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2 22 Content Introduction Rural development programming for innovation Implementing the EIP Design of the support measure Flemish EIP network Conclusions

3 33 Introduction Innovation can take different forms Product, process, marketing, organisation, … Innovation occurs within a system Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation system (AKIS) AKIS build upon a history and a tradition Innovation follows a diffusion process Preconditions for the design of innovation support measures Diffusion of innovation (Rogers)

4 44 Introduction - Flemish AKIS AGRICULTURAL PRODUCERS RESEARCH universities and university colleges ILVO experimental stations related research actors EDUCATION University faculties University colleges Vocational schools EXTENSION Government extension Centers for training and sensibilisation Innovation Support Centre FAS providers Private actors SUPPORT SYSTEMS Farmers organizations Cooperatives Knowledge networks and study clubs Buyers and input providers

5 55 Rural development programming for innovation Current measures for innovation and knowledge transfer Demonstration projects Advice by farm advisory services Training in agriculture LEADER Integrated projects for agriculture (IWT) Observation Clear political choice for an open knowledge system Mainly measures aimed at transfer of existing knowledge Early and late majority as main target groups

6 66 Rural development programming for innovation Upcoming RDP Strategic objectives of the programme Support to young farmers, in order to guarantee the future of the Flemish agricultural sector Invest in innovation and training, aimed at a future-oriented approach to realize business-oriented and societal goals Focus on increasing resilience and sustainability of the agricultural sector in all its facets Strengthen the quality and vitality of rural areas, by addressing the changes these areas are faced with Measures for innovation and knowledge transfer Project support for innovations in agriculture and agri-food Advice by farm advisory services (version 2.0) Demonstration projects Support to operational groups in the framework of EIP Training in agriculture LEADER

7 77 Implementing the EIP – EIP support measure Established through an interactive process with the stakeholders present in the Platform for agricultural research researchers (both basic and applied research), farmers organizations (incl. innovation support centre), civil servants and ministers cabinets Characteristics of the measure Aim: promote innovations initiated by farmers needs and opportunities and realized by operational groups Support to the establishment and functioning of operational groups (no overhead and investments) One call a year, open to all interested actors and all themes that contribute to the objectives Option to specify elements in the call Subsidy: 90% of the accepted costs Selection criteria: (eligibility), composition of the OG, objective and output, quality of the proposals and the actions, innovativeness and/or problem solving capacity, complementarity

8 88 Implementing the EIP – Flemish EIP network Flemish EIP network will be a collaboration between: Flemish Rural Network Managing authority of the EIP measure Platform for agricultural research Tasks of the Flemish EIP network Daily management of the network e.g. email address, answering questions, FAQ, information system Detecting good practices, making them available and communication e.g. standard ppt, providing information, showing good practices Interaction with the European level e.g. contact with the EIP Service Point and other countries Organise activities aimed at exchanging experiences and knowhow e.g. seminars, peer-to-peer workshops

9 99 Conclusions Necessary to start from the current situation Actors and AKIS history Instruments Choice to develop new innovation measures Aimed at innovators and early adopters Complemented by the existing instruments Broader EIP network to integrate other relevant activities Learning by doing

10 10 Questions? (Platforme for Agricultural Research) (Flemish Rural Network) (Managing authority EIP measure)


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