 Toasters$3,000 60 Juicers$4,000 Sub-Total Capital Equipment$1,106,000 60 End Tables$4,000 30 Coffee Tables$2,000 75 Electric Can Openers$3,000 30 Play Ground Equipment$20,000 30 Lawn Mowers$8,000 30 Racks$1,800 30 Push Brooms$2,000 30 Leave Blowers$5,000 60 Bar-B-Q Grills$12,000 60 Patio Furniture$80,000 Office Equipment 80 Office Phones$30,000 75 Office Desks$35,000 75 Office Computers$75,000 75 Computer Monitors$20,000 75 Computers printers$30,000 75 Office Chairs$20,000 15 Copiers$75,000 12 Office Credenzas$6,000 3 Conference Tables and Chairs$10,000 Deluxe Phone System$50,000 Office Plants$1,000 Office Pictures$3,000 5 Management desk$4,000 5 Management Chairs$2,000 20 Filing cabinets$1,200 12 lap Top computers$18,000 Total All capital Equipment$15,578,000

33 THE LOVE OF CHRIST INC. Minister John J. Doe (202)654-7890 Amount Requested: $50,000,000 Excel only START-UP CAPITALIZATION & CAPITAL EQUIPMENT COST Building/Real-Estate $4,400,000 Renovation/Remodeling $1,000,000 Generator $100,000 5 year Salary Projection$23,644,500 Capital Expense cost$15,578,000 5 Year Operating Exp. Cost $4,525,500 Advertising & Promotion $752,000 $50,000,000

34 EXCEL BUDGET FILE ONLY. Pastor Small Office 1.Your project name 2.Project leaders name and phone number 3.Amount requested in the header and also at the bottom of the budget 4.Rename the file as the project name. 5.Email your Excel Budget file to us. 6.In the subject of the email please put your project name and the state you are from. Please send the Excel file via e-mail to

35 PROTOCOL Dr. Franklin Frisby CEO/Founder Elder McKnight US Ambassador Dr. Betty Bodwin Regional Ambassador Nylah Williams Sr. Calif. State Ambassador Ken Powell No./Calif. State Ambassador Bishop Bertrand Todd Jr. Ambassador – Sacramento Sis. Valinda AlaChappell Jr. Ambassador – Stockton Minister Wayne Powell Jr. Ambassador - East/Bay Dr. Mitchell Jr. Ambassador – No./Ca. Region YOU Project Leaders

36 Proverbs 13: 22. A good man leaves an inheritances to his childrens children, and the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just.


38 Obama: US deficit biggest since WWII Thursday, February 26, 2009 President Barack Obama has forecast the biggest US deficit since World War Two as he announces his new budget to combat the recession. An eye-popping $1.75 trillion deficit for the 2009 fiscal year is projected in Obama's first budget, according to US officials who briefed reporters on the numbers.

39 How much is a Trillion dollars?

40 $100

41 100 x $100 = $10,000 Ten Thousand

42 100 x $10,000 = $1,000,000 One Million Dollars

43 100 x $1,000,000 = $100,000,000 1 Pallet One Hundred Million Dollars

44 10 x 100,000,000 = 1,000,000,000 10 Pallets One Billion Dollars

45 $1,000,000,000,000 One Trillion Dollars

46 Trillion Dollars Compared to a Football Field

47 The Great CommissionGo ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Matthew 28:19

48 Ambassador for Christ Changing Lives to Change the World

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