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Benefits of the Origo PhaseID System. Double click on the speaker icons to hear audio.

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1 Benefits of the Origo PhaseID System. Double click on the speaker icons to hear audio.

2 Origo PhaseID System The PhaseID System now makes it possible to quickly and easily determine energized phase attributes anywhere in your system. Use it on primary, secondary, overhead, underground, livefront, deadfront, transformers, switching cabinets, substations, and standard 120-volt receptacles.

3 How it Works The basic concept of the PhaseID System is very simple. GPS timing signals are used to obtain snapshot phase measurements at an unknown field location and at a known reference location at the same instant of time. When these two measurements are compared, the phase attribute at the unknown field location can be determined.

4 Why it is Needed Simply put, complete system phase knowledge is required to operate a smooth, balanced, efficient, well maintained utility. For example, phase knowledge allows distribution load balance to be obtained and maintained as new customers are added.

5 Benefits of Phase Identification Geographical Information Systems (GIS) These systems are only as good as the data they contain. When GIS phase attribute data is incorrect, the usefulness of these important data bases are greatly diminished. A phase identification system allows you to easily and accurately correct your phase maps. Reduce Outage Management Errors An accurate outage management data base allows a utility to instantly determine which feeder has tripped based on customer outage calls. However, if the phase attribute data associated with individual customers is wrong, time is wasted directing a troubleman to the wrong fuse or breaker. A phase identification system allows you to correct these data base errors. Load Imbalance As new customers are added, or due to seasonal load changes, feeder loads may have to be re-balanced by switching loads from one phase to another. If the phase load being switched is connected to one that is not accurately known, phase balancing becomes a time consuming and frustrating process. Instead of moving load from C to A, you might be really moving load from B to C, which makes the problem worse instead of better. With a phase identification system, cables can be accurately tagged. Wasted Crew Time Hours are wasted daily with entire crews waiting while attempting to identify phasing. The current practice of driving a line to determine phase is no longer necessary. A phase identification system can accurately determine phase anywhere in a matter of minutes. Neutral Current This is an area utilities have not spent much attention to because, prior to the availability of phase identification systems, there was no cost effective way to address it. Neutral current is caused by unbalanced phase currents and results in wasted energy. Although not possible to totally eliminate neutral currents, reducing them by using a phase identification tool to balance feeder currents throughout your system can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in wasted energy costs.

6 Neutral Current Loss

7 Origo PhaseID System No cell phones No work delays due to lack of cellular coverage Use on any voltage Very portable (only 3 lbs) Lowest cost solution available

8 Phase Measurement Comparisons The reference phase base station can be connected to any convenient wall socket of any phase. Each GPS second, the wall socket phase is measured and stored in a PC file. When touched to any energized line, the field probe measures the unknown phase at the next GPS second and encodes it into a 9-digit sequence. Base and field measurements can be compared at any convenient time and manner by simply entering the 9-digit sequence into the PC.

9 Available in Handheld or Lineman

10 Available in Manual or Datalogger Non-Real-Time phase attribute determination. Write down the phase sequences and enter them into the base station later. Call your dispatcher, or any other utility personnel, and give them the 9-digit sequence. They will enter it into their PC and tell you the phase attribute. Real-Time phase attribute determination if Internet access available. Automatically records the phase sequence in a measurement file. Provides GPS location. Accepts user notes. Real-Time Satellite communication link available soon. Manual VersionDatalogger Version

11 Lineman Field Probe Substation Buss12.5KV Bushing

12 Lineman Field Probe Elbow Test PointSecondary Conductor

13 Handheld on Transmission Lines 345KV No extendo stick required. Determine all 3 phases with a single measurement.

14 Handheld on Overhead Lines 69KV12.5KV

15 Handheld in Cabinets 12.5KV Bushing12.5KV test Point

16 Handheld on Single Phase Line

17 Handheld with Netbook PC & Aircard

18 Convert a 20 Minute Extendo Stick Phasing Task on High Overhead Lines into a 20 Second Task using the Handheld 69KV

19 Handheld on Meters

20 Three Phase Horizontal Lines

21 Three Phase Vertical Lines

22 Base Station

23 Base Station Antenna

24 Remote Base Stations

25 Base Station Software

26 Tagging Reference Phase Tagging reference phase is one of the most important concepts of phase identification. Tagging reference phase simply refers to what phase attribute you wish to call each 3-phase conductor. There is no universal Phase A. Phases A, B, and C are simply the phase attributes the utility wishes to tag or assign to each of the 3-phase conductors. Once assigned, all conductors of the same phase are tagged according to this chosen tagging reference phase.

27 Typical Configuration Files

28 Primary and Secondary Connection Phase Attributes

29 Secondary Phase Attribute

30 Field PC Software

31 User Inputs

32 GPS Position

33 Batch Convert All measurement sequences can be converted to phase attribute with a single click. First, copy the base station daily reference file into the field PC data directory. Next, click on the third icon to the right of the measurement sequence window (red-to-green icon). This action converts all measurement sequences to phase attributes and changes all red dots to green dots.

34 PhaseID USA Customers (That we know of) Origo also has customers in Australia, Canada, India, Jamaica, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

35 When you are tasked with collecting thousands of attributes to phase identify your entire utility, no other system available is as fast and convenient as the Origo PhaseID System Bottom Line

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