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Overall Classification: UNCLASSIFIED//REL TO NATO/ISAF.

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1 Overall Classification: UNCLASSIFIED//REL TO NATO/ISAF

2 The Reception area is where patients are received. The dental charts and patient scheduler are kept in the administration section. The patients must wait in a separate section from the storage area of charts to maintain patient confidentiality.

3 The dental scheduler is a system to organize patient appointments. It can either be an appointment book or a computer software program.

4 Storage area for charts Seating area for patients

5 The dental Operatory is where patient treatment takes place. The basic equipment found in each Operatory includes a patient dental chair, chair for dental provider, sink, cabinets for storage, an operating light and a compressor to power the handpieces.

6 Important considerations for the dental operatory are: Comfort and mobility for the dental team Privacy and comfort for the patient Uncluttered for efficient cleaning and disinfection


8 Patient Chair Patient sits during treatment Provider Chair Either a stool or chair version for the dental provider to sit to provide patient treatment.

9 Operating Light Illuminates the oral cavity during a procedure. Compressor Provides compressed air to operate the air/water syringe and rotary handpieces.

10 Rheostat Controls the handpieces of the dental unit. Dental Handpieces Rotary instruments used for cutting, polishing and finishing tooth structure.

11 Air/Water syringe Used to wash and dry tooth Suction (dental evacuators) Removes liquid and debris from patients mouth.

12 Amalgam mixer Mixes amalgam capsules. Curing Light Hardens or cures light-cured dental materials. Example: composite fillings

13 Mobile Cart Used for storage. At times, the cabinet has wheels making it mobile, and can be used as additional work space

14 Dental Instruments Explorer Probe Mirror Cotton Forceps

15 Sharps Container Puncture resistant container to collect used sharp items. Marked biohazardous.

16 A Radiology room generally has a radiology apparatus to take x-rays and a patient chair. X-ray film is stored in a different area to prevent scatter radiation damaging the unused film.

17 If there is no window in the radiology room to view the patient during the exposure of radiographs, the operator must be able to be a minimum distance of 3 meters or 10 feet away from the central ray of the unit during the exposure.


19 Portable X-ray unit Wall-mounted X-ray unit

20 Control Unit X-ray Arm X-ray Head

21 Automatic Processor Requires plumbing Peri Pro- requires no plumbing Just change water daily

22 Roller system of automatic processor

23 Roller system of Peri pro processor

24 Daylight loader if no darkroom is available Mounted to the front part of the automatic processor

25 Manual Tank Requires 3 separate tanks for developer, water rinse and fixer. Developer is always on the left, water in the center and fixer is always on the right.

26 Developing solution Fixer solution Different products for automatic processors and manual processing.

27 Different types of thermometers to check solution temperature.

28 Rinn Kit Snap-A-Ray

29 Different sizes to accommodate different areas of the mouth. Size 0- pedo or child size film Size 1- anterior teeth Size 2- posterior teeth Size 4- occlusal film

30 The sterilization room (or central processing area) should be divided into sections for: Receiving, cleaning and decontamination; Preparation and packaging; Sterilization; and Storage.

31 The contaminated instruments must never be placed on the sterile instrument side and the sterile instruments must never be stored in the cleaning area. Doing this will contaminate sterile instruments.

32 Ultrasonic Cleaner A rapid and almost complete removal of debris from objects by immersing them in a tank of liquid flooded with high frequency sound waves. These sound waves create a scrubbing brush action within the fluid.

33 Water distiller Removes water impurities by boiling the water and then condensing the steam into a clean container. Important for steam sterilizers.

34 Sterilizer Apparatus that kills bacteria or other microorganisms using high heat and steam or chemicals under pressure.

35 The supply room is a storage area for dental consumables and supplies such as: Anesthetic supplies Restorative supplies Surgical supplies Personal protective equipment Radiographic supplies Sterilization and disinfection supplies.

36 Like items should be stored together and identified for ease of locating.

37 Anaesthetic Supplies Anaesthetic Disposable Needles Topical Anaesthetic

38 Restorative Materials Amalgam Composite Compules Composite Flowable Glass Ionomer

39 Restorative Materials Matrix Band Matrix retainer Wedges Mylar Strips

40 Restorative Materials Microbrushes Brushes Etch Bond

41 Surgical Supplies Gauze Alvogyl Saline Solution Irrigating Syringes

42 Personal Protective Equipment Gloves Masks Safety Glasses

43 Sterilizer and Disinfecting Chemiclave Solution Disinfectant Wipes and Spray Hand Sanitizer

44 Training Supplies Typodent Any consumable product, that has expired and clearly identified, can be kept in a separate area of the supply room and used for training purposes.


46 Overall Classification: UNCLASSIFIED//REL TO NATO/ISAF

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