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Designing a Creative and Effective Workspace Presented by: Kristine Hill.

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1 Designing a Creative and Effective Workspace Presented by: Kristine Hill

2 Before you begin… Be aware of company regulations on decorating Consider how your choice of decorations is conveyed to coworkers Select items that reflect your personal interests but maintain a professional image

3 Ergonomic Essentials You spend at least 8 hours your day in your workspace so make comfort your 1 st priority –Choose a supportive and properly positioned office chair –Consider the physical ease that you can reach your essential technology and tools –Add natural lighting with a desk lamp to your workspace

4 Organizing Your Work-Flow Arrange office furniture in a way that helps to manage the flow of people and paper through your workspace. Consider the dynamics of co-workers –Are you often interrupted? Maybe your chair could face away from the entrance –Do you appear unapproachable? Try positioning your desk so that you face outward

5 Organizing Your Work-Flow Consider the placement of your inbox, your work surface and your filing cabinets Do you have all the references and resources you need close at hand?

6 Get Organized Think about the environment in which you feel most productive –For some people, a clean and uncluttered work space with sufficient room helps them think more clearly and productively –Others feel more energized when they can lay everything out at once Regardless of how you work, cleaning off your desk at the end of each day will help you stay organized, and will give others a positive perception of your work habits

7 Decorating Basics Keep only essential items on your desk Keep documents, pictures, knickknacks, etc. spaced apart enough so that it doesnt appear chaotic Bring aspects of your personality to your workspace –Pick a decorative wall calendar –Photographs and artwork

8 Personalize in a Professional Way Hang pictures & artwork based on your personal interest Keep framed pictures of loved ones or admirable figures on your desk –Avoid photos that may be too personal –Dont hang anything that may be lewd, sexually suggestive or harmful to others cultures or religious views

9 A motivational quote or personal mission statement posted on your bulletin board Include some artwork, perhaps even something special a child has made –Avoid putting up every picture your kids have ever drawn Personalize in a Professional Way

10 Personalized mouse pads, wallpaper and screen savers can dress up your computer A fruit bowl or candy dish not only dresses up your office, but makes you popular with co-workers Personalize in a Professional Way

11 Go Green Plants (or fresh cut flowers) are an attractive desk top accessories that add color while improving your workspace environment and air quality Decorate with plants that are easy to maintain and will survive in low light –Bamboo, aloe, philodendron, pothos Keep plants in beautiful containers, but ones that wont damage office furniture. Remember to water appropriately

12 Accessorize Use new accessories to hold office tools that add color while helping you stay organized Hang announcements, poems, posters or upcoming events that are inspiring and motivating Add a mirror to increase the appearance of space and light

13 Feng Shui? Means "wind-water," two elements that represent the flow and movement of life energy System of aesthetics that applies the laws of both astronomy and geography to help better one's life Uses design environments that are welcoming, comfortable and help people prosper Feng Shui is a culturally-specific and highly complex system that we cant explain here, but some of its basic principles can be helpful

14 Potential Benefits Makes you more conscious of how your environment influences your state of mind Simplification of your workspace may reduce stress Helps you focus on the task at hand Eliminates key sources of distraction

15 Feng Shui Principles for Your Office Make sure you can see the entrance to your office or cubicle from your desk –If you cant change your place, use a mirror to reflect the entrance to allow you to see who is approaching Consider lighting –Use natural light when possible –Add a small lamp with a soft light or full spectrum bulb to your workspace

16 Feng Shui Principles for Your Office Bring living and flowing energy into your workspace –Add odd numbers of plants into your space to stimulate more active, vibrant energy –Use a fountain or picture of water near the entrance of your workspace –Add artwork that inspires you

17 Feng Shui Principles for Your Office Keep the area in front of the desk clear Put symbols of future goals above your eye level Balance light and dark colors, soft and hard surfaces, and smooth and rough textures in decorating choices Keep the electrical cords to your office equipment well hidden

18 Remember Design your office with comfort and well- being in mind Decorate to make your work day more pleasant Always keep it tasteful and professional

19 Thank You!

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