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Imaging Projects and Activities Bill Roth CITA Nov 20,2008.

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1 Imaging Projects and Activities Bill Roth CITA Nov 20,2008

2 Agenda What is Imaging? Current and future imaging projects. Imaging systems evolution.

3 Document Imaging Vs Document Management Document Imaging scanning, indexing, retrieval, and control of paper document Document Management Document check- in/check-out (file locking). Version control. Document-level security (permissions). Attribute and full-text indexing, search and retrieval for all documents.

4 Imaging in Business Context Used to support business processes As a front end collection method for document and content management As a front end to Business Intelligence systems Scanning devices Storage and retrieval systems Indexing and access control

5 Primary Drivers of Imaging o Agency efficiency o Paper reduction o Reduce filing cabinets and floor space o Business partner efficiency/process support o To increase accessibility to information o To provide better indexing of documents o To protect critical data from loss, theft, and unauthorized change o To improve the management of existing and future documents

6 KITA Version 11 References Chapter 12 - Digital Asset Management 12.1 Content Management Content Authoring, Content Review and Approval, Tagging and Aggregation, Content Publishing and Delivery, Syndication Management 12.2 Document Management Document Imaging and OCR, Document Referencing, Document Revisions, Library / Storage, document Review and Approval, Document Conversion, Indexing, Classification 12.3 Knowledge Management Information Retrieval, Information Mapping / Taxonomy, Information Sharing, Categorization, Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Capture, Knowledge Distribution and Delivery, Smart Documents 12.4 Records Management Records Linking / Association, Document Classification, Document Retirement, Digital Rights Management

7 KITA Imaging Targets Chapter 12. Digital Asset Services SRM Component group TARGET 12.2.1 Document Imaging and OCR Document ImagingANSI/AIIM MS53-199 AIIM/TR 19-1993 AIIM/TR 29-1993 OCRISO 1073/1-1976 ISO 1073/2-1976 FIPS PUB 32-1 ANSI X3.93M-1981 (R1989) ANSI X3.99-1983 9 (R1991)

8 Strategic Information Management Plan Alignment Improve Processes Share Enterprise Information Improve Collaboration Enhance Workforce Efficiency

9 Usual Problems Training Document meta-tagging Signature Building documents into automated processes Lifecycle management

10 Document Imaging Remains a Key Technology as Organizations Look to Go 'Paperless' o Document imaging technology has proven its business value repeatedly since the mid-1980s, and demand for it remains high. o Scanned images are crucial for content-enabled vertical applications o Document imaging is often the starting point for broader enterprise content management (ECM) initiatives o Don't assume that scanners are all you need to go "paperless." Document imaging technology has two main components: a capture solution and a repository where images are stored to await further action.

11 Nearly 75% of orgs will invest in document management in 2008 In which types of enterprise content management (ECM) software are you likely to invest in 2008? (Multiple responses accepted; does not include Dont know responses) Source: Enterprise And SMB Software Survey, North America And Europe, Q3 2007 Forrester Research Base: 214 software decision-makers at North American and European enterprises 42% 51% 60% 62% 64% 66% 74% Digital asset management Records management Enterprise content management platform Web content management Document imaging Content and email archiving Document management

12 Agencies Involved in Document Management and/or Document Imaging System in Production Board of Nursing Racing and Gaming SRS Department of Commerce Emporia State Pittsburg State Conservation Commission KDHE Department of Agriculture Bank Commissioner Real Estate Commission Court of Tax Appeals Secretary of State Corporations Commission Kansas State University Highway Patrol Production System with a Planned or Current Upgrade KU Health Policy Authority Department of Transportation Veterans Affairs Sentencing Commission Human Rights Commission Department of Labor Legislative Research Department Legislature Revisor of Statutes Wichita State KU Medical Center Department of Corrections KBI Attorney General Insurance Department Department of Revenue Department on Aging Judicial Branch KPERS (Red = KITO Quarterly Reportable projects)

13 Examples of Agency Business Usage Accident records License renewals with documents Tax records Business filings Investigative documents Document collaboration Meeting and hearing notes Procurement and payments Human Resources Contracts and Attachments Certificates (birth, ect) Case files Form approvals Lab tests Applications

14 Document Repositories in Use IBM Filenet-3 –Transportation –Health and Environment –Revenue Microsoft SharePoint-6 –Attorney General –Administration –Labor –Corporation Commission –Board of Tax Appeals –Commerce Others –Image now - 4 –Stellant(oracle) - 3 –Paradocs - 1 –Captivation - 1 –IBM content Mgr - 2 –Onbase - 1 –Docushare - 1

15 Cross Agency Usage ProviderUser agency/ groups CorrectionsKBI, KSC, Future plans all KCJIS participants TransportationKDOR, TRS, KHP, Insurance co Highway PatrolKBI JudicialLocal courts AgingAuditors, CMS Center medicaid Medicare Cross Agency Information Sharing will become a major driver for new system investments and system enhancements

16 General Metrics on Document Management Systems Server Platforms: –Windows - 14 –Linux/Aix - 3 Document Count –Smallest: 12,000 documents –Largest: 112,000,000 documents –Total: 142,000,000 documents

17 Where All of this is Leading o Integrated Business Processes with imaging, document, and content management o Unstructured data such as email, documents, scanned images, faxes, Web copy, audio and video, blogs and wikis makes up the majority of information that fuels operations within any enterprise. o Enterprises achieve high business value when supporting business processes with imaging

18 Integrated solutions Why? o Protect the enterprise/agency from risk, while embracing the ways business people work o Drive content into business processes to improve efficiency or business optimization o Make content easily accessible and shareable within employee collaboration efforts o Deliver content in more targeted and dynamic ways to improve the customer experience


20 But … Not Everyone Needs This o Lightweight Document Management o distributed capture o need for more-efficient document management solutions o users can save time and money in directing, securing and processing their documents with greater ease

21 Summary Demand for and amount of content keeps growing Newer technologies integrate and scale better Cross Line of Business requirements for sharing information will drive some investments Hosted solutions could support small-med agencies in the future KITA just established target last year, May need to look at product based architecture in some areas Lightweight document management is viable for many agencies Kansas Electronic Records and Information Management (KERIM) could encourage changes to current Imaging, document, records and archiving makeup


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