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The Power of Collaboration Steve Luczkiw VP Strategic Partners EMEA Collaborate to Accelerate.

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1 The Power of Collaboration Steve Luczkiw VP Strategic Partners EMEA Collaborate to Accelerate

2 Welcome 9:15 AM9:25AMPANDUIT Introduction 9:25AM9:45 AMThe Power of Collaboration 9:45 AM10:45 AMDesigning the Building of the Future 10:45 AM11:10 AMCoffee Break 11:10 AM11:40 AMOptimising Datacentres with UPI-based Solutions 11:40 AM12:10 PM The Journey to the Cloud-Delivering IT Infrastructure as a Service 12:10 PM12:40 PM Ways to Improve Virtualisation Strategies 12:40 PM13:00 PMPanel Discussion 13:00Lunch and Networking Collaborate to Accelerate

3 SM PANDUIT Confidential Information Privately held,established in 1955 US, Headquartered in Chicago >4,000 Employees Turnover $1Bn >10% of revenue into R&D Solutions Focus Overview of PANDUIT PANDUIT PANDUIT is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure and mitigate risk through simplification, increased agility and operational efficiency

4 SM PANDUIT Confidential Information Overview of PANDUIT PANDUIT EMEA Since 1971, HQ London Manufacturing in NL and RO Warehouse in NL 250 employees Turnover $ 200m 120 Account Managers UK Dedicated team Customer Briefing Centre

5 Investments in 2009, 2010…. New facility in Romania Quick Net TM, Patch cords Customer Briefing Centres worldwide EMEA: London, Frankfurt, Paris, Spain Continued recruitment

6 Green Panduit Green Global deployment principles reduce energy consumption (power and cooling issues in DC) minimize ecological footprint ( RoHS, WEEE, and ISO 14001) New Panduit headquarter in Chicago LEED NC 2.2 Gold certification Panduit green philosophy: Manufacturing, process, training and education, products

7 UAE China Mexico Singapore Japan India Australia Chile Brazil Costa Rica Georgia Global presence and commitment Global Operations & Logistics Romania Netherlands USA 6 = Manufacturing Facilities = Warehouse Facilities = Primary Offices Offices in 33 countries Serve 112 countries Manufacturing >3 million square feet Warehouses >1 million square feet Global network of strategic partners Largest Global Sales and Supportb

8 Technical collaboration and Physical Layer Advisor to computing business unitsNetworking, Switch and Server Infrastructure Technology Partner Ecosystem Physical Layer Advisor for SANs integration of management with Smarts Collaborating on data center cooling solutions Engaged with leadership on joint integration for intelligent physical management Testing partner for communication network products and services Industrial networking solutions that combine power, control and networking Strategic Global Alliances Worldwide Alliances

9 Panduit Technology Partner Ecosystem Connected Buildings Industrial Automation Data Center & Enterprise Networking

10 Copper Transport Grounding & Bonding Cable Management Managed Network Systems Fastening & Protecting Identification & Safety Solutions Zone Cabling Fiber Routing Systems Fiber Transport Enclosures Physical Infrastructure Elements Physical Infrastructure Management Connect. Manage. Automate.

11 SM Why Partner with Panduit Mitigate infrastructure risk Mitigate infrastructure risk Innovative technology solutions to solve customer problems Innovative technology solutions to solve customer problems Commitment to cultivating long-term customer partnerships Commitment to cultivating long-term customer partnerships Most comprehensive product line in industry; inc Services & Software Most comprehensive product line in industry; inc Services & Software Guaranteed Performance with 25 Year System Warranty Guaranteed Performance with 25 Year System Warranty Overview of PANDUIT

12 Sampling of Panduit Customers

13 THE POWER OF COLLABORATION Unified Physical Infrastructure Strategy and Vision

14 Physical Infrastructure Spans the Business Managing mission critical applications across the network Policy-based management of building systems over the network Data Centers Connected BuildingsIndustrial Automation Operations increasingly managed by applications through the data center

15 communication securitycomputingcontrolpower United Physical Infrastructure Infrastructure SM 15

16 Making the Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) Approach Critical ……. ARCHITECTURESYSTEMS & SOFTWAREPOLICY MANAGEMENT

17 Foundation for the Network and Systems Features Open Integrated Standardized Real-time Information Managed The Unified Physical Infrastructure (UPI) is the Benefits Scalability Costs Agility Sustainability Risks is the

18 P2P - Unification Curre nt Offeri ng Disparate Compone nts Curre nt Offeri ng Disparate Compone nts Physical Infrastructure Management Green Data Cabinets & Racks Cable Management Routing Grounding Zone Cabling Identification & Accessories Copper Cabling Fiber Cabling Manage Automate Connect Physical Infrastructure Integration Systems Infrastructure Physical Infrastructure P2P POWERCONTROLCOMPUTECOMMUNICATE SECURITY Physical to Logical Integration

19 UPI in the Data Center ENTERPRISE APPLICATIONS IT SYSTEMS CCTV Servers Access Control Lighting Control UPS Monitoring Storage Network ELECTRICAL & MECHANICAL CRAC SECURITY SYSTEMS communication security computing control power

20 Physical Infrastructure Relevance

21 IT Investment % of Budget Life Cycle Years 60% 23% 10% 7% 2 – 5 years 2 years Software IT Operations Cabling 3 – 5 years 10 – 15 years Data Centre Considerations

22 What priority is given to Deployment? Power and Cooling ? Location? Cabinet and Cables ? Deploy for OPEX ? Weight

23 Front View - Cut Through Centre of 6509 Switches Approximately 15% temperature increase switch to switch going right to left

24 Panduit built for Reduced OPEX

25 No extra CRACs correct airflow and Cool Boot recovering lost air Panduit built for Reduced OPEX

26 Solution seal leaks and correct air flow Ashrea state 60-70% of air bypasses the equipment Panduit sealed the leaks and doubled the air flow Ducting corrected the Switch air flow preventing recirculation of the air.

27 Example Thinking of OPEX Built from PartsBuilt for Reduced OPEX Cost of Maintenance

28 Changing Demands on the Physical Infrastructure Power & Cooling High Speed Transport SFP+ Cu SFP+ to SFP+ June June PANDUIT - Proprietary Information Consolidation, Virtualization, Automation Management Cloud Computing Clouds OS+App Hypervisor OS+App

29 Collaborate to Accelerate Dynamic Infrastructure Unified Computing Unified Fabric Integrated Architecture Cloud Burst Industrial Automation VBlock 10GbaseT Tried Tested Approved and supported solutions

30 Ready Deployment to Best Practices


32 Mapping the Logical to Physical Infrastructure Server Rack Network Rack Zone DC Pod Storage Rack Access Layer Aggregation Layer Core Layer COLD AISLE HOT AISLE Pod

33 UPI Reference Architecture PANDUIT Reference Architectures intelligently align physical infrastructure systems to logical architectures, enabling consistent deployment of sustainable infrastructures Standardize the deployment of core infrastructure systems Organize plans to achieve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and lower operating costs Reproduce measurable benefits across all industries and applications

34 Top of Rack (ToR) design high density version more than 48 ports necessary per cabinet -> dual switch lower density version single switch per cabinet and redundancy over two cabinets server cabinet – rear view

35 Best Practice deployment of Cisco Nexus Range


37 SM Cooling Power Space Panduit solutions provide the foundation to scale up to high density deployments for future application needs What We Focus on: Optimized Cabinets Energy Efficient Deployments Passive Thermal Management How We Fulfill Requirements: 10% more useable space 15% reduction in power 38% reduction in cooling costs Results: Performance Operational efficiencies

38 Data Center Advisory Services 38 Health Check (Visually-based) Assess (Measurement-based) Individual services for: Cabling/Pathways/Racks, Telecoms G & B, Power and Cooling Packaged services for Virtualization, Consolidation & Automation Thermal Analysis featuring Computational Fluid Dynamics Design Data Center Physical Infrastructure Design

39 SM

40 Connect. Manage. Automate. building a smarter, unified foundation

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