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2 Business Brief (1/2) Businesses come in many guises, from the lonely-sounding self-employed person and sole trader, through the SME, (the small to medium-sized enterprise), to the multinational with its hierarchy and tens of thousands of employees. Some organizations want to find ways of motivating their people to be ever more productive and creative. Employees and their managers in this type of organization are autonomous- they are not given exact procedures on how to meet objectives.

3 Business Brief (2/2) In organizations of all kinds, the tendency towards relatively flat structures, with only a few levels of hierarchy-this way senior management is relatively close to the people dealing with the clients. Current buzzword is flexibility. (flexitime, telecommuting, contractual workers)

4 Starting Up (A) Discuss these questions.
Would you like to work in the building in the photo shown on page 22? Explain why or why not. Which people in your organization have their own office? Do they have their own office because of a) seniority; b) a need for confidentiality c) the type of work they do?

5 Starting Up (B) How important are the following in showing a person’s status in an organization? Give each one a score from 1 (not important) to 5 (very important). a reserved parking space an office with a window a uniform a personal business card your own office a company car your name on your door having a secretary taking holidays when you like the size of your desk more than one seat in your office flying business class a company credit card having fixed working hours

6 Vocabulary (1/2) Match the words and phrases below to the correct place on the diagram found on page 23. Subsidiary Head office Factory/ plant Distribution centre Call centre Warehouse Service centre Branches/ outlets 1d 2c 3b 4e 5a 6i 7j 8f 9h 10g Think about the organization you work for, or one you know well. How is it organized?

7 Vocabulary (2/2) Discuss these questions.
Which of the words below can describe: a) good qualities of an organization? b) bad qualities of an organization? Bureaucratic Caring Centralized Conservative Decentralized Democratic Dynamic Hierarchical Impersonal Market-driven Professional Progressive Can you add any others? Which of the words describe your own organization or an organization you know well?

8 Reading- A Successful Organization(1/4)
Read paragraph 1 of the article and answer these questions. Where is SOL located? What is unusual about the company? What does SOL do?

9 Reading- A Successful Organization (2/4)
Read the article on page 24 and match the headings below to paragraphs 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. A People set their own targets B Hard work has to be fun C Loose organizations need tight systems D Great service requires cutting-edge technology E There are no low-skill jobs

10 Reading- A Successful Organization (3/4)
Which of the following statements are true? Correct the false ones. _____ Everyone has their own office. Liisa Joronen believes cleaners can feel good about their job. At the end of the training course there is an exam. The training course takes 28 months to complete. At SOL giving responsibility to employees is important. SOL thinks measuring performance restricts freedom. Every month Liisa Joronen measures each team’s performance. All the information is stored in filing cabinets.

11 Reading- A Successful Organization (4/4)
Match these phrases from paragraph 5 of the article to their meanings. Keen on accountability Fanatical about measuring performance Establish performance benchmarks Rates the team’s performance a) assesses how the group have done b) extremely interested in judging achievements c) interested in people being responsible for what they do d) set up standards of achievements

12 Language Review (1/5) Noun Combinations
We can combine two or more nouns in several ways. 3 Phrases with of Director of Communications Compound nouns forming one word boardroom 1 ‘s possessive Julia’s desk One noun used as an adjective head office Match these examples from the article on page 24 with the categories above. Customer satisfaction Way of life SOL’s logo Salesperson

13 Language Review (2/5) Noun Combinations
Find noun combinations in the article of page 24. write them under these four headings ‘s possessive One noun used as an adjective Phrases with of Compound nouns forming one word (eg) One of Northern Europe’s most admired companies (eg) SOL City (eg) Headquarters of one of northern Europe’s most admired companies (eg) headquarters

14 Language Review (3/5) Noun Combinations
Underline the most suitable noun combination in each group. a) the meeting of today b) today’s meeting c) today meeting a) a letter of credit b) a credit’s letter c) a letter’s credit a) a business card b) a card of business c) a businesses’ card a) a data’s base b) a base of data c) a database

15 Language Review (4/5) Noun Combinations
Nouns used as numerical adjectives are singular. For example, a plan which lasts for 10 years= a ten-year plan. Change the following phrases in the same way. A hotel with five stars A budget worth 3 million dollars A presentation that lasts for 20 minutes A contract worth 200,000 pounds An industrial empire which is 150 years old

16 Language Review (5/5) Noun Combinations
Match each noun in column 1 to two of the nouns in column 2 to make word partnerships. Business Management Sales Labor Company Trade Consumer Research Information Computer a) Virus a) Style a) Campaign a) Force a) House a) Union a) Goods a) Project a) Technology b) Cards b) Technology b) Department b)Headquarters b) Logos b) Findings b) Force b) Program c) Plan c) Policy c) Trade c) Market c) Logo c) Fair c) Awareness c) Knowledge c) Desk c) Virus

17 Useful Language (1/2) Talking about your company
Greetings Hello… . Nice to see you again. Hi… . How are you? How’s everything going? Introducing Yourself I’m from…/ I’m with…/ I work for… I’m in sales/ finance/ marketing. I’m in charge of… I’m responsible for … Introducing someone else I’d like you to meet Miriam. Can I introduce you to Miriam? Robert, have you met Vladimir? Talking about your company The company was founded in… We make/ manufacture/ sell/ distribute… We have subsidiaries/ factories/ branches in… We have a workforce of 2,000. Our main competitors are… Responding Fine, thanks. Not too bad, thanks. Nice/ Pleased to meet you. It’s a pleasure.

18 Useful Language (2/2) Talking about common interests
You and Heinz have something in common. You both like/ enjoy/ are interested in… Networking We’re very interested in… Do you know anyone who could help us? Could you let me have their contact details? Could I call him and mention your name? Let me give you my business card.

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