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BMCASE Case Management Software Copyright 2011 Bluewater Management System All rights reserved For The Counseling Profession BMCASE© Case Management software.

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2 BMCASE Case Management Software Copyright 2011 Bluewater Management System All rights reserved For The Counseling Profession BMCASE© Case Management software by Bluewater Management Systems offers you fast and accurate behavioral health clinical documentation with it's comprehensive and easy-to-use Practice Management and Electronic Health Record keeping for clinical decisions and clarified communication between clinicians. Whether your practice is small with one or two therapists or larger with ten or more, BMCASE© will provide and assist you with a set of convenient, easy-to-use and comprehensive tools to allow you to focus on the important area of caring for your clients.

3 Life Without BMCASE File Cabinets Full Client Folders Overflowing With Paper Trails Client Information Hard To Find Misplaced Files Hard To Report Statistics Demands To Keep Your Facility Compliant Takes Time Away From Clients Manual Assessments and Analysis A Fire or Disaster Could Destroy All Your Clients Files

4 Life With BMCASE Software Client Information Secure and Encrypted Easy Quick Access To Client Information Automated Assessment Scoring Never Misplace A File Electronically Signed And Dated Information ASAM Compliant Use of Six Dimensions and Risk Factors Statistical Analysis At Your Finger Tips Ability To Keep Duplicate Data Offsite For Disaster Recovery

5 Easy To Use Menus Easy to use menus are setup like file folders with descriptive tabs Each tab represents a main option available to you Find a tab and open the file with a mouse click to access the information within Easy search options available to find your client data quickly

6 Client Search When you need a Client folder simply use the Client Search to find the specific client: BMCASE offers you the ability to search through All Clients On File Discharged Clients Active Admissions Potential Admissions Refused Admissions Once you find the Client file choose the information to view with a click of your mouse

7 Client Demographics Each Client is setup with a master record containing their name, address, phone, gender, dob, marital status, emergency contact and optional residence code, sin/ssn, health insurance number and ethnicity. Include digital photo* if desired. Client demographic information is only entered once and then remains available for all subsequent admissions and visits * Requires digital camera (photos are saved to a folder for selection)

8 Emergency Contact / Ethnicity Clients Emergency Contact information, Ethnicity and Dependants can be entered and saved for reference

9 Referral / Contact Information Additional contacts include Referent, Assessor, Probation Officer, Social Service, Financial, Concerned, Estate, Therapist / Psychologist and Psychiatrist. These will be populated to other areas within BMCASE as required to save retyping

10 Assessments And Audits Multiple intakes, assessments and audits including the ability to set-up custom audits and follow-ups are available with automatic scoring and ability to assign DSM IV coding

11 Comprehensive Assessments Includes the ASAM six dimensions as well as detailed substance use, gambling, shopping, eating and internet abuse and/or addition assessments.

12 Diagnostic Assessments Assessment domains include: Level Of Functioning Peer and Opposite Sex Relations, School Functioning, Home Behavior, Legal Status Psychiatric Status Depression, Eating Disorder, Delusion, Attention Deficit, Anxiety, Conduct Disorder Substance Dependence Other Gambling, Shopping, Internet, Sex and Food Addictions BMCASE provides an automatic scoring for each area of assessment within each domain. Easily search and assign DSM IV Assign dual diagnosis to a Client

13 Assessment Scoring One click of your mouse presents you with a full scoring summary of all assessments and audits performed with the client and a hard copy is available for filing if you wish.

14 DSMIV Coding Once you have completed the assessments and displayed the scores simply search by description for the appropriate DSM IV and assign the primary DSM IV and if dual diagnosis the secondary DSM IVs.

15 Progress Notes Individual and Group Progress Notes are available. Group notes include the ability to enter a side bar for specific clients in the group. Clients cases can be assigned to a group and included or excluded from group notes Include any group notes associated with a client when printing Individual Progress notes.

16 Treatment Planning Setup master treatment plans that can be assigned to any client or develop your own unique plan for the client. Assign review dates and enter progress notes. Print out hard copies of your treatment plans Treatment goals include areas for Problems, Goals, Strategy, Time Frame and Method for Acute Intoxication / Withdrawal, Biochemical Conditions, Emotional Conditions, Treatment Acceptance, Relapse Potential, Recovery Environment and Family / Other Areas. Screens are provided for Aftercare Planning and Follow-up.

17 Health And WellnessPatient History Additional Information Capture Information captured remains available for future admissions with ability to update as needed Medications, Allergies, ADL, Disabilities are only input once and are available in other areas such as Comprehensive Assessment

18 Custom Audits/Follow-ups Set-up as many unique audits and follow-ups as you require with your own questions and answer selections. Even include scoring based on the answer chosen.

19 Electronically Sign Documents Authorizations, Audits and Follow-ups, Treatment Plans and Reviews, Discharge Plans and After Care Plans can be electronically signed and dated using Topaz Signature Pad Technology.

20 Discharge & Aftercare Plans Adolescent outcome follow-ups are available for 30, 90 and 180 day reviews. BMCASE calculates review dates for you at discharge time and provides reports of o/s follow-ups due. Separate outcomes are available for Adolescent Client self assessment, Parent / Guardians, School and Court as well as for areas of treatment. BMCASE uses these outcomes to cross reference the answers and develop a more accurate analysis BMCASE has the facility to allow the set-up of custom outcome questions or to use pre-defined questions.

21 Client Discharges Easy to complete screens at discharge with drop down selection boxes with predefined data Discharge information can be automatically populated to State reporting for ease and time saving compliance. Many of the information boxes are filled in automatically for you from previously entered data on the Client. Case disposition screen available for entering free form data as well as referred to name and address.

22 Custom Report Generation Create your own reports by selecting what data you wish to include by simply choosing from the list

23 Scheduling Calendar Schedule Client sessions, staff meetings, group meetings, vacations, breaks and more for individual counselors and review by day or week.

24 Goal And Objective Analysis Run analysis against the entire database for both Goals and Objectives entered into treatment plans based on attainment factors. Analysis can be run based on the criteria you select such as age, gender, therapist and ethnicity as well as any combination of these. The resulting analysis shows the % achieved for each category of treatment and can be printed to hard copy on your printer.

25 After Care Analysis Based on the answers and scores from the after care outcomes you can select a category or multiple categories to run an analysis and view a graph showing percentage of: No Change Some Improvement Moderate Improvement Significant Improvement No Relapse Reported Relapsed Not Available

26 Drug And Alcohol Reporting DAANES EDI Capture And Generation For State Of MN

27 Overview

28 BMCASE ON A NETWORK LAN (Local Area Network) Client Database Accessed From One Designated Computer Each Computer Requires A Network Card and BMCASE Software License Network may be wired through a central HUB or wireless Central Server With BMCASE Client Database Network CLIENT / SERVER Each Computer Requires BMCASE Software License Installed All Network Hardware and Software are customers responsibility For Network license costs send us an email with your specific requirements

29 BMCASE PRICING 1. BMCASE can be installed on one computer and accessed by one or more persons with a single license. 2. BMCASE database can be accessed from two or more computers by linking each computer through a LAN (local Area Network) where the database is stored on one of the computers on the network. This option requires a license for each computer that will be using the software. 3. BMCASE database may be installed in a CLIENT / SERVER environment and accessed by two or more computers. This option requires a software license for each computer accessing the database. Options Available: Contact us at with your requirements for a price quote You may be surprised at just how little it will cost to computerize your assessments and documentation. * Prices may change without notice

30 Summary BMCASE is windows based and protects your important data and your client's confidential information safe and secure right at your own facility giving you control and instant access. Six (6) dimensions compliant with the ASAM Easy menu driven selections. Client information encrypted for security compliance Reporting at several levels for in-house, government or accreditation purposes. Client Demographics including Emergency Contact and Background such as ethnicity, country of birth and more. Intake and Diagnostic screens for Family, School, Legal and Substance History, Level Of Functioning, Psychiatric Status, Substance and Alcohol Abuse, Gambling, Sex, Food, Shopping and Internet Addictions, Health and Wellness, Comprehensive Background and more.. Customize your own set of Audit and Follow-up (30,90 and 180 day) questionnaires with scoring Sign Authorization Forms, Audits and Treatment Plans with TOPAZ Electronic Signature Pads Dual Diagnosis (CD/MI) and DSM IV coding Ability to assign, review and assess treatment plan goals and objectives. Insurance Verification and Certified Detail Visits Treatment, Discharge and Aftercare Planning Progress Notes Aftercare Follow-up Assessments and Analysis Drug and Alcohol Information gathering for State reporting. Online screens and hard copy versions of blank questionnaires and answers.

31 SUPPORT BMCASE comes with complete online Help accessible while running the software. The software itself is easy to use and menu driven therefore the user should become familiar with the options available within a short period of first use. Email support is available.SECURITY HIPPA compliant starting with all users requiring a unique User ID and Password to access the software. Your assigned Security Officer has the authority to add / update and remove users from the system as well as assign access levels, including read only. CUSTOM REQUIREMENTS Our experienced software development staff may be able to incorporate your custom requirements into the software. Once we receive these details from you we will review them for feasibility and then provide a cost quote for custom programming at our current rates. VERSION UPGRADES Periodic modifications are made available at no charge to current clients with a licensed version of BMCASE and current yearly support. Support And Security

32 For more information or to order BMCASE for your facility Contact us at: Bluewater Management Systems Email: Web:

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