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UNIVERSITY OF ZENICA Address: Fakultetska 3, 72000 Zenica Bosnia and Herzegovina tel. +387 32 444 420 +387 32 444 430 fax. +387 32 444 431

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1 UNIVERSITY OF ZENICA Address: Fakultetska 3, 72000 Zenica Bosnia and Herzegovina tel. +387 32 444 420 +387 32 444 430 fax. +387 32 444 431 E-mail: Prof.Dr Darko Petkovic, Novi Sad, 25.05.2007. UNIVERZITET U ZENICI

2 Figure 1. – University campus OBJECTS OF FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1. Cabinets of lecturing personnel 2. Reading room, students service and library 3. Classrooms, laboratories, amphitheatre 4. Classrooms, laboratories OBJECTS OF Institute "Kemal Kapetanović 1. Defectoscopy laboratory 2. Physical laboratory 3. Mechanical laboratory 4. Metallographic laboratory 5. Welding laboratory 6. Library with reading room OBJECTS OF FACULTY OF METALLURGY AND MATERIALS 1. Thermotechnic laboratory 2. Phonolaboratory 3. Chemical laboratory 4. Amphitheatre OBJECT OF FACULTY OF LAW

3 Up: Panoramatic view of institute buildings Left: Rectors Office Building Up: City Centre

4 Surfaces at the disposition INSTITUTIONSURFACE [m 2 ] FACULTY OF METALLURGY AND MATERIALS 5819 FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 3956 FACULTY OF EDUCATION1120 FACULTY OF ECONOMICS 960 Percentage share of particular classes of premises: - Lecturing classrooms and cabinets - 6000 m 2 (21,0%) - laboratories- 5097 m 2 (17,8%) - workshops- 4404 m 2 (15,4%) - Common areas- 3650 m 2 (12,8%) - Administration premises- 904 m 2 (3,2%) -others- 8500 m 2 (29,8%) -TOTAL 28 555 AREA FACULTY OF LAW1300 FACULTY OF HEALTH1500 ISLAMIC PEDAGOGICAL ACADEMY 900 INSTITUTE KEMAL KAPETANOVIĆ 13000 FACULTY OF LAW – FRONT SIDE SIGHT

5 SURVEY OF CHAIRS –Before Integration Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Faculty of Mechanical Enginering Chair of General Courses Chair of Mathematics and Computing Technology Chair of Mrchanics Chair of Machineries Chair of Production Technologiwes and Machines Chair of Energy and Energetic Systems Chair of Machines for Mining Chair of Automatisation and Eletrotechnique Chair of Industrial Engineering and Production Systems Chair of Ecology Chair of General Courses Chair of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics Chair of Chemistry Chair of Mechanic Eengineering and Electrotechnique Chair of Energy and Proces Engineering Chair of Extractiv Metallurgy and Foundry Chair of Physic of Metals and Plastic Processing Chair of Metal Materials Chair of Non-metal Materials Chair of Classroom Lecturing Chair of Mthematics and Informatics Chair of English language and Literature Chair of German language and Literature Chair of Turkish Language and Literature Faculty of Education Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

6 SURVEY OF CHAIRS Faculty of Economics Faculty of LawFaculty of Health Islamic Pedagogical Academy Chair of Religion sciences Chair of Languages Chair of Islamic Thought and Civilisation Chair of Religious Pedagogy Chair of Psychology Chair of Economical Theory and Policy Chair of Marketing Chair of Quantitative Economy Chair of Management Chair of Finances and Bookkeeping Chair of Informatics Chair of Law in Economy Chair of General Programming Basis Chair of Medical Physiology, Patophysiology and Biochemistry Chair of Anathomy and Pathology Chaior of Public Health Care Chair of Preventive Medicine Chair of Microbiology and Infective Diseases Chair of Internal Medicine Chair of Neuropsychyatry Chair of Mather and Children Care Chair of Surgery and Rehabilitation Chair of Family Fedicine Chair of General Courses Islamic Pedagogical Academy Chair of State and International Public Law Chair of Economic Sciences Chair of Civil Law Chair of History of the State and Law Chair of Criminal Law

7 SURVEY OF LABORATORIES, CENTRES AND DEPARTMENTS Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical diagnostics Laboratory Centre for motor vehicleles Tensions and deformations Laboratory Centre for distance lerning - ODL Measurement technique Laboratory Centre for education Fluid mechanics and hydraulics Laboratory Centre for management, quality and development Electro technical LaboratoryCentre for ecological engineering Industrial engineering Laboratory Centre for gymnasic and recreation Machining by cutting and tool machines Laboratory MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INSTITUTE -Attesting of motor vehicles -Technological parks Engineering design LECAD II Laboratory Welding Laboratory Mining and metallurgical machines Laboratory Authomatics Laboratory Mechanical elements and machinery Laboratory Physics Laboratory Chemistry Laboratory Thermo technical Laboratory Physics of metal and non-metal materfials Laboratory Foundry Laboratory Mathematic modeling and programming Laboratory Physical metallurgy Department Metallurgical chemistry department Extractive and powder metallurgy Department Plastic processing Department Mechanical engineering Department Electro technical, automathics and thermo technical Department Welding department Protection of living and working environment Metallurgical Institute Kemal Kapetanović

8 Teachers and Students FACULTIES NUMBER OF TEACHERS F+E* NUMBER OF STUDENTS ** FACULTY OF METALLURGY AND MATERIALS 24 + 44120 FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 29 + 35360 FACULTY OF EDUCATION 11 + 511 000 FACULTY OF ECONOMY 15 + 131 200 FACULTY OF LAW 12 + 151 100 FACULTY OF HEALTH 13 + 25150 ISLAMIC PEDAGOGICAL ACADEMY 11 + 10380 TOTAL UNIVERSITY OF ZENICA 115 + 1934 310 Up: Questions after lecturing * F+E = full time employed + external collaborators ** All kind of studying: full time, as- you-work, distance learning, undergraduating, post graduating

9 FINANCING Name of the FacultyTotal yearly income (KM) Founds from cantonal budget % outside income Rectors Office509 01641231618,9 FACULTY OF METALLURGY AND MATERIALS 1 100 0731 030 4736,7 FACULTY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1 322 8911 211 1118,5 FACULTY OF EDUCATION 1 684 3201 346 95020,0 FACULTY OF ECONOMICS 320 100268 10016,2 Planing average salary of full engaged academic staff POSITION AVERAGE SALARY [KM] RATIO TO AVAREGE IN FB&H (565 KM) FULL PROFESSOR 1 400 2,47 (2003.Year =1.72) ASSOCIATED PROFESSOR 13202,33 (2003.Year =1.66) ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 12002,12 (2003.Year 1.38) SENIOR ASISTENT 10501,85 (2003.Year 1.17) ASSISTENT9001,60 (2003.Year 0.99) FACULTY OF LAW 363 000259 20028,6 FACULTY OF HEALTH 319 02826302817,5 ISLAMIC PEDAGOGICAL ACADEMY 630 054468 05425,7 STUDENTS CENTER 355 00018964346,6 TOTAL 6 604 6135 44864917,5 Budget 2007: 12 mil.KM (2800 KM/per st.)


11 CHAIRCODEHOSTFIELD OF WORK Fundametal ScienciesUNZE-K-01PFAll faculties at UNZE Mathematics and InformaticsUNZE-K-02PF All faculties at UNZE Language and LiteratureUNZE-K-03PFAll faculties at UNZE Pedagocical ScienciesUNZE-K-04PFAll faculties at UNZE Chemistry and PhysicsUNZE-K-05FAMMMF, ZF Non-ferous metallurgy and MouldingUNZE-K-06FAMMMF Plastics DefomationUNZE-K-07FAMMMF Metal MaterialsUNZE-K-08FAMMMF, ZF Non-metal MaterialsUNZE-K-09FAMMMF, ZF Ferum and SteelUNZE-K-10FAMMMF MachanicsUNZE-K-11MFFAMM CAD Technologies and ContructionUNZE-K-12MFFAMM Before integration: 65 Chairs After integration: 34 Chairs

12 University of Ljubljana, Slovenia University Prince of Sonkgkla, Thailand University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen-Germany) Universidad Politecnica de Catalynia, Barcelona, Spain University of Erlangen-Nurenberg, Germany University of Leoben, Austria Cyprus National University, Lefkosa, Cyprus Politechnic Univerisity of Turin, Italy University of Zagreb, Croatia University of Maribor, Slovenia University of Osijek, Croatia University of Bahçeşehir, Turkey University of Sakarya, Turkey University of Porsgrunn, Norwey LUMUCI University of Rome, Italy University of Novi Sad, Serbia International and regional collaboration Bileteral Plan for Contract Activities for 2006.Year: University of Oslo, Norway University of Lulea, Sweedn University of Gelsenkirchen, Germany Medical University of Graz, Austria University of Linz, Austria University of Kopar, Slovenia

13 MOST IMPORTANT PROJECTS: Introduction of ECTS system at the B&H Universities – TEMPUS Introduction of quality system at the B&H Universities – TEMPUS-WUS Project SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY PARK – Region Piedmonte, Italia; Regionall Developing Agency (REZ) & University of Zenica (Science Technology park, Incubator) ENERGOWOOD – Region Abruzzo, Italia & University of Zenica DEVELOPMENT SMES - Centre for management, quality and development– Mondimpresa, Italia Cluster of wood processing industry – USAID, REZ AND UNIVERSITY OF ZENICA Center for Wood Excellence – Government of Swirezland and University of Bern Business Start-up Center (BSC) with ATA and Dutsch Government Government of Slovenian Republic & UNZE – 2 Projects Government of Ze-Do Canton & UNZE – 10 Projects BOSHMAN and WEBMAN– Reengineering of management functions at the B&H universities TEPD (Teacher Education and Professional Development) – International project Finland – B&H Fund of improvement of quality education - international project Great Britain – B&H DEAR (Divide Experience And Responsibility) – project of teachers and students of Faculties and of the pupiles of Elementary school "Miroslav Krleža" in Zenica. Co-ordination Action on High Loading Rate Testing and Modelling Procedures – Frame Program 6 with Imperial College London Applied projects for 2006.Year ( 2 Nominated Tempus Joint projects; 2 projects with Norwey Institutions (Government); 4 projects with Italian Government; several projects with Sweedn Government...) Others

14 CONFERENCES ORGANIZED by UNIVERSITY OF ZENICA every year: TMT (the last: 2006 – Barcelona, Spain) University of Zenica UPC Barcelona Bahçe ş ehir University * every second year: Quality (the last: 2005 – Fojnica, BiH) University of Zenica University of Erlangen. every second year: Metal and Non-metalic materials MNM NEW: TECHNO-EDUCA 2007


16 Reviews: Masinstvo-Mechanical engineering – Issued: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Didaktički putokazi – Issued: Faculty of Education Hyatus – Review for philosophical aspects

17 To fulfil the strategic goals we have developed following projects: "INTEGRATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ZENICA ACCORDING TO PRINCIPLES OF THE BOLOGNA PROCESS", Project (UNZE-IP-01): Internal Evaluation of the State at the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-02): Elaborating of Normative and Other Documentation of the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-03): Institutional Plan of the Development of the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-04): Integration of Scientific – Lecturing and Scientific – Researching Functions of University of Zenica Members Project (UNZE-IP-05): Innovating the Curriculum and Programs and Developing the ECTS System at the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-06): Implementation of ECTS System and Normative Documentation at the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-07): Introducing the Quality System at the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-08): Information Package of the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-09): Development of University of Zenica Informatics Net Project (UNZE-IP-10): Organization Structure of the University of Zenica Project (UNZE-IP-11): Development of Financial Functions and Financial Consolidation for Integral University Project (UNZE-IP-02): "Master Plan" of the University of Zenica

18 SCIENCE-TECHNOLOGY PARK ZENICA (work in progress) City of Zenica University of Zenica Zenica-Doboj canton Government Regional Development Agency REZ Local Development Agency –ZEDA Other


20 Business Zone : Zenica 1 and Business Incubator

21 CENTER OF WOOD EXCELLENCE With new curricula (FME+FE) Region CBIH: - The most extensive developemtn of SMES in wood processing and furniture production, - Great investment in the region CBIH (e.g. FIS company with 2000 employes,...) - Joint programm with wood and metal processing; - Long industrial tradition (more than 120 years as Krivaja, Sebesic, Vakuf,...)

22 Bussines zone Vitez: PC 96 - 45 factories, workshops, service centres,... - more than 5 000 employess - 15 km from University of Zenica and city of Zenica


24 Higher Education Budget (Bosnia and Herzegovina and WB region) The annual budget for higher education is 113.5 million KM i.e. approximately 1100 KM per student. These funds are not nearly sufficient for the purchase of equipment, the publishing of papers in scientific journals, the expansion of library resources, participation in international exchange or carrying out of reforms.



27 Central Bosnia region (Zenica-Doboj canton and Central Bosnia Canton)

28 Thank You for kind attention

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