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Appliances for Your Dream Kitchen Adapted by Dr. Vivian G. Baglien.

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2 Appliances for Your Dream Kitchen Adapted by Dr. Vivian G. Baglien

3 Select equipment to fit the design or period of a kitchen.

4 Appliance Considerations Price. Energy costs. Features. Size. Safety. Quality. Warranty.

5 Appliance Considerations Environmental issues. –Water use. –Energy efficiency. –Disposal of equipment. –Coolants. –Cost –Where installed –Gas or Electric

6 Water Heaters Water heaters use more energy than any other household appliance. Gas or electric. Energy efficiency. Capacity - at least 50 gallon for a household of four. Quick recovery. Can be leased from gas company

7 Refrigerators The second biggest user of energy after water heaters. Side-by-side style lasts 14 years on average. Self-defrosting. Top or bottom freezer, side-by-side. Some are all refrigerator compartment. Costs $700-4000

8 Freezers 17 year and longer life. Frost free Can have ice makers Costs $200- 2000.

9 Freestanding Range Includes a cooktop and oven Size: 20-40 inches wide (30 inches most common) Comes in gas and electric power sources Least expensive and most popular styles. Costs- $500- 2000

10 Slide-In Range Includes a cooktop and oven Generally has a storage drawer at bottom Provides a more custom look. Designed to fit 30 inch openings between cabinets. Eliminates the back console. Meets the countertop

11 Drop-In Range Includes cook-top and oven Rests atop cabinetry, so no storage drawer. Otherwise similar to the slide-in range. Often has a pull out drawer beneath that is part of cabinets. Costs $1500- 3000

12 Ranges Gas. –More expensive to purchase. –Quick response. –Is gas available? –Safety issues. –Buy best you can afford. –Excellent cooking control. –Costs $ 1000- 4000

13 Cooktop Convenient for any kitchen design –Can be installed in island or countertop Available in all heat sources. Size: 20 to 42 inches From 2 to 6 burners or cooking elements Cooking modules available –Allows you to interchange burners or accessories. Costs-$800- 1500+

14 MICROWAVE OVENS- many styles and prices Consider easy of cleaning. Rotating tray easy to clean and cooks evenly.

15 Dishwashers Typically lasts 13 years. Noise level and insulation. Number of circulating cleaning arms. Variety of cycles. Energy used in heating water and drying.

16 Washers and Dryers Capacity. Cycles. Quality. Warranty. Size Cost- $1200 + stackable, Side by Side 500- $1200+ per unit. Space needed to install Last 11-14 years or more

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