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1 Collage and Assemblage e/swing.html

2 A brief history... Collage French word coller = glue. It refers to an assemblage of mixed media used on a two dimensional surface applied with glue. Materials may include: drawing pencils, paint, textiles, newspaper, scrap papers, photographs … even found objects.

3 200 BC China: Calligraphers integrated poetry/text + image Medieval Europe: gold leafing integrated within iconic imagery in Gothic Cathedrals In the 19th century, collaging became a hobby, a precursor for scrapbooking **Art Historians consider collages birth coming out of Modernism in the early 20th century**

4 2-Dimensional Collages…

5 Modern Artists: Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque Fruitdish and Glass, 1912, papier collé and charcoal on paper Compotier avec fruits, violon et verre

6 Pittsburgh Memory 1964 Profile/Part I, The Twenties: Pittsburgh Memories, Farewell Eugene, 1978 collage of various papers with paint, ink, graphite, and bleached areas on fiberboard Photomontage: Romare Bearden

7 Entfaltung 2008 Oil on canvas 118.11 x 98.43 inches, 300 x 250 cm Collage Paintings: Neo Rauch Pfad 2003

8 3-Dimensional Collages…

9 READY MADE / Found OBJECT art An artwork made from everyday objects or manufactured goods, which have been appropriated and used for an alternative purposeart. The ready-made opened the door for ASSEMBLAGE (3D Collage) Materials: Anything goes! Shoelaces, tree branches, tables, taxidermy animals ….even toilets! Marcel Duchamp Fountain 1917

10 Ready-Made / Assemblage Timeline Picasso: non-traditional media,1900s Duchamp: Ready-Made/Found Object: 1917 Joseph Cornell: Cabinets 1940s First use of the word Assemblage : Jean Dubuffets butterflies, 1950s Louise Nevelsons scrap wood, 1950s – 80s Bicycle Wheel

11 Jean Dubuffet Butterfly 1953

12 2D into 3D: Collage transforms into Assemblage: even more mixed media…

13 Robert Rauschenberg Canyon, 1959, Assemblage: oil, housepaint, pencil, paper, fabric, metal, buttons, nails, cardboard, printed paper, photographs, wood, paint tubes, mirror string, pillow & bald eagle on canvas, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. Retroactive I, 1963

14 Robert Rauschenberg

15 Bed. 1955

16 Hotel Eden, 1945 Cabinets of Curiosity, Memory Boxes (3-dimensional souvenir/keepsakes) Joseph Cornell Untitled (Paul & Virginia) 1946 - 1948

17 Louise Nevelson, Sky Cathedral, 1982 "When you put together things that other people have thrown out, youre really bringing them to life – a spiritual life that surpasses the life for which they were originally created. Louise Nevelson

18 Vik Muniz Vik Muniz, Narcissus, after Caravaggio, from "Pictures of Junk", 2006

19 Spiritual Assemblages: Hindu Shrines, Catholic Shrines, Bicycle Shrines

20 Sept 9-Oct. 14, 2006 Jessica Stockholder Wicker chair, plastic tub, light fixture with bulb, synthetic polymer, oil paint, plastic, fabric, concrete, resin, wood, wheels, acrylic yarn, glass and cookie in resin, 71 1/2 x 63 x 50 inches, 1995

21 "Lights plug into the wall and call attention to the electrical wires that are in the wall. Its static to look at these light bulbs. They dont do anything. Its a static, still image that the lights present. But it is an event because electricity moves, and the electricity is active in the wall. So, conceptually, I like it that the stillness of the work is disrupted." - Jessica Stockholder "Kissing the Wall #2 1988 Slide projector screen, newspaper, plaster, oil and acrylic paint, fluorescent tube with purple sleeve, wallpaper, 51 inches high

22 Jessica Stockholder PBS interview on Art 21 series: Vik Muniz TED talk: rt_with_wire_sugar.html

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