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Star Trek 2.0 – Its finally here! CNG - Cabinet Next Generation.

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1 Star Trek 2.0 – Its finally here! CNG - Cabinet Next Generation

2 Region 8 has moved past the old technologies and has entered the world of Star Trek! We found a great developer to create a system that would not only be a document management system, but would also encompass our ITA tracker/money manager and would be user friendly, and effective. What is CNG?

3 We want to share CNG with our fellow Workforce peers. The system is very user friendly, lets you go GREEN very easily and most of all – is an effective way to keep track of all your customers, and their expenditures as well. The cost savings in paper alone is a great reason to consider going paperless. In todays climate, its all about saving time, saving money, making processes customer friendly, staff useful, and doing more with less. CNG lets you accomplish all of this and more.

4 CNG is working smarter, not harder Cabinets are just like filing cabinets in the office. They contain folders which contain documents. Ex: Applicant, Assigned, Denied, Closed and Audit. Vendors and your accounting processes can be incorporated as well. Cabinet – FCWD (First Coast Workforce Development) is were Customers reside. Cabinets

5 Cabinets contains folder TABS like your paper folder would have. Ex: Intake, Career Plan, Training, ITA, Assessment, Time Sheets, Closure, Credential, Support Services, etc. Used for all programs, i.e. Veterans, Welfare Transition, Food Stamps, etc.

6 Your entire Intake, eligibility, assessments, career plan, training package and ITA are simply scanned and filed in CNG under the appropriate TAB. Additionally the forms you use most often are CNG digitized forms that you simply fill in. Signature pads allow for quick and easy form completion. Scan and File Documents

7 Review – Region procedures for file review are simplified by just notifying the reviewer. Reviewer – Check CNG, set-up ITA and notifies staff of approval. Staff – Proceeds as normal. File complete – Whats Next?

8 The time savings in our daily processes is amazing. Before CNG, staff spent minimum one hour filling out paperwork with the customer to complete an Intake package. Now, it can be done electronically in as little as 30 minutes! Quality review – clearing eligibility and setting up the ITA normally took up to 2 - 3 days. IF everything is correct in the file, this process can be done in just a few hours from start to finish! Time Savings

9 Region 8 has WIA Orientation & Application on-line only. CNG feeds application into the APPLICANT file cabinet. From applicant all the way through to case approval, all is done in CNG. ITA Tracker is also tied into CNG system. Once ITA is set up, expenses are tracked in the ITA Tracker. Funding levels are easily monitored and tracked. Additional process flow

10 Cindy Wadsworth, Director of Program Services WorkSource, Region 8 215 Market Street, Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL 32202 904.213-3800 extension 2183/904.860-4887 mobile/904.350-0022 fax Carmen Lamboy, Quality Assurance Program Manager WorkSource, Region 8 215 Market Street, Suite 300, Jacksonville, FL 32202 904.213-3800 extension 2148/904.350-0022 fax Kenneth Osman III, M.P.A. IT Projects Luke & Associates, Inc. 775 E. Merritt Island Cswy, Suite 230 Merritt Island, FL 32952 407.414.4772 mobile 321.452.4671 fax Michael Lashbrook Director of Information Technology WorkSource, Region 8 904-213-3800 x2020 Region 8 Contacts

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