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Haiti Eye Care Symposium

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1 Haiti Eye Care Symposium
Mildred MG Olivier, M.D. Associate Professor Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science May 18-20, 2012 AAO Haiti Task Force Member

2 Financial Disclosure No financial interest in this talk
Haitian-American First “mission trip” 1993 with John Mitchell to Mirbalais

3 AAO Task Force for Haiti Recovery
David W. Parke II MD, ex-officio Robert Butner, MD Claude Cowan, MD Mildred MG Olivier, MD Daniel LaRoche, MD Richard Lee, MD Stephanie Marioneaux, MD Nelson Marques, chair, Pan American Ophthalmological Foundation Kaz Soong, MD 100 percent of donations sent to Haiti

4 Hospital Bernard Mevs Project Medishare
Overview 50 bed trauma and critical care hospital Employs: 44 Haitian Nurses 22 Haitian Physicians 70 Support Staff and Administration

5 Comprehensive Outpatient Services
General outpatient clinic with a pediatrician, two family medicine doctors, an OB/GYN, a dermatologist and HIV care Wound care Physical therapy Surgical consultations Urgent Care Center (24/7)*

6 Emergency Services Staff and equipped to triage and stabilize critical patients Intensive care unit available to very critical patients Expanding access to critical and trauma care in Haiti through training staff at HBMPM (pilot) and to add other sites as this project develops sustainability

7 Radiology Unique Radiology program including a 16-slice CT Scanner

8 Surgical Expertise and Services
2 (soon to be 3) state of the art operating rooms Specialties include: General, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Neurosurgery

9 Funding and operational model
Operations in partnership with Project Medishare Grants Food for the Poor American Red Cross Rotary International Knights of Columbus Lions Club (UK –Carterton and Witney) Private donations Individual donors Patient revenues *New* Begin charging insurance and wealthier patients to subsidize free care

10 Social Impact 60,000 patients seen a year… INDICATOR
Total Jan- March 2012 # of Inpatients Seen 490 # of Outpatients  Seen 10118 # of Operations Performed  432 60,000 patients seen a year…

11 Current Ophthalmology Program
Launch of outpatient and surgical program in May 2012 37 patients operated and 150 screened MOU with the Haitian Society of Ophthalmology State of the art equipment and supply donations from Alcon, physicians and other hospitals

12 Partners and contributers
Pan-American Association of Ophthalmology (PAAO) American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Haitian Society of Ophthalmology (HSO) University of Miami Alcon Medical Missions International DSC Logistics and Direct Relief International American Glaucoma Society (AGS) Northwest Community Hospital and Sherman Hospital

13 Vision "My hope is to have a full-functioning, sub-specialty eye clinic where continual skills transfer can be done. That way volunteer PAAO and AAO members can confer state of the art ophthalmological techniques to Haitian clinicians. We want to raise the bar for trainings” Mildred M. G. Olivier, M.D.

14 Current Operating Expenses

15 Dr. Frantz Large President of the HSO


17 AAO Mobile Units


19 Just do it!

20 Budget: $0 ?? Mission Impossible?? Procure : Ophthalmic equipment
Logistics: Pack equipment Transport to Port of Miami Ship to Haiti ?Boat? Air Budget: $0

21 The 6 “C”’s of Teamwork Communication Cooperation Courtesy & Respect
Compassion with Commitment Connections Communication Cooperation Courtesy & Respect

22 Compassion with Commitment Goal: Provide equipment to broadly re-establish ophthalmic services in earthquake ravaged Haiti Identify the need: HSO, Volunteers Outline a strategy for procurement, packing & shipping – Pro Bono Consult with Haitian Society of Ophthalmology re: distribution Picture of broken slit lamp & damaged building

23 Connections AAO received offers of donated equipment- Jane Aguirre , VP of Global Alliances & Annamarie Hastings Social networking- Facebook: Earthquake survivors & friends, Gregory Mevs- Clinton Foundation; Food for the Poor, Fed Ex, patients Contacts Ophthalmic Equipment companies USAID, State Department NGO’s – Physicians for Peace, Partners in Health

24 Communication Broadcast your challenge- friends, family, colleagues, patients, businesses Immediate follow up on all leads Negotiate : Humanitarian= pro bono TV Coverage – ABC, WHRO, NBC “Trail”

25 Media Coverage CBS ABC NBC WGN CNN Daily Herald Chicago Tribune
Nightline World News Tonight NBC WGN CNN Daily Herald Chicago Tribune

26 Cooperation AAO Staff Refer donations to sub committee
Catalog all pro bono donations & contact info. Follow up with Tax exempt donation letters Haitian Society of Ophthalmology Identify & respect their needs Keep them up to date They decide on distribution

27 From My Home to Your Home


29 What We Accomplished 5 complete rooms of ophthalmic equipment( Lombart Instrument) 14,000 pairs of reading glasses (Physicians for Peace) 8000 bottles of prescription eye drops( Allergan) SLT Laser Shipped by the Clinton Foundation Arrived April 2, 2010 in Port au Prince, Haiti

30 Donations cont- Complete , 2 exam room satellite office (Drs. Cheryl Powell & Lori Moore) SLT laser (Dr. Mildred Olivier) 6 new Topcon Chairs 2 Slit lamps

31 Total donations Potential for 10 rooms of equipment SLT and Yag Laser
11,000 bottles of prescription eye drops Phaco machine Ophthalmic Books and Surgical Video’s Panoptic Ophthalmoscope and Lenses Provizion Camera with Computer

32 Courtesy Thank everyone & thank them often
Recognize hard work & generosity Formal thank you notes, mail, , verbally Tax deductible letters confirming donations

33 Thanks to Dr. Stephanie Marioneaux AAO Task Force for Haiti Recovery
Dr. Brigitte Hudicourt WHRO- Barbara Hamm WHRO-Lisa Godley ABC-Barbara Ciarra Chicago- Dr. Mike Brennan Dr. David Parke Lombart Instrument MSI Dixie Crating Topcon Allergan Drs. Cheryl Powell & Lori Moore Agape Church AAO Task Force for Haiti Recovery Phillippe Chatelain Inspire Pharmaceuticals Kiwanis International AAO Staff Alcon Foundation Lisa Jones Johnson Gregory Mevs Physicians for Peace Clinton Foundation USAID/State Dept.

34 AAO- Visiting Professor
Volunteer List Subspecialty Representation Oculoplastics Glaucoma Pediatrics Training tech staff

35 Canadian Ophthalmologist Training July 2010

36 HUEH Clinic and Post operative Area
Luc Nozier – Phaco – India Beatrice Valerius – Pediatric – Bascom Palmer Mike Maingrette – Phaco and Glaucoma- India and Bascom Palmer Don Hernshelown- Retina- North Carolina Regine Edward – Phaco – Argentina Bio Medical individuals – Raymond and two others

37 One or more operating rooms entirely devoted to eye care,
An eye care clinic mainly aimed at the economically poor, but possibly with a part time profit use in order to help with the costs. A 24 hour emergency care unit. One major center for providing all levels of eye care education. A center for the formation and training or residents in Ophthalmology A center for sub-specialty training. A community eye care health center. A major clinical research center for eye care

38 Bernard Mev’s Eye Clinic




42 List of Donations 4 chairs 1 lateral file cabinet 3 horizontal file 4 horizontal file 2 small bookcases 2 large cabinets 4 small cabinets 2 wheel chairs 3 small fridges 6 operating lights 1 blanket warmer on wheels 8 carts on wheels 2 sterilizers 3 medical beds 41 lockers 20 miscellaneous pieces of electronic equipment 3 TVs Goldman Humphrey Machine Corneal Endothelial Cell Count SD- OCT A Scan

43 Total donations Potential for 20 rooms of equipment
2-3 SLT’s and 2 Yag Lasers 15,000 bottles of prescription eye drops 14,000 reading glasses Phaco machine AMO, Infiniti Ophthalmic Books and Surgical Video’s Panoptic Ophthalmoscope and Lenses Provizion Camera with Computer

44 Dr. Hudicourt taking inventory of donated Instruments by Khosla Medical Instruments,
brought by Dr. Laroche ITEM QUANTITY Iris Spatula 2 Chopper 1 Y shape nucleus manipulator Mcpherson son forceps 6 Rotators Canula 10 Simco canula 4 Jewelers forceps Needle holders 5 Curve scissors Blepharostates Utrata Baraquer blepharostats Scalpel blades 3 boxes, 75 blades 10-0 nylon Suture some 8-0 vicryl Suture 9-0 nylon Suture 27 gauge cannulas Some Ahmed valves

45 Future Site of Bernard Mevs – Expansion????

46 Dr. Brigitte Hudicourt and Family



49 Dinner Gathering with the Haitian Society of Ophthalmology at Papaye restaurant
In Petionville, First time the group got together after the earthquake,



52 Merci Ampil THE END

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