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Total Turnkey Electrical Solutions from Design to Commissioning Manufacturers of Panels & Other Electrical Distribution Equipments TURNKEY ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS

Company is into second generation management of ‘Total Turnkey Electrical Solutions from Design to Commissioning’. Activities were started in In April 2003 under aegis of Charanjit Singh, a second generation technical qualified & experienced person, re-organized whole business structure. Accordingly activities were divided into following three companies: SIMARTECH CONTROLS (Excise Free Manufacturing Units) SIMARTECH PROJECTS & SERVICES LTD (Project Management / Contracts / Installations, etc) CHANDIGARH ELECTRO CONTROLS (Testing Lab & Servicing Unit)

3 Industrial Area II, Chandigarh Other Offices: 1. Gurgaon / Delhi
Commonly known as ‘SIMARTECH’, is a specialized established group company owned & managed by technical experienced widely traveled persons. Corporate Office: Industrial Area II, Chandigarh Other Offices: 1. Gurgaon / Delhi 2. Mumbai  We got three manufacturing units in India – Unit I – Industrial Area II, Chandigarh Unit II - Industrial Area, Baddi, HP Unit III - Davni, Baddi, HP We are: ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Certified ‘A’ Class Electrical Contractor ABB Ltd approved Business Intregator

4 -----------TURNKEY ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS-----------
RANGE OF SERVICES PROJECT MANAGEMENT / CONTRACTORSHIP SERVICES Design / estimation of electrical installation for all types of projects Installation, testing and commissioning of switchyard / substation conventional / gas insulated upto 132 KV Installation, testing and commissioning of DG sets Internal plant cabling and earthling for power & lighting Dehydration / Filtration of transformer oil Annual Contracts Grid Synchronizing Electrification of Industrial Projects Lighting Control Systems TURNKEY ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS

We are one of leading quality manufacturers of MV 11KV & LV 415/433V Panels as per Indian & International standards / guidelines. Our product range is- (a) 11KV VCB / SF6 & 33 KV, VCB / SF6 Panels C & R Panels Power Control Centre ( PCCs ) – Electrical & Mechanical Interlocking Motor Control Centre ( MCCs) – VFD’s , Soft Starters, Star Delta, DOL Auto PF Control Panels Marshalling Box Metering Panels Energy Data Communication Systems – RS 485, R232 Communications Scada Systems – Switchgear Operation & Data Monitoring DG Set Panels / AMF / Synchronizing Panels – Micro process based AMF Controllers  Machine Control Panels Bus Bar Ducts Aluminium / Copper Distribution Board ( DBs ) Switch Boards as per requirement

6 (b) Racks / Cabinets Junction Boxes Perforated / Ladder type Cable Trays coated / galvanized Raceway / Trunking (c) Sheet Metal Fabrication for Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication Besides, a complete assortment of products and panels, SIMARTECH also offers several supporting services.

7 TESTS FROM CPRI Company has following type test approval from CPRI, Bhopal STC for 40 KA as per cl. 6.6(a) of IEC , 2008 & IEC , 2003 STC for 26.3 KA as per cal. 6.6(a) of IEC ,2003 Temp. Rise Test as per IEC , 2008 Dry Power Frequency Voltage Withstand Test

(a) Common features for all Panels: Panel body manufactured as per IS 2147 dust and vermin proof. Degree of protection IP 52 or as per requirement of client. Testing as per IS i.e. HV test upto 2.5KV/35KV, Insulation test, Load Test and Operational Test, Milli Volt Drop Test, Primary Current Injection upto 4000A Secondary Current Injection Test, CT/PT polarity and Ratio Test, Relay Tripping with time test. Pre treatment of sheet metal in process as IS 6005. Having options for Single front accessible or duplex type. Contd …….

9 Gasket of EVA a foam material having very long life and perfect sealing.
Indal AL bus bars as per the company’s chart. Heat shrinking sleeves for bus bars with colour coding. Wiring with duly numbering and in specific system wire size not less than 1.5 MMSQ with copper conductor only. Outgoing terminal with clip-on terminal blocks/bus bar type connections as per rating of outgoing feeders. Identification feeder name plates duly engraved on each feeder showing the incoming and outgoing. Bus Bar supports of SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) or DMC (Dough Moulding Compound) having high Dielectric Strength, High Mechanical Strength, Non Flammable properties, High Comparative Tracking Index, very low water absorption and ability to withstand high temperatures.

10 Special features of Load Break Switch:
Switches tested in CPRI as per IS-9920 (=IEC265) Complies with IEC, VDE & IS Special tubular arc-chutes Simple driving mechanism: Motorised with facility of operation from remote (switching ON & OFF) and manually operated facility of switching off from remote. Versatile: can be used for switching Transformer feeders, overhead lines, capacitor banks, cable feeders and for ring mains. Easy inspection: Current interruption with visible arcs. High operating reliability: Permits load connections even under short circuit condition, without danger to the operating personnel. High speed(snap action) make and break ensures a fast switching action and the very special design of arc chutes have excellent extinguishing properties for both high and low currents. High dynamic and thermal strength. Easy Maintenance.

11 Special features of HT VCB Panel:
Metal clad construction - all compartments are segregated from each other with metal sheets. Standalone panel can be added one by one to make complete switch board. Panel’s GA is similar to ABB's Unisafe panel - can be coupled with existing ‘unisafe panel’ of directly without any adopter panel. IP4X degree of protection. Independent exhaust vents for all HT Compartments. Independent bus bar for each panel (copper or aluminium) with future extension provision.

PRODUCTION 1500W CNC Laser Cutting Machine. CNC Turret Punch Press upto 6mm thickness 30 station with auto Index CNC Brake Press 3.0 metres Shearing Machine 8mm x 3.0 metres Deep Drawing Press 200 Ton Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press 150 Ton Power Presses from 10 Ton to 100 Ton capacity CVS Horizontal Bandshaw

13 MACHINE SHOP FINISHING Lathe Machine Milling Machine Drilling Machines
Welding Sets ( TIG, MIG, SPOT ) Grinder Machines ( Portable, Surface ) Gas Cutting Set FINISHING Facilities available for: - Powder Coating - Anodizing - Electro Plating - Hot Dip Galvanized - Phosphating

14 TESTING Testing facility as per Indian & International Standards requirement. CPRI Type tests, 50kA 415V Panel, IP55 Panel, Temperature Rise Test, 26.3kA and 40kA on 11kV Panel. Primary Current Injection Test Kit – Rating A Secondary Injection Relay Test Kit – Rating 0-100A High Voltage Test Kit - Upto 100KV Time Testing Kit – Range 0-999ms Electronic Insulation Tester - 15 Tohm (5KV) & 35Tohm (10KV) Automatic Relay Test Set - Computer Operated Contd …..

15 Earth Resistivity Measuring Kit (Electronic) Under & Over Voltage Test Kit Contact Resistance Test Kit micro-ohm Sensitivity Oil BDV Test Kit - Upto 60KV DC Winding Resistance Test Kit - Upto 800 m ohm Phase Sequence Meter Single phase voltage variac V Three phase voltage variac – 0-500V Three Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Test Kit Tongtesters Multimeters Gauges / Micrometers / Vernier Caliper / Marking Tables

16 Administration & Accounts
ORGANISATION CHART Director Operation G.M. Projects G.M. Marketing G.M. Production G.M. Maintenance after Sales Services Project Engineer Safety Officer Project Purchase Electrical Engineers Manager Administration & Accounts Quality Engineer Electrical Engineer Store Incharge Accounts Officer Production Incharge Supervisor


18 749 Industrial Area, Phase II, Chandigarh – 160002
CONTACT DETAILS Head Office: 749 Industrial Area, Phase II, Chandigarh – Ph: / Fax: Mob: / NCR Delhi Office: Malibu Towne, Sohna Road, Gurgaon – Ph: Mumbai Office: E-401 ‘Olympia’ Royal Complex, Sector X Mira Road ( East ), Thane – Ph: Works: Unit 1. Plot No. 9-G Apparel Park-cum-Industrial Area Katha, Baddi – (HP) Ph: Unit 2. Plot No. 98 HPSIDC Industrial Estate Davni, Baddi – (HP) Ph:

19 Manufacturing facility at Baddi ( HP )








27 Assembly hall for manufacturing of panels





32 Projects Executed 12MW Co-Gen Plant of Wahid Sandhar Sugars Limited at Phagwara Punjab, All Panels installed at 12 Meter height. (Site Erection time view)

33 Panels for Karan Polypack - Nalagarh

34 For Dantal Hydraulics Manesar Gurgaun (Haryana)

35 11kV Panels

36 33kV Switchyard for Asian Cements – Nalagarh ( HP )

37 Cable Tray, Cabling & Light installation at a project

38 Project Asian Cements – Nalagarh Total Load 8 MW
Total scope was 33kV Sub Station 6.6kV Motors, 415V Electrification, including instrumentation and control cabling, complete including supply of 33kV, 6.6kV & 415V Panels

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