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Retirement Services Outreach 2013. 2 Outreach Overview Agenda Retirement Services Strategy Review of Customer Services Overview of Retirement Services.

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1 Retirement Services Outreach 2013

2 2 Outreach Overview Agenda Retirement Services Strategy Review of Customer Services Overview of Retirement Services Online Explanation of Outreach Efforts Review of five important things to remember

3 Retirement Services Strategy Strategic Plan can be found at: performance/strategic-plans/retirement- strategic-plan.pdf Strategy to eliminate the backlogs consists of 4 Pillars People Productivity and Process Improvement Partnering with Agencies Partial, Progressive Information Technology (IT) Improvements 3

4 People Hired Additional LAS to adjudicate cases Brought Back Experienced, Retired LAS to help with the backlog Added additional staff to complete cases before they go to a LAS Pooled Additional Resources from other areas of OPM 4

5 Productivity and Process Improvement Successfully completed the Lean / Six- Sigma White Belt Training Completed Adjudication Process Time Observation Simulation FERS Processing – 9.0 cases per day processed per LAS CSRS Processing – 8.3 cases per day processed per LAS 5

6 Productivity and Process Improvement Support Operations Pre-Assembly Cell # 1 Sub-Assembly Cell # 2 Final Assembly Cell # 3 Interim Pay Cell # 4 6

7 Productivity and Process Improvement Case Development Cell # 5 The single most important Cell to Future State operations Case Development process improvements define steady state process flow for improved customer service and business excellence Case Adjudication Cell # 6 Case Review Cell # 7 7

8 Partnering with Agencies Case Development Team: If the development team keeps a steady flow of fully developed cases needing no additional upfront information, the adjudicator could devote more of their day to coding the calculation and processing post development actions, which will greatly improve timeliness and reduce backlogs 8

9 Partnering with Agencies Agency Audits/Outreach: Although RS is currently focused on reducing claims and the backlog we have also worked to increase the frequency of agency audits. Agency Access to Electronic Images / Records-This will allow agencies to have access to imaged records within RS, enabling them to provide a more complete estimate and timelier service to the perspective annuitant. 9

10 Partnering with Agencies CHCO Council RS Working Group-This allows represented agencies and RS to work together to improve the speed and accuracy of Retirement Processing by: 1.Identify ways to decrease the time & cost to review & process retirement claims & to streamline other retirement procedures resulting in the elimination of the current retirement backlog; 10

11 Partnering with Agencies 2.Discuss ways to leverage resources; identify & share/replicate best practices; 3.Increase the accuracy rate of audit results from application received by agencies & educating the workforce on ways to reduce documentation errors that negatively impact the retirement process. 11

12 Partial, Progressive Information Technology (IT) Improvements Additional automation is vital to our success. Since previous efforts to automate the entire RS process have failed, automation of our process piece-by- piece will be the path to success of the initiative. 12

13 Retirement Services Goal Increase monthly claims adjudication capacity by 2000 claims per month Eliminate Claims Backlog within 18 Months Adjudicate 90 percent of all new claims within 60 days of receipt from the agencies 13

14 Retirement Services Statistics Current Stats can be found at rementProcessingStatus.pdf 14

15 Key Improvements Improve automated data feeds to reduce the percentage of cases requiring manual interim pay and to include data related to the annuity supplement benefit on FERS retirements Promote standardization among all HR and payroll providers Create task teams within HR and Payroll offices to expedite development issues relating to pending retirement claims 15

16 Key Improvements Improve customer service by creating a first call resolution area and reduce the number of calls being misdirected to Operations (Tier 2 RIO) Process all clerical and development work on pending claims prior to being assigned to an adjudicator, keeping a steady supply of complete cases going to the adjudicators 16

17 Key Improvements Reduce the percentage of cases needing a Full or Cursory review to increase output and reallocate those resources to process pending retirement claims Identify staffing outside Claims 1 & 2 that can adjudicate on regular time and overtime. Contact retirees that have retired in the last year to be re-employed and have an immediate impact without training ramp up time 17

18 Key Improvements Implement Rapid Improvement Events (REIs) from lean 6 sigma continuous improvement initiative 18

19 Retirement Services Workloads Workloads Retirement Claims95,000 Survivor Claims80,000 Refund and Deposit Claims24,000 Phone Calls (RIOs)1,800,000 Email287,000 Written Correspondence281,000 Address Change Requests276,000 Post Retirement Change Requests 135,000 Retirement File Services900,000 19 $6 Billion paid out a month in retirements and survivor annuities

20 20 Customer Services Customer services Phone calls (RIOs) 1,800,000 Email 287,000 Written correspondence 281,000 Address Changes 276,000 Walk-in service 3,000

21 21 Customer Services Retirement Information Office (Call Center) Customer Walk-in Area located in the Theodore Roosevelt Building in Washington, DC Correspondence Office Written letters Emails Faxes Refund/Deposit Office

22 Customer Services Staff- 155 (Hiring an additional 27) Retirement Information Office - 83 Correspondence - 45 Refund/Deposit – 17 Management - 10 Contractor Staff (overflow) 36 employees Hours of Operation are 7:30am until 8:00pm Eastern Time 22

23 23 Customer Services Our strategy Provide multiple channels Telephone Email Fax Website One contact resolution Proactive informative service

24 24 Customer Services Improvement actions Hired and trained additional staff Purchased and implemented new quality assurance technology Updated the call messaging system to provide a longest waiting call message Provided informational messages through the phone system Evaluated performance goals

25 25 Retirement Services Online Visit Get your personalized retirement information and make changes online All you need is a computer, your Claim number, and Password To request a Password, please call us at 1-888-767-6738, email us at or use Retirement Services Online to make your request

26 Retirement Services Online Visit What can you do? View annuity statement Change mailing address Sign up for direct deposit of your payment Update email address Change Federal and State Income Tax withholding View/Print/Request a duplicate Form 1099-R for the current tax year and two previous years Change Password Request a new password Establish an allotment to an organization Set up a checking or savings allotment 26

27 Services Online Home Page

28 Services Online Customer Log In Claim Number A12345670 13208995 PIN/Password Payment Schedule 02/01/2011 Forgot Claim Number or Password

29 Services Online Main Menu Annuity Statement

30 Services Online

31 Three ways to Access Services Online Main OPM web site: Main Retirement Information and Services web site --- Quick Links section: Direct web address:

32 32 Attend NARFE Conferences/Chapter Meetings Focus groups with retirees Pamphlets available RI 83-21 - Take control of your retirement RI 38-126 – Life Events and Your Retirement and Insurance Benefits (For Annuitants) Retirement Services Outreach

33 33 Going Green In an effort to go-green and reduce paper consumption, OPM started two initiatives In 2009, we began collecting annuitants email addresses. In 2010, you received an open season notification which included a web site and telephone number to request health plan brochures, make enrollment changes, perform other open season transactions and obtain other health benefits information.

34 Going Green United States Department of the Treasury implemented Go Direct effective March 1, 2013 You can find more information about this initiative at: 34

35 Going Green Everyone getting the following federal benefits by paper check were switched to electronic payments – direct deposit to a bank or credit union account or to the Direct Express ® Debit MasterCard ® card: Social Security Supplemental Security Income Veterans Affairs Railroad Retirement Board Office of Personnel Management Department of Labor (Black Lung) 35

36 36 Five Important Things to Remember Keep your mailing address and e-mail address updated with OPM Keep your designations of beneficiary updated

37 37 Retirement Operations Center Boyers, PA Houses the files of our retirees and survivors Piled one on top the other, our 21,000+ filing cabinets, would be more than four times the height of Mount Everest

38 38 Report the death of your spouse to OPM Report a marriage after retirement to OPM Make sure your family knows who to contact in the event of your death Five Important Things to Remember

39 39 Contact Us Web: Email: Telephone 1-888-767-6738 TTY 1-800-878-5707

40 40 Contact Information Sharon K. Appel Manager, Benefits Officers Liaison and Development Retirement Services 724-794-2005 ext 3127

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