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By: Jack, Anna, Cassidy and Patrick October 7, 2008.

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1 By: Jack, Anna, Cassidy and Patrick October 7, 2008

2 Theft There are systems that you can lock your computers in special cabinets by using strong cables and tying them to desk. Many areas have video cameras to protect there computers.

3 Damage Make sure your computers are safe by putting them on durable tables Hide cables and wires so that people dont trip over them Data Loss Occur through hardware failures, power spikes, hackers, accidental deletions, angry employees. You should have an emergency plan and have a backup. Add extra security so that hackers dont steal your hardware.

4 Backups You should backup your work regularly. You should have several backup CD stored securely Power 2 kinds of power problems: Outages and surges. If there is a sudden loss of power your computer will shutdown and will probably lose the work you were working on.

5 Usually the data on the computer is worth more than the computer. It usually had a rippled effect throughout the organization of business. A hacker is someone who illegally gets into another computer and steals information or corrupts data. Some hackers are known as crackers they consider them selves very good with programming languages. They steal information to make money off of. They destroy information. They change information. A good way to protect your computer is to have different combinations of letters and numbers and to change your passwords frequently.

6 The only way a virus can enter your computer is if you open Viruses come in through disk or files that come onto your computer through emails or the internet. Basically it is a computer program that is able to move from computer by attaching itself in computer programs.

7 Boot sector Program or File Macro Multipartite Worms Trojan horses To protect these viruses use an antivirus program like Norton


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