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The First Days of School by Harry Wong

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1 The First Days of School by Harry Wong

2 Overview & Theoretical Perspective
A book to help teachers start their year successfully Addresses grades K-12 Discusses structure, organization, discipline, & professionalism Designed for all teachers First year Professors Experienced Administrators

3 What are the best ways to arrange a classroom?
5 keys to good room arrangement Use an arrangement consistent with your instructional goals and activities Keep high traffic areas free of congestion Be sure students are easily seen by the teacher Keep frequently used teaching materials and student supplies accessible Be certain students can see instructional presentations and displays Floor space Students’ desks Teacher’s desk Bookcases & filing cabinets Activity centers and work areas Things to consider Movement patterns of students The need for students to obtain materials, texts, supplies, etc. The need for students to see the instructor

4 What are effective time management techniques?
Outside research Have instruction constantly going on Transition from one activity to another quickly and easily Remind students of time remaining for a particular activity Take time to walk around and talk to students while they are working First Days of School says… Do not waste time to take roll at the beginning of the day Have something for students to do as they enter the classroom Have 30 minutes of free time on Fridays Have lesson plans ready to go and practice them before class

5 What are good ways to transition from summer to school?
Teacher Preparation First days determine success for the year Organization and structure from the beginning is key Teacher education rarely prepares new teachers Effective schools have programs for new teachers Student Transitions New classroom brings change in social and environmental factors Lots of adjustment Studies about school transitions related to stress Grades 3-4 Improvements during breaks

6 What are some community building exercises?
Outside research Unity establishes a safe environment 6 strategies for building community among diversity Parent visits Weekly interactive newsletters Open houses Cultural letters Valentine’s letters Cultural celebrations Teacher models practice of communication First Days of School says… Creating community among school community, not diverse learners Students Faculty Parents Community members Neighborhood Celebrate the first day of school Welcome students Banner Announcements Guides at school

7 How do you establish rules and transition into discussing them with your students?
Outside Research Types of rules Specific General Writing rules New teachers encouraged to create their own Student help is seen more often First Days of School says… Teacher centered School-wide plans Faculty is on the same page Students experience consistency Keep list between 3 and 5 Modeling is key Multiple times a day Non-examples Transitioning Give list of rules to each student Direct attention to pre-made poster

8 What are effective discipline techniques?
Outside research Responses based on perceived intention Knowing when to intercede Knowing appropriate response First Days of School says… “Rules must have consequences” Need to be “reasonable and logical” See handout Don’t interrupt your lesson

9 Interviewing a Professional
Amanda Lorenz Teacher’s Aide at Bloomington Junior High School What is one classroom management technique used in your classroom? Post-it notes First time student acts out puts a post-it on desk If misbehavior continues, puts tallies on post-it At the end of the day, students with tallies see teacher Likes this method because it is subtle and doesn’t embarrass students in front of their peers

10 Miss Lorenz’s classroom contract
What is a type of positive reinforcement you use for classroom management? Smiley faces on the board next to student names for on task behavior Thumbs-up basket Since you work specifically with students with behavior disorders, what are some techniques you use for behavior management? Express concern even when it’s hard If she needs to scold, takes student into hallway Silence can be golden Miss Lorenz’s classroom contract

11 The Website
Digital & standard products Online quiz Awards First Days of School won Education Bestseller Award

12 Professional Development
Implementation guide Free Includes: Background information Activities Questions Videos on effective teaching

13 Our Thoughts

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