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2030 Smart Boards Coffs Harbour 2030 Coffs Harbour City Council.

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1 2030 Smart Boards Coffs Harbour 2030 Coffs Harbour City Council

2 2030 Smart Boards Design/Tender discussions with Andrew Sales & Andrew Gray 6+ years of getting the design right by finally closing the loop! IPWEA Award Winning We operate and maintain Design Feedback

3 Introduction Product range – Series 1 – Series 2 (Type1, Type2, Type3) The flawed process – The tender process An effective design – Product design The benefits – Capital cost savings – Operating cost/time savings

4 Product Range (Pump Stations) Series 1 (Generation 3) – 1kw to 15kw High quality 316 S.S Cabinets Integrated soft starters Half I/O Enet Integrated stand Rear mounted CE Generator changeover Compact Design Antenna mounting

5 Product Range (Pump Stations) Series 2 Type 1 (Generation 3) – 15 to 22kw (45kw Single pump run) High quality 316 S.S Cabinets All in one design VSD design Integrated CE board Externally Cooled

6 Series 2 (Type 2) (Generation 3) – 22KW to 75KW High quality 316 S.S Cabinets High quality CB chassis VSD design Separate CT metering Up to 630 Amps Externally Cooled Product Range (Pump Stations)

7 Series 2 Type 3 (Generation 3) – 90KW to 160KW High quality 316 S.S Cabinets High quality MCCB Chassis VSD design Separate CT metering Up to 630 Amps Product Range (Pump Stations)

8 Civil Spec Elect Spec Elect Contractor 20% mark up Pay 87% more The Flawed Process Low Qty price 20% more Design Tender Tender Review Tender Award Tender Civil Contractor Generation 0 switchboard One off design 30% mark up

9 Project Goals Relationship to other projects Ultimate goal of project High-level timing goals EFFECTIVE DESIGN SAVES $ Multi Alarming System Anti Vandalism System Compliance Future Proofing Lightning Protection System Standard Systems Backup Power Systems Vermin Control System Cooling Control System

10 Vermin Control System 2 stage system Stage 1 – Vents are Termimesh Stainless Steel 316 Mesh Ant Proof Will not rust Easily cleaned Stage 2 – Entry & Exits are cable glands only – Conduit sealing systems in cable zone Keeping vermin out = Longer life Vermin Control System

11 Cooling Control System Low maintenance cooling systems Series 1 – Ceramic fans (No bearings) – Very Long Fan life – Thermostatic controlled (Constant Temperature) – Low power consumption so run on batteries – Cooling calcs have been carried out Series 2 – Entry & Exits are cable glands only – Rear external venting of VSD – No heat in the box all external – Thermostatic controlled fan internal & external – Cooling calcs have been carried out – Also have requirement for heating if required in cold environments Constant cooler temperature = Longer life Cooling Control System

12 Multi Alarming System Local alarming have provided a strobe with a near vandal proof cover which we have developed in house Local relay based control system for backup critical well and simple control system Log Faults last 5-10 faults locally Multi Alarming System

13 Anti Vandalism System Robust locking systems – 316 handle that takes standard padlocks – 3 point locking system for door Provide specialised light cover design – Vandal proof light cover Solid 316 stainless steel construction Since we use standard boxes easy to replace if it gets smashed or damaged. Anti Vandalism System

14 Backup Power Systems Backup Generator Sockets 4 Pole change over switches – Designed are per regulations – DS3 & DS9 Marechal inlets and lockable covers – Lockable Gen-set inlet covers Backup Batteries system – 12 /24 Volt battery backup – Batteries correctly charged and discharged and floated correctly Good battery management = Longer battery life Backup Power Systems

15 System Compliance AS/NZS 3000:2007 – Thermistor protection – Full load isolation switches – 4 pole Gen-set changeover switch – Interlocking Door Panels – Earth leakage detection G.P.Os Local service and installation rules OH&S (Work cover safe working) – Isolatable switch board – Viewing Windows – Easy to operate – Standard procedures – Standard training – Standard manuals System Compliance

16 Future Proofing MAS 711 support for ITT Flygt pumps over 70kw capacity ITT Flygt support for the MiniCas II relays Handheld plug in laptop with full mimics etc Product improvement working constantly with vendors to improve the product. When you have a standard, vendors are more likely to take feedback Main Vendors – B & R Cabinets – Serck Controls – Schneider Electrics Future Proofing

17 Lightning Protection System 3 Level system Stage 1 – 3 Phase primary parallel lightning protection Protect VSDs etc Stage 2 – 1 Phase mains to control system Control system protection Radio Telemetry controller Other control devices Stage 3 – All 4 – 20mA inputs protected – All Digital I/O via a relay – Plus radio lightning protection Effective lightning protection = Longer life Lightning Protection System

18 Standard Systems Standard Parts we have standardise on a set of parts for ease of sparing Standard Drawings provide comprehensive easy to read drawings Standard Boxes we use standard B&R so easy to modify and get quantity quickly also to carry out upgrades Standard Testing is carried out on all units using a automated SCX test system Standard Operating procedures Standard Manuals improve the quality of manuals Standard Training Standard systems = Save Money Standard Systems

19 Generation Issues Resolved DC breakers (No fuses) Front panel switch and alignment integration Correct battery charging Labels (all screwed on) Phase failure relay All in one motor control (thermal/magnetic/contactor) etc

20 Capital Costs – Electrical pump station costs decreased – No tender or tender specification required – No electrical design required any more for tender – Much lower install costs – Able to sell to developers with profit – You get what you want – Generation 3 board provided not a Generation 0 The Benefits EFFECTIVE DESIGN SAVES $

21 The Benefits Operating Costs/Time – Increased life = Decreased whole of life costs – Reduced visit to pump stations – Reduced overflows (EPA fines) – Lighting Protection = Overflow reduction – Spares & time to repair, quicker response times – More knowledge of each site for operators – Training and documentation is much better EFFECTIVE DESIGN SAVES $

22 Award winning switchboards (IPWEA) We have built our systems on whole of life costs (Operating efficiencies) not built for a price. Tender= Built for a price We have already done the hard work of tendering and vendor selection. The best product for the best price. Full range covered (1.1kw to 160kw) VSD (1.1kw to 15kw) DOL / Soft starter Available of the shelf (3-6 weeks delivery) Longer Life Local Government ACT 1993 (Part 3) Clause 55 What are the requirements for tendering? (3) This section does not apply to the following contracts: a contract entered into by a council with another council We now have Generation 3 boards not Generation 0 Our Unique Position

23 Questions ? Thank You

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