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School-Based Health Center Capital (SBHCC) Program HRSA-13-140 Application Technical Assistance.

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1 School-Based Health Center Capital (SBHCC) Program HRSA-13-140 Application Technical Assistance

2 Part I – Grant Overview & Eligibility –Overview of the Affordable Care Act –SBHCC General Overview –Eligibility Requirements Part II – Application Process –Application Submission Process –Review Process Part III – Post Award Information –Post Award Requirements Resources and Contact Information Objectives 2


4 Section 4101 of the Affordable Care Act authorized: –Section 4101(a): Grants for the Establishment of School-Based Health Centers (School-Based Health Center Capital (SBHCC) Program) –Section 4101(b): Grants for the Operation of School-Based Health Centers Section 4101(a) included appropriations of $50 million annually for FYs 2010 – 2013 to support capital expenditures The Affordable Care Act Overview 4

5 SBHCC awards will address significant and pressing capital needs to improve service delivery and support the expansion of services at school-based health centers Approximately $75 million is available, through competitive one-time, grants in FY 2013 Approximately 150 awards Application may request a maximum of $500,000 2-year project/budget period Applicants can propose up to 5 projects No matching requirement Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number: 93.501 Announcement Number: HRSA-13-140 Grant Overview 5

6 Applicants must meet the definition of a school-based health center under section 2110(c)(9)(A) of the Social Security Act or a sponsoring facility of a school-based health center (as defined in section 2110(c)(9)(B) of the Social Security Act): Section 2110(c)(9) of the Social Security Act defines a school- based health center as the following: –Is located in or near a school facility of a school district or board, or of an Indian tribe or tribal organization; –Is organized through school, community, and health provider relationships; –Is administered by a sponsoring authority; –Provides through health professionals primary health services to children in accordance with State and local law, including laws relating to licensure and certification; and –Satisfies such other requirements as a State may establish for the operation of such a clinic Eligibility 6

7 Sponsoring facility is one of the following: –Hospital –Public health department –Community health center –Non-profit health care agency –Local education agency (20 U.S.C. §7801) –A program administered by the Indian Health Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, or operated by an Indian tribe or a tribal organization Local education agency definition: –a public board of education or other public authority legally constituted within a State for either administrative control or direction of, or to perform a service function for, public elementary schools or secondary schools in a city, county, township, school district, or other political subdivision of a State, or for such combination of school districts or counties as are recognized in a State as an administrative agency of or for its public elementary schools or secondary schools Eligibility 7

8 Application request for SBHCC funding as presented on the consolidated SF-424C Budget Form and accompanying Budget Justification(s) does not exceed $500,000 Only one application is submitted for consideration from the same applicant organization under HRSA-13-140 Applicants may only submit one SBHCC application Applicant adheres to the 80-page limit on the length of the application when printed by HRSA Application requests funding only for the purchase of moveable equipment, alteration and renovation, and/or construction for a school-based health center Eligibility 8

9 Projects are NOT eligible if: –The application includes costs associated with sites that received funding for alteration/renovation or construction through the SBHCC FY 2011 (HRSA-11-127) and FY 2012 (HRSA-12-113) funding opportunities –The application proposes moveable equipment be purchased, or construction activities associated with the project begin, prior to the award date –The proposed project is being used to support a space which will be rented to other entities for the purpose of generating revenue Ineligibility 9

10 Construction (new site or expansion of existing site): –Can include the construction of a new stand-alone structure; acquisition of vacant property or an existing facility; and/or associated work required to expand a facility –This type of project would increase the total square footage within an existing building –Construction projects may include use of a permanently affixed modular or prefabricated building and/or the purchase of related moveable equipment and items with a unit cost less than $5,000 and a useful life of one year or greater Allowable Projects 10

11 Alteration and renovation (A&R) (existing facility): –Can include the acquisition of an existing facility; associated work required to modernize, improve, and/or reconfigure the interior arrangements or other physical characteristics of a facility; and/or installation of permanently affixed equipment in an existing facility –This type of project would not increase the total square footage within an existing building –This type of project may include the purchase of related moveable equipment and items with a unit cost less than $5,000 and a useful life of one year or greater Allowable Projects 11

12 Equipment-only projects: –Includes the purchase of moveable equipment, including mobile vans, and items with a unit cost less than $5,000 and a useful life of one year or greater Allowable Projects 12

13 Refer to Appendix A of the Funding Opportunity Announcement for a complete breakdown of allowable and unallowable costs Of note: –Testing for hazardous materials is allowable –Movable equipment, such as Telehealth equipment (i.e., video cameras, software, TVs) Medical equipment (i.e., exam tables, nebulizers, AEDs) Office equipment (i.e., computers, desks, chairs, file cabinets, other than EHR software) –Mobile vans for purposes of the provision service delivery –Land and building purchases - acquisition of vacant property must result in the construction or installation of a structure where services will be provided prior to the end of the grant project period –Costs to lease temporary space while work continues at the project site Allowable Costs 13

14 Costs incurred before 90 days prior to the anticipated award date Provision of health care service costs Operating costs (e.g., funding direct health care services, clinical full-time equivalents, rent, mortgage payments) Permanent relocation costs Expenditures for personnel unrelated to the project Mobile vans for purposes other than provision of health care services EHR software and licenses Abatement of site and building hazardous material Expendable office, medical, and laboratory supplies Educational supplies of any shelf life or cost Unallowable Costs 14


16 2-tier application submission process – on June 26, 2012 by 8:00 PM EST –HRSAs EHB on July 24, 2012 by 8:00 PM EST Submission Process 16

17 Refer to for detailed application and submission instructions Registration in is required (registration may take up to one (1) month) The Central Contractor Registry (CCR) registration is an annual processverify the organizations CCR registration prior to submission, well in advance of the application deadline 17

18 The registration process involves these basic steps: –Register the organization –Designation of the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) by the applicant organization –Register an individual as the AOR for the organization in Please visit the website at or call the Contact Center at 1-800-518-4726, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (excluding Federal holidays) for additional technical assistance on the registration process 18

19 The following information will be provided through –SF-424 –Project Summary/Abstract (upload in box 15 of the SF- 424) –Additional Congressional District (upload in box 16 of the SF-424) –SF-424 LLL Disclosure of Lobbying Activities (as applicable) Note: Detailed instructions for completing these documents are available within the funding opportunity announcement 19

20 Registration in HRSAs EHB is required –Refer to for registration information, process instructions, and frequently asked questions –For technical support, call the HRSA Call Center at 1- 877-464-4772 The Authorizing Official (AO) must complete submission of the application More information and technical assistance is available at HRSAs EHB 20

21 HRSAs EHB 21 Attachment 1: SF-424D – Assurances for Construction Programs (Required per application) Attachment 2: Budget Justification (Required per project) Attachment 3: Site Plan (Required per construction project; as applicable per A&R project) Attachment 4: Floor Plans/Schematic Drawings (Required per construction and A&R project) Attachment 5: Environmental Information and Documentation Checklist (Required per construction and A&R project) Attachment 6: Property Information (Required per construction and A&R project) Attachment 7: Landlord Letter of Consent (As applicable per construction and A&R project) Attachment 8: SBHC Operational Agreement (Required per project) Attachment 9: Letters of Support (Required per application) Attachment 10: Other Relevant Documents (As applicable per application)

22 Proposal Cover Page Applicants will provide the following information: –Funding Preference Request –Need –Response –Collaboration –Service Impact –Resources/Capabilities Project Cover Pages Applicants will provide the following information for each project: –Project Title –Project Type –Site Information –Project Description –Project Management –Project Need –Project Response –Project Timeline –Project Equipment List Cover Pages 22

23 Refer to the Appendix A in the FOA/Guidance for specifics of submitting the budget justification –ALL costs on the SF-424C should be detailed in the Budget Justification; a sample Budget Justification is available at Please be aware of the following common issues when completing the budget documentation: –Administrative costs are generally for in-house costs and expenses –Construction Bonds and Insurance are part of the construction cost –Contingency is 5% of Lines 7, 8, and 9 ONLY –Include the cost of any site work (sidewalks, curb grading, etc.) under Line 7 – Site Work Budget Information for Construction (SF-424C) 23

24 Definitions for the status of other funding sources needed: Amount Secured – funds in possession Amount Expected – funds committed Amount Forthcoming – funds expected but not committed Funding Sources 24

25 Applicants must include all moveable equipment with a useful life of more than one (1) year, regardless of cost, to be purchased with SBHCC funds If no equipment will be purchased – leave blank Equipment type will be categorized as one of the following: –Clinical (exam tables, audiometer, nebulizers, etc.) –Non-clinical (computers, desks, furniture, etc.) –Mobile van Equipment List 25

26 Application Review Process 26 Initial review to ensure applicants have submitted all required documents and met eligibility criteria. ORC reviews and scores applications based on review criteria in the guidance. HRSA performs technical reviews of the applications. Based on ORC and TAR reviews, successful applicants receive NoA. Completeness and Eligibility (C&E) Review Notice of Award (NoA) Technical Assistance Review (TAR) Objective Review Committee (ORC) Review

27 An objective review of the applications will be performed to assess the merit of eligible applications based on the review criteria in the funding announcement: 1.Need (30 points) 2.Response (15 points) 3.Collaboration(10 points) 4.Impact (15 points) 5.Resource/Capabilities (20 points) 6.Support Requested (10 points) Applicants should ensure the review criteria are fully addressed within the Proposal Narrative sections and supported by other supplementary information in the application as appropriate Objective Review Committee (ORC Review) 27

28 The SBHCC Program has one funding preference An applicant must certify that eligible school-based health center site(s) serves a large population of children eligible for medical assistance under the state Medicaid plan under title XIX of the Social Security Act or under a waiver of such plan or children eligible for child health assistance under the state child health plan under title XXI of that Act the Secretary shall give preference to awarding grants for school-based health centers that serve a large population of children eligible for medical assistance under the state Medicaid plan under title XIX of the Social Security Act or under a waiver of such plan or children eligible for child health assistance under the state child health plan under title XXI of that Act. Funding Preference 28

29 All proposals are subject to internal technical reviews (as applicable): –Architectural and Engineering Reasonableness –Allowable/Unallowable Costs Analysis –Environmental Review (NEPA) and Compliance – to be considered a complete application the application MUST contain a completed EID checklist for each project –Historic Preservation and Cultural Resources (SHPO) Internal Review 29


31 If the application is funded, a Notice of Award (NoA) will be issued as the authorizing document The NoA contains the following information: –Terms of award –Conditions of award –Approved budget –Amount of Federal funds awarded Grantees cannot begin any construction or demolition on the site or building until all conditions have been lifted Grant conditions may require the grantee to submit revised documents, originally submitted in the application, if HRSA finds inappropriate or incomplete information Notice of Award 31

32 Most construction and A/R projects will include several conditions for environmental and/or historic preservation reviews and compliance with Federal laws –DO NOT begin construction or draw down funds for demolition, site preparation, or construction activities until conditions have been approved and lifted –PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY in project schedules; consultation under Section 106, takes a minimum of a month to prepare, while an Environmental Assessment may take several additional months to prepare, review, and distribute for public comment Technical assistance for environmental and historic preservation requirements is available at Environmental and Historic Preservation Conditions 32

33 SBHCC projects must be compliant with the following: –Uniform Relocation Assistance, 45 CFR Part 15 –ADA Accessibility Guidelines for Building and Facilities (28 CFR Part 36) –NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2009 edition) (as applicable) –AIA Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Health Care Facilities (2009 edition) (as applicable) –Real Property insurance, maintenance, disposition, and Federal interest, 45 CFR Part 74.31-37, and 92.31 and DHHS Grants Policy Statement Design and Construction Standards 33

34 HRSA strongly encourages organizations to use sustainable design principles when applicable to a project design, construction, and equipment purchases Equipment: –Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT)Silver Rated products http://www.epeat.net –When EPEAT registered products are not available, the following environmental criteria should be considered Energy Star features http://www.energystar.gov Sustainable Practices and Design 34

35 Design/Construction –The specifics of Sustainable Design (available at are discussed in Appendix A3 to the documents Environment of Care section (1.2.3) –The appendix references the U.S. Green Building Councils LEED Green Building Rating System ( and the Green Guide for Health Care ( Sustainable Practices and Design 35

36 The Federal government always retains interest in property constructed, acquired, or improved with Federal funds: –For A/R, Federal interest exists for the useful life attributable to the alteration/renovation funded under this grant Projects with total (Federal and non-Federal) costs more than $500,000 (excluding equipment) must file a Notice of Federal Interest (NFI) Applicants not required to file an NFI (projects with total Federal and non-Federal costs less than $500,000) –Federal interest still exists –Maintain documentation regarding protection of all Federal interest Resources can be found at Federal Interest 36

37 Funds may not be used to pay lease costs Funds for a leased property cannot address needs that are part of the terms of the lease (i.e., the responsibility of the lessor) If funds address improvements that would impact terms of the lease (e.g., double paned windows) applicants must have written evidence of negotiated offset in the rent The Landlord Letter of Consent from the facility owner must address the following components: –Approval of the scope of the project –Agreement to provide the applicant health center reasonable control of the project site for required number of years –Agreement to file an NFI in the land records of the local jurisdiction before the project begins (if the proposed project is greater than $500,000) HRSA will determine if the term of the lease is sufficient for the full value of the grant- supported improvements to benefit the grant activity. HRSA will take into account the purpose and duration of the grant, the expected life of the facility, and the use of the facility for grant-supported purposes. The lease agreement must provide the applicant reasonable control Leasehold Improvements 37

38 Contact Center –Phone: 1-800-518-4726 –Email: EHB Support - HRSA Call Center –Phone: 877-Go4-HRSA –TTY: 877-897-9910 –Fax: 301-998-7377 –Email: BPHC Helpline –Phone: 877-974-2742 weekdays from 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM ET –Email: Resources –Website: FAQs EHB Registration Slides EHB User Guide Resources/Contacts 38

39 Program Contact Information –Beth Levitz: 301-443-1389 –Bill Hemmingson: 301-443-2396 –Email: Grants Management Contact Information –Fran Woodburn: 301-443-3268 or Contacts 39

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