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Enterprise Content Management Steven Gorgias Lenny Morris

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1 Enterprise Content Management Steven Gorgias Lenny Morris

2 Enterprise Content Management 2 ECM allows you to minimize paper, organize and track documentation and automate business processes and their related documentation. This session will provide a comprehensive of OnBase from Hyland Software, our partner. The session will highlight practical and easy to implement solutions for managing tickets, invoices, statements and reports that are crowding your file cabinets and storage areas. Session Objective

3 Increased Productivity Reduce paper-handling tasks Improve workflow Reduce lost files Manage more activity without increasing staff Too much time is wasted manually handling paper-based activities that are known to be managed more productively through electronic systems. Enterprise Content Management 3

4 Improved Client Responsiveness Find requested information instantly Forward information to clients the way they request it (fax, , reprint back to hard copy or download to CD) Answer questions and provide necessary information in one call, no more return calls and "telephone tag Today's world is too competitive to operate without the efficiencies of electronic files, network faxing and other electronic tools that improve response time to clients. Enterprise Content Management 4

5 Savings Opportunities Minimize staff time requirements Improve collection capabilities through instant retrieval and forwarding of signed documents Reduce overtime and temp hours Reclaim lost office space and convert back to useable work areas The combination of aging receivables, increases in general administrative expenses and continuous loss of valuable office space to aging paper files has made it easy to justify electronic filing and faxing. Enterprise Content Management 5

6 Increase Control and Security Easy file back up. All files are backed up on a daily basis. Back ups can be stored at an offsite location for disaster recovery. Can establish user rights to files and information. Reality is that any sort of disaster (fire, water, etc.) would completely destroy all records relating to your current business. For a manageable price, 100% disaster recovery could be implemented. Enterprise Content Management 6

7 File Sharing and Portability Paper files rest in file cabinets until they are manually unfiled. Once unfiled, they are no longer accessible by others in need of the same information. Electronically filed information never becomes unfiled even while in use by others, the file remains accessible by anyone on the network. Making room for new files always involves transportation of old files to secondary filing areas again involving manual efforts and requiring excess space. Enterprise Content Management 7

8 File Sharing and Portability Electronic files are easily accessed and communicated via fax or to anyone, anytime and anyplace. Electronic information can also be viewed remotely via Windows Terminal Services. Easy access over the world-wide-web enables you and your staff secure access to files and information at your convenience. The time, energy and expense associated with manual paper handling amounts over time and is completely unproductive. By filing documents electronically, you enable years and years of effortless access to those files and information. Enterprise Content Management 8

9 Some things to consider 90% of corporate "memory" exists on paper Of all the pages that get handled each day in the average office, 90% are merely shuffled The average document gets copied too many times 7.5% of all documents get lost, 3% of the remainder get misfiled Professionals spend 5-15% of their time reading information, but up to 50% looking for it. Enterprise Content Management 9

10 Advantages of Electronic Filing Filing electronically can triple process capacity Electronic filing can reduce staff time by 50% Digital files reduce storage space by up to 80% Enterprise Content Management 10

11 ECM Can be used throughout your entire company Accounts Payable Human Resources and Payroll Legal Purchasing Inventory We will focus on industry specific tasks like Delivery Tickets, Invoicing and Accounts Receivable Enterprise Content Management 11

12 Delivery Ticket Example

13 Typical Operation Enterprise Content Management 13

14 Aggregate Enterprise Content Management 14

15 Batch Link Enterprise Content Management 15

16 Wide Area Network Enterprise Content Management 16

17 Ticket Data Sent Enterprise Content Management 17

18 Electronic Copy Created Enterprise Content Management 18

19 OnBase gets ticket Enterprise Content Management 19

20 Ticket Printer Enterprise Content Management 20

21 Batch Control prints ticket Enterprise Content Management 21

22 Ticket sent to main office Enterprise Content Management 22

23 Workstation and Scanner at the plant Enterprise Content Management 23

24 Scan ticket at plant Enterprise Content Management 24

25 Transmit Image Enterprise Content Management 25

26 Invoice Example

27 Invoice Process Now Enterprise Content Management 27

28 Print Invoices Enterprise Content Management 28

29 Prepare for Mail Enterprise Content Management 29

30 Send Electronic Invoice to disk Enterprise Content Management 30

31 OnBase collects invoices and links tickets Enterprise Content Management 31

32 OnBase Distributes Invoices Enterprise Content Management 32

33 Entering Documents into OnBase COLD –Read an electronic text file –Index selected text from the row and column coordinates and make them keywords for the document Scan –Capture an image of the document –Hand-Key index information –Auto-Index the document from the information we collected during a COLD process Enterprise Content Management 33

34 Most Common Document Types COLD Delivery Ticket Customer Invoice Customer Statement Reports SCAN Signed Delivery Ticket Check or Remittance Advise

35 Thick Client Demonstration A Command Alkon Solution Partner

36 Scanners Scanning documents is accomplished with any TWAIN or Kofax compliant scanner. Support for most major hardware manufacturers;

37 Scanner Interfaces TWAIN -Typical interface for Lower Volume Scanners KOFAX – Interface for High Volume or Production Level Scanners. Barcode Recognition is supported through Kofax Interface.

38 Scanner Categories Desktop Workgroup Scanners Up to 500 pages per day Departmental Scanners 500 to pages per day Production Scanners pages per day

39 Virtual Rescan Software Perfect Scans the first time, Every Time VRS performs a multi-point inspection of each document VRS instantly adjusts for Correct Alignment (skew) Brightness, Contrast and image Clarity Any inconsistencies are are immediately corrected so that only the straightest most readable images are passed along to the imaging system.




43 Enterprise Content Management 43 Please Complete Your Evaluation Be sure to circle the session you are evaluating on the back of your card –Back Office –BKO-002 –Enterprise Content Management All breakout session materials can be accessed at: Thank You!

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