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How to sell OmniPCX Office Compact Edition

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1 How to sell OmniPCX Office Compact Edition
December 2003

2 Agenda Small enterprise market & Alcatel strategy
How to sell OmniPCX Office Compact Edition? OmniPCX Office Compact Edition business cases Business case n°1: small office Business case n°2: medical cabinets, lawyers cabinets Business case n°3: small agencies in large account OmniPCX Office Compact Edition sales tools

3 Small enterprise market & Alcatel strategy
Small enterprise customers needs Alcatel strategy & position on this market OmniPCX Office Compact Edition positioning into the OmniPCX Office range

4 Small enterprise market(worldwide)
Number of Employees Per Company SMB Mid Market Main sites, Branch Offices, networking (average 4 sites) Companies from 50 to 500 employees. Sites from 5 to 250 users Technology background, ITC department Formal decision process with internal competences involved Integration in corporate environment, future safe Applications , IP Networking Added-value channels, System integrators. Operators (added-value organization) SMB. Mid Market 1 5 20 100 500 Self-employed companies. 43M SoHo. 49M SMB. Smaller Biz. 12M SMB 3M SMB, LE 425K LE 53K Custom, Projects Number of Companies Worldwide. Total: 107M Solutions SMB. Mass Market SMB Mass Market Mono-site or small number of sites (average ) Companies from 5 to 200 employees. Sites 5 to 100+ users Little or no technology background, no formal communication or IT department, no technology strategy Owner is decision maker Business benefits, needs not always identified by customers Simplicity, overall solution price Volume making channels. Distributors, small resellers. Operators Installation required Cash and carry Packaging, Compact, 2 Tiers Distribution SMBs is divided into two segments: SMB Mass Market SMB Mid Market This segmentation between Mass Market and Mid Market reflects differences in the type of needs, in the organization and in the behavior, with is somehow in correlation with the size. SMB Mass Market covers companies that have only one site or a small number of sites. At one location there are between 5 to 50 users. SMB Mass Market has little or no technology background, no formal communication or IT department, no technology strategy. Company owner is the decision maker. SMB Mass Market accepts to invest in solutions with clear business benefits. But needs not always identified by customers and there is the necessity to educate customers and channels about needs, solutions and business benefits. Price and Simplicity of a solution are key criteria for the SMB Mass Market (both end-customers and channels). SMB Mass Market is served by channels who make volumes. Operators, especially in Europe, have a strong presence as a channel in that market. Distributors, with myriads of small resellers, round-the-corner small shops are acting in that segment. SMB Mid-Market are companies which generally are multi-site: main sites, Branch Offices, networking. Sites size scale from 5 to 500 users. SMB Mid-Market companies have technology background and ITC organization/department. There is a formal decision process with internal competences involved when analyzing communications solutions. Integration in corporate environment, future safe solution are important criteria for the SMB Mid-Market. Applications (e.g. Contact Center) and IP are frequently required. SMB Mid-Market is addressed by Added-value channels, System integrators, Operators (added-value organization). The basis of the offering is a generic product which is proposed to the customer together with services (integration, etc.). The difference between SMB Mid-Market and Large Enterprise market is that in the latter, there is a significant volume of customization and the overall price of the solution exceeds by far the individual prices of the products themselves. The business in the LE segment is more handle in “project” mode with emphasis on the overall solution, opposed to SMB Mid-Market where solutions can be replicated over a significant number of customers and product price still accounts for a large part of what customer pays for. To make it short, split between SMB Mass Market, SMB Mid Market and Large Enterprises worldwide : SMB Mass Market: 15 millions companies. SMB Mid Market: 0.5 million companies Large Enterprises: 0.1 million companies.

5 Alcatel SMB Offering : a unique portfolio for all segments
D) Advanced Voice, Networking, CTI Advanced Telephony, Networking VM, Umsg, IVR, Contact Center Mobility, CTI E) Advanced Voice, IP convergence, Networking, Applications Advanced Telephony, Networking IP, Branch Offices VM, Umsg, IVR, Contact Center Mobility, VoWLAN, CTI, MM IP Applications SMB Mid Market OmniPCX Enterprise OmniPCX Enterprise IP A1) Entry Voice Basic Telephony Price B1) Advanced Voice Advanced Telephony VM, AA, ACD Wireless, Mobility CTI C) Convergence. IP, Data, Internet, Applications Advanced Telephony AA, UMsg Mobility, VoWLAN CTI, XML IP, LAN, Internet, Apps SMB Mass Market OmniPCX Office Business A2) B2) OmniPCX Office Business Pack OmniPCX Office Business, e-Business

6 Small Enterprise customers needs
Efficiency they need to stay competitive and ensure the minimum services Simplicity the decision maker is the owner, he is focused on his core business and no IT staff Cost saving an enhanced telephony services with a minimum of staff They call and receive calls but to stay competitive and ensure the minimum services they need more. The voice communication is the key priority, but including all the professional services to be able to offer an enhanced telephony welcome with a minimum of staff. Efficiency, simplicity and cost saving are the top 3 priorities for the companies below 20 users.

7 Alcatel strategy & position on this market
Alcatel target: small companies from 6 to 12 users mono site & multi site (small agencies) the owner is the decision maker, he is focused on his core business priority sectors: retail, services, bank, insurance, post office & real estate Alcatel OmniPCX Office Compact Edition, ideal solution for this segment wall-mounted cabinet, adapted form factor for this segment advanced voice features professional solution, with greeting, mobility and CTI aggressive price positioning We target small companies up to 12 users with mono site and multi site configuration. The owner is the decision-maker and he is focused on his core business so simplicity and cost-saving are the key issues he is looking for. All the business sectors can be addressed with priority to retail, services, insurance and real estate where greeting is important. Price, on WPL OXO Compact 8 (2/4/4, 0 free slot) 1295 € vs OXO wall mounted S pack =1450 €, 10% less OXO Compact 12 D (2/8/4, 0 free slot)1650 € vs OXO wall mounted S pack 12D =2060 €, 20% less OXO Compact 12 A (2/4/8, 0 free slot) 1710 € vs OXO wall mounted S pack 12D =2120 €, 20% less CE vs OXO wall mounted + licences (VM €, DECT €), around 35% less

8 OmniPCX Office Compact Edition positioning into the OmniPCX Office range
Company Size Features 6 20 30 100 200 Advanced Voice, IP, Voice Applications Convergence, Voice, Data, Internet, Applications OmniPCX Office Voice Appliance OmniPCX Office Compact Edition OmniPCX Office e-Comm Appliance 6-12 optimization.Compact Edition. OmniPCX Office Compact Edition is a part of the OmniPCX Office family all the know-how in Voice communication With more than a 18% market share, Alcatel is by far the # 1 player in Western European SME Mass Market 80000 companies have adopted Alcatel OmniPCX Office 2 millions people are using Alcatel OmniPCX Office

9 How to sell OmniPCX Office Compact Edition?
Solution overview Commercial offer Price positioning Full process Customers & distributors benefits OXO CE and OXO Small benefits table

10 Solution overview(1/4) A voice communication system
For very small companies, from 6 to 12 employees with a maximum of 37 users A part of OmniPCX Office family, with all benefits of OmniPCX Office technology 3 ISDN packages equipped with WM, CTI and mobility Maximum configuration : 12D(2/8/4) 4 x Multi-Reflexes 12 UA 1 x UA  1 UA 3 x IBS 20 DECT 4 x Z  4 Z Total users

11 Solution overview(2/4): environment
Later on

12 Solution overview(3/4): full Reflexe terminals range support
First Easy Premium Advanced Enablers Mobile 100/200 Reflexe

13 Solution overview(4/4): ready for VOIP, smooth evolution
VOIP 4/8 channels daughter board (Q3/04) all OXO CE VOIP OXE « CE » in Branch Office OXO rack OXO CE + additional licenses OXO CE max capacity : 37 users Evolution to Additionnal licenses (see CE offer) Xmem64 if necessary All + ELP process Wall case CPU-2 Mixte board OXO software Licenses Pack Terminals IBS Applications mixte 4/8/4 Max 4 Multi reflexe Max 20 DECT Mobiles Max 13 Reflexe Max 4 Analogue sets. All (except mixt board in casee of exchange) GD board for OXE in Branch Office All except CPU and software Rack S, M, ou L case Additionnal HW & Licenses All except case Add Re-use OXO CE Content

14 Commercial offer(1/2) Commercial release Geographical availability
in May 2004 Geographical availability European countries Simplified offer Limited number of references, easy to find the right solution 3 packages, including HW and SW licenses including voice mail, CTI & mobility options: more voice mail, expansion, upgrade, back up… For first sales, you can quote and configure the package and the additional hardware but not the additional licenses For the add on, you can manage the additional hardware and software licenses 3 packages 2 T0 / 4 UA / 4 Z , 2 T0 / 8 UA / 4 Z and 2 T0 / 4 UA / 8 Z Maximum of sets 37= 4 multi-Reflexes * UA + 20 DECT(3 IBS) + 4Z 20 corded terminals with multi-Reflexes up to 10 CTI clients Optional items Xmem (80’ Voice Mail), AFU, MultiReflexes (for expansion) 4 T0/4 UA/8 Z and 4 T0/8 UA/4 Z are supported for field upgrade Terminals & Mobility (no IP phones) UPS (300, 650 ,…): UPS 300= 1:30 hour back-up Desktop Battery/Charger : 4 hours, expandable to 8 hours back-up License upgrade possibility through licenses download (standard process)

15 PACKAGED OFFER : first sale
Commercial offer(2/2) PACKAGED OFFER : first sale Automatic Attendant (standard messages ) 2 x add. Languages (with Xmem64) 4 x add. Welcome Msg (with Xmem64) Tapi 2.0 (25 sessions & 50 supervisions) Pimphony Pro / Team x1 & x10 ISVPN RAS 2 B channels … evolutive offer Additional Licenses Cabinet: Wall mounted Ext. 12 V-DC Source Int. DC/DC Convert. 2 x Slots (0 free slot) Cabling cover No fan nor battery CPU-2 Generic: No Hard Disk port LAN 2 ports/20’ VM ISDN Mixt boards : 2T0/4UA/4Z or 2T0/8UA/4Z or 2T0/4UA/8Z 3 HW Packages 16 UA / 8Z Lic. Mobility (20 x DECT Licenses) 2 ports/80’ VM (with Xmem64) Remote VM Custo DISA 4 x Welcome Msg Personnal Assistant 2’ MOH 2 x Languages ARS/LCR 3000 names directory 1000 NMC tickets TAPI 2.0: 10 sessions & 25 supervisions 10 x PIMphony Basic 1 Licenses Pack CPU Options : Xmem64 (80’ MV and/or 2 add Lang. ) AFU (Door-phone) Power Back-up UPS-300 / 650 … Desktop battery charger (without batt.) 4h/8h autonomy 7AH battery (x1= 4h) Reflexe range DECT Mobiles DECT IBS Multireflexe …evolutive offer Options: 1° sale

16 Price positionning: agressive WPL

17 Full process(1/5) Unique European References
3 single references for 3 ISDN packages 3 x ISDN Voice Pack’s (3 capacity variants) including: Cabinet / Power supply / Packing / CD CPU-2 loaded with licenses pack 1 mixte board (2T0/4UA/4Z or 2T0/8UA/4Z or 2T0/4UA/8Z) Identical package whatever the country of destination The country variant is charged at the time of the installation Simplified PM5 Process 3 single references for 3 analogical packages mixed Cards APA: release 3.1 (Q3/04)

18 Full process(2/5) Fast and easy quotation for customer
ACTIS or Express Quote Selection of the CE offer > access to EC perimeter and choice of the items Configured Mode same as standard offer Edition of the quotation for the customer (xls file) Export of the order file towards distributor info system (csv) and eCom (ali) Paper catalogue CE Catalogue extract from eCom (pdf file) Ordering trough eCom ACTIS file import (purchase by unit) Direct keying on eCom (purchase by quantities or by unit)

19 Full process(3/5) DELIVERY starting from finished product stock
Stock fullfilment for the distributors: per quantities the Distributor orders quantities to renew its stock: (Systems + stations + HW options in direct keying on eCom) the quantities are preferably in modulo (pallet, regrouping cartons...) logistic Costs reduced for the distributor (only one delivery, invoicing) the items are delivered in D+5 exworks (transport time not included) the delivery to the customer in D+1 is possible from distributor stock Express Delivery to the Business Partner or the customer: per unit the Business Partner orders a customerconfiguration: (a System + terminals + HW options in direct entry on eCom) the items* are delivered in D+1 exworks (transport time not included) Note * the delivered additional items are not integrated in the system

20 Full process(4/5) Easy additional licenses selling ans easy maintenance Additional licenses selling: Order taking on eLP with CPU-ID (standard process) local or remote loading of the new software key (standard process) All maintenance articles are managed in catalogue Empty Case Marked cabling cover External AC/DC 12 V power supply DC/DC Converter (easy access) Back panel (easy access) Mixed boards CPU-2 board: CPU exchange for maintenance swap of license with CPU-ID (standard eLP process )

21 Full process(5/5) Quotation Paper catalogue or ACTIS or ExpressQuote
Ordering Direct keying on e-buy .ali File import on e-Buy from ACTIS or Delivery D+1 (Express) D+5 (Stock) + transportation Installation Wizard or PM5 Country variant at initialization Maintenance Same process as OmniPCX Office Installation, configuration, plug and phone PC connected directly to system LAN plug PM5 download tool and country files loaded on the PC or CD Rom 6 to 8 minutes for files download and restart operation Automatic default configuration, profiles for sets (country dependant) Wizard and Wizard Plus on PC Network / Customer parameters tuning PM5 for specific programming (ARS, Door-Phone,…) Remote configuration, Remote management : PM5 / 4760 same as OmniPCX Office Maintenance: same process as OmniPCX Office (same CPU, same boards) CPU_ID to be declared at SWK swap request on ELP

22 Customers & distributors benefits
Customers needs a design adapted to small office environment Compact Edition answer wall mounted no fan no visible cabling Benefits save space no noisy environment for the staff nice design

23 Customers & distributors benefits
Customers needs a professional telephony services with easy evolution Compact Edition answer (from OmniPCX Office) high performance in voice high flexibility Benefits protect investment offer the possibility to evolve towards OmniPCX Office Flexibility and high performance to enlarge the capacity: Multi-Reflexe or mix board exchange to enrich the service level: additional licenses to jump to OmniPCX Office: keep all equipment except the cabinet(CPU, boards, terminals and licenses) Benefit from Alcatel OmniPCX Office performance in Voice Protect the investment by reusing and evolving towards Alcatel OmniPCX Office range

24 Customers & distributors benefits
Distributors needs simple to order and to install Compact Edition answer only 3 packages ready to sell(in quantities) 1 complete solution in a box express delivery Benefits save time, energy & cost leverage the existing OmniPCX Office investment NEW 3 packages fully equipped 2 T0/4 Reflexes connexions /4 analogue sets connexions 2 T0/8 Reflexes connexions /4 analogue connexions 2 T0/4 Reflexes connexions /8 analogue connexions Same hardware (CPU) and software content as OmniPCX Office Save time, energy and costs with only 3 choices. A fully equipped solution for the best feature / price ratio. Save time and money with the express delivery: Day 1 + transportation time Training technical training, no specific training, included in R3.0 training sales training

25 OXO CE and OXO Small benefits table
16 VOIP channels with CO-CPU Same, plus CO-CPU standard offer Low cost VOIP Solution (4/8 channels daughter board in Q3/04) Ready for VOIP No need to change CPU Simple & quick. Stock mode or Express delivery. Licenses pack covering 90% of customer needs . Better margins for the distributor and better < 20 market penetration. Competitive Price over 12 extensions. Value added platform. Open Solution : 1 free slot / scalable with M , L, XL racks Cheeper Packaged Solution . Competetive offer in 20 ext. Segment. Designed for office environment Open , evolutive Rack form adapted to customer data environnement Neat design, wall-mounted, clean cabling , silent Configured at customer needs. Actis tool & BTCO delivery. Ordering in Direct keying on eCom . ACTIS for quotation. Configured upon customer need. More openess with the hard disk. Evolutive to internet & eBusiness. More licenses in the package. Open to additionnal licenses Small plus OXO Small OXO CE CE plus

26 OmniPCX Office Compact Edition business cases
Business case n°1: small office Business case n°2: medical cabinets, lawyers cabinets Business case n°3: small agencies in large account

27 Business Case n°1: small office
Customers needs professional services fast evolution adapted design affordable price Compact Edition answer embedded Voice Mail, CTI and mobility high flexibility native wall mounted format good ratio quality/price

28 Business Case n°2 : medical cabinets, lawyers cabinets
Customers needs professional welcome vertical applications needs bill the telephony expenses to lawyer’s client affordable price Compact Edition answer rich call handling (e.g. boss&secretary) CTI vertical applications call metering and account code facilities good ratio quality/price

29 Business Case n°3: small agencies in large account
Customers needs centralized operator and optimized rerouting centralized management evolution toward VoIP Compact Edition answer a first level of networking upon ISDN(ISVPN) the centralized management through the Alcatel 4760 application VoIP in Q4/2004 Large account players have a large installed base and especially in small capacities. They need to equip or renew their communication in order to benefit from the new communication technologies. These large companies are organised around headquarters, regional agencies and a large number of small branch offices. Alcatel OmniPCX Enterprise is the right solution specially designed for large companies. Nevertheless OmniPCX Office Compact Edition can be an opportunity in some specific cases to serve small agencies and Branch Offices. Networking upon ISDN is offered with a first level of inter-working, such as centralized operator and optimised rerouting. The Centralised management is offered through the Alcatel 4760 application.

30 OmniPCX Office Compact Edition sales tools
New: Alcatel Half Year Launch Guide availability: Jan 2004 New: Alcatel OmniPCX Office Compact Edition brochure

31 Why OmniPCX Office Compact Edition?
For customers OXO CE is a professional voice advanced solution Offering Voice, Data, embeded Voice Mail, CTI apps, integrated DECT, VOIP evolution, management tools OXO CE is feature evolutive Licenses add-on to open features or functions Direct benefits from OXO range evolutions OXO CE is expandable Up to 37 users Xmem64 to expand functions OXO CE migration path towards OXO rack Re-use CPU and mixte board Re-use all terminals, licenses and applications OXO CE is future proofed Ready for VOIP in next 3.1 version

32 Why OmniPCX Office Compact Edition?
For Business Partners No investment need for the Business Partner OXO CE is 100% part of OXO family: Same Hardware bricks Same software and same evolutions Same sales and installation trainings Same management tools (PM5/Wizard), local, remote, centralized (4760) Same RSC offer, allowing added value services selling on installed base OXO CE is feature evolutive Licenses add-on to open features or functions Direct benefits from OXO range evolutions

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