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ClimateMaster 2006 Rep Meeting

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1 ClimateMaster 2006 Rep Meeting
2006 New EarthPure® (HFC-410A) Products Jeff Hammond, Director of Marketing

2 Why EarthPure?

3 Why EarthPure (HFC-410A)? Offers most cost-effective alternative (cost vs. efficiency) Meets U.S. Clean Air Act and Montreal Protocol The 50/50 mix of R32 & R125 has almost no glide (near azeotropic) Next generation of WSHP efficiency levels 2

4 HCFC Cap and Future Production
30 The price of R-22 will rise dramatically as a gap between supply and demand emerges. 25 20 U.S. production, million tons 15 R-22 no longer manufactured. 10 2010 is cut-off date for manufacturing of R-22 equipment. 5 1996 2000 2004 2008 2012 2016 2020 HCFC (R-22) Phase-out in the U.S. Projected U.S. Refrigerant Demand 6

5 The Cost of Future Service
The refrigerant price for automobile service skyrocketed with the phase out of R-12. $700 $600 $600 $500 $500 $400 $300 $275 $200 $200 $160 $110 $100 $80 $95 $0 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 Wholesale Price of R-12 (30 lbs.) Source: EPA 7

6 R-22 Alternatives Considered safe Considered unsafe
R-134A: Refrigerators, automotive R-407C: Popular in Europe – Lower Performance R-410A: North American Choice – High Efficiency Considered unsafe Propane – Efficient but Flammable 8

7 R-407C Pro Near drop in for R-22 Limited redesign required - Lubricant
Con Reduced efficiency of approximately 5 - 7% Suffers from fractionation (blend of R-32, R-125, and R-134a) Leaks can allow only one component to escape More difficult to service - loss of efficiency if charge is imbalanced 10

8 EarthPure (HFC-410A) 50/50 Blend of R-32 and R-125 Pro
Offers improved efficiency over R-22 Does not separate from its blended state (near azeotropic) Non toxic / non flammable Con Higher operating pressures Requires complete product redesign Lubricant, burst strength, compressor displacement, heat exchanger design Higher caliber service practices required 11

9 EarthPure (HFC-410A) Cannot be Used as a Drop-in for R-22
Mixture of HFC-32 & HFC-125 50/50 weight percentage Azeotropic behavior Environmentally friendly ZDP (Zero ozone Depletion Potential) Low Global Warming Potential Safe Low toxicity level (same as R-22) Non-flammable (UL classified) 18

10 R-410A Comparison to R-22 Higher Pressure Lower Discharge Temperature
Leak Detection Some older leak detectors may not work Requires Different Lubricant R-410A is not Miscible with Mineral Oil POE oil is Hygroscopic 19

11 2006 EarthPure® New Products

12 2006 New EarthPure Products
Vertical Stack Console 30 ton Water-to-Water

13 EarthPure Vertical Stack
Tranquility TRM Series Sizes 09, 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36 13.0 EER / 4.5+ COP (WLHP) 14.5 EER for GLHP Extended Range Backwards Compatible with Older Cabinets Mid-Summer Availability

14 What’s New? Nominal tonnage model numbers New size 15
81610 = TRM09 81615 = TRM12 81620 = TRM18 81628 = TRM24 81630 = TRM30 81636 = TRM36 New size 15 Even quieter operation than 816 Extended range (geothermal) New chassis design Higher blower ESP / more CFM choices Lower velocity “G” panel

15 New Chassis Design Flat bottom = more rigidity, less vibration, lower sound levels Double isolation with new “twist” Spring isolated base with compressor mounted on rubber grommets Refrigerant circuit is “floating” on spring mounting Non coated air coil standard E-coated air coil optional Standard size filters More options in the works…

16 Comparison to 816 (WLHP)* *Preliminary numbers for TRM series

17 New Vertical Stack Sales Opportunities
Competitors don’t have 410A vertical stack 1,000s of R-22 Vertical Stack units installed New chassis will fit into old cabinets (even CHP) Upgrade could include new controls and/or blower Building owners can slowly upgrade buildings to environmentally-friendly refrigerant by purchasing spare TRM units TRM is now geothermal capable

18 EarthPure Console Tranquility TRC Series Sizes 06, 09, 12, 15, 18
13.1 – 13.5 EER / 4.2 – 4.5 COP (WLHP) Near 15.0 EER for GLHP Extended Range New Electronic Controls 5” Sub Base allows even quieter operation Mid-Summer Availability

19 What’s New? New unit mounted controls MCO standard ACO optional
Digital display Fault light Two-speed fan Continuous fan or cycle with compressor (unlike CCE)

20 What’s New? 5” subbase ClimateMaster logo on outside of unit
Lower velocity = quieter operation Color changes from Polar Ice to black Optional return air decorative grille ClimateMaster logo on outside of unit Nominal tonnage model numbers New filter rack 1” fiberglass filters

21 Comparison to CCE (WLHP)*
*Preliminary numbers for TRC series

22 New Console Sales Opportunities
Competitors don’t have 410A console unit Highest efficiency console unit on the market (average efficiencies across product line) Backwards compatible (except 018) with CCE cabinets. Building owners can upgrade building over time without changing floors/walls

23 EarthPure 30 ton Wtr-to-Wtr
Model TMW105 Coaxial Heat Exchangers Dual Scroll Compressors Replaces GLW360 Tranquility “Look” Complete by Late Summer

24 What’s New? Top, staggered water connections (GLW is on side)
Allows units to be manifolded together, side by side All service from the front Control panel Compressors TXVs, RVs, filter driers Double isolated compressors / heat exchangers

25 What’s New? New “W” shaped coaxial heat exchangers (GLW has plate frame) Black cabinet with stainless steel front access panels Manufactured in U.S. New model nomenclature (105 kW = 30 tons heating capacity) More sizes in the works…

26 New Water-to-Water Sales Opportunities
Cabinet layout allows multiple units in small footprint (no side access needed) Smaller cabinet than competitors Double isolated compressors make TMW quieter than competitors

27 Future EarthPure Products
Smaller capacity horz/vert packaged units Large tonnage (GL replacement) Rooftop (RE replacement) Lower cost horz/vert packaged units (GC and/or GR replacements) Water-to-water units (GSW replacement) 2010 is not far away!

28 Questions?

29 Product Direction Survey

30 Product Development Priorities
Please rank in order of importance ___ Small (006 – 012) packaged horz/vert R-410A units ___ Large tonnage (GL replacement) R-410A units ___ Larger (>30 ton) water-to-water units ___ Smaller (1.5 to 5 ton) water-to-water units ___ Medium size (7.5 to 25 ton) water-to-water units ___ ClimaDry reheat for vertical stack units ___ ECM fan option for vertical stack units ___ R-410A rooftop unit ___ ClimaDry reheat for rooftop units ___ Fresh air option for vertical stack “G” panel ___ Other: _________________________________________

31 Existing Product Improvements
Please rank in order of importance Vertical Stack (816) ___ Improvement #1: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #2: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #3: ___________________________________ Console (CCE) Genesis GC Series

32 Existing Product Improvements
Genesis GR Series ___ Improvement #1: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #2: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #3: ___________________________________ Genesis GL Series Rooftop (RE)

33 Existing Product Improvements
Tranquility 20 (TS) Series ___ Improvement #1: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #2: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #3: ___________________________________ Tranquility 27 (TT) Series Water-to-Water (GSW)

34 Existing Product Improvements
Water-to-Water (GLW) ___ Improvement #1: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #2: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #3: ___________________________________ Controls (CXM, DXM, DDC) Accessories

35 Existing Product Improvements
Other ___ Improvement #1: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #2: ___________________________________ ___ Improvement #3: ___________________________________

36 Product Support Priorities
Please rank in order of importance ___ Electronic submittals ___ “Lunch & learn” training modules ___ DWG (AutoCAD) drawings ___ Application (“white papers”) on various WSHP design aspects (e.g. pump sizing) ___ Application support (contact person(s) within ClimateMaster) ___ Other: _________________________________________

37 Product Literature Please rank in order of importance
___ Item #1: _____________________________ ___ Item #2: _____________________________ ___ Item #3: _____________________________

38 Other Improvements Please rank in order of importance
___ Item #1: _____________________________ ___ Item #2: _____________________________ ___ Item #3: _____________________________ ___ Item #4: _____________________________

39 Comments Please add additional comments to this section, which will help ClimateMaster develop products and sales tools that assist reps in selling ClimateMaster equipment. When complete, please pass survey sheets to your left for collection.

40 Thank You!

41 ClimateMaster 2006 Rep Meeting
2006 New EarthPure® (HFC-410A) Products Jeff Hammond, Director of Marketing

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