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2 Furniture is the mass or the movable objects which may: support the human body (seating furniture and beds) provide storage hold objects on horizontal surfaces above the ground.

3 Furniture can be a product of artistic design and is considered a form of decorative art. In addition to furniture's functional role, it can serve a symbolic or religious purpose. Domestic furniture works to create, in conjunction with furnishings such as clocks and lighting, comfortable and convenient interior spaces. Furniture can be made using a variety of woodworking joints which often reflect the local culture.

4 Classification Storage * Armoire * Bookcase * Cabinet * Chest * China cabinet * Credenza * Cupboard * Curio * Dresser * Filing cabinet * Coat Stands * Hatstand * Knoll sofa * Sideboard * Wardrobe * Storagewall Seating * Bean bag * Bench (furniture) * Chair * Couch * Fauteuil * Footstool * Ottoman * Recliner * Settee * Sofa * Stool * Tuffet * Watchman's chair Surfaces * Coffee table * Desk * End table * Folding table * Gateleg table * Table Spaces * Bedroom set * Living * Dining set * Bathroom Furniture * Study Furniture


6 LIVING ROOM Chairs o Canopy Chairs o Club Chair o Easy Chair o Folding Chair o Home Theater Chair o Recliner Chair o Rocking Chair Sofas Tables Beds Cabinets Stools Racks

7 Bathroom Furniture Laundry Hampers hampers are convenient and can be easily stored in a corner organizes and saves space Bathroom Racks and Cabinets Bathroom racks, cabinets and storage solutions Bring out the best in your bathroom by adding our organizational products that have great style

8 Towel Racks come in a variety of styles and finishes Gives bathroom a welcoming feeling Bathroom Vanity Furniture Bathroom vanity sets in every style and finish to suit needs and style Comes very expensive

9 Bathroom Shelving Organizes Gives storage space to utilities Bathroom Spacesavers Is a new trend in bathroom furnitures Bathroom space savers frame over your toilet and provide additional storage and shelving

10 Bathroom Vanity Sinks Bathroom sink vanities are here in an amazing variety of styles and materials Shower Enclosures All of these shower enclosures are made of tempered safety glass combined with anodized aluminum profiles available in a variety of sizes, shapes and finishes these shower enclosures are designed for installation against finished acrylic or tiled walls

11 Bedroom Furniture Drawer Cum Box Bed (Single) Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 106 Height: 86 Depth: 228 Drawer Cum Box Bed (Double) Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 165 Height: 82 Depth: 211

12 Bedside Table Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 55 Height: 52 Depth: 39 Two Door Wardrobe Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 95 Height: 203 Depth: 61

13 3 door 2 drawer wardrobe Dimensions (in cms) : Width: 150 Height: 203 Depth: 60 Mirror (Stool and side table) Dimensions (in cms) : Width: 55 Height: 183 Depth: 44

14 Overhead storage for bed 150 x 200 Dimensions (in cms) : Width: 170 Height: 203 Depth: 43

15 Children Bed with Drawer LGB Dimensions (in cms) : Width: 200 Height: 110 Depth: 90 Wooden Bunk Bed DCB Dimensions (in cms) : Width: 191 Height: 119 Depth: 90

16 Kitchen Furniture

17 Dinette sets Materials: Wood, Metal,Glass, Woven

18 Kitchen Cabinets contemporary maple Oak premium walnut

19 Carts Style: contemporary and transitional Type: wood metal, wood veneer Contemporary wood type Transitional wood/veneertype

20 Comparison Living Room Furniture Bedroom Furniture Bathroom Furniture Kitchen Furniture Specific General parameters needs to be considered as this place is accessed by people of dimensions and background Highly Customized – For example in case of childrens room all utilities need to be within reach of child Customized General – but here the background of the user needs to be known in order to make space compatible to cooking style Water Proof Material Low importance Highly important Fire Proof Material Low importance Very low importance Highly Important


22 Study & Work place Furniture Study desk with flap Dimensions in cm- Width: 90 Height: 120 Depth: 39 Study desk without flap

23 Work Desk it makes a great statement about working style Computer Table Keyboard Monitor Printer CPU Mouse Shelves for files Space to keep stationary

24 Workstation Chairs (often referred as Elan chairs) High Back Chair Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 59 Height: 111 Depth: 48 Workstation Chair without Arms Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 56 Height: 103 Depth: 46 Computer Chair(Large Back) with Arms Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 48 Height: Depth: 46

25 Low Back Chair Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 59 Height: 95 Depth: 48 Workstation Chair with Arms Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 56 Height: 103 Depth: 46 Computer Chair(Large Back) without Arms Dimensions (in cms)* : Width: 44 Height: Depth: 42



28 ERGONOMICS Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with designing according to human needs, and the profession that applies theory, principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well- being and overall system performance.

29 CLASSROOM ERGONOMICS Study conducted on reading postures Children typically find it far more comfortable to tilt forward on the front legs of their chairs.

30 It was found that better posture could be achieved using furniture that was 15 to 20 cm higher, with seats and desktops that sloped towards one another.

31 OFFICE ERGONOMICS Incorrect posture can cause Back pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


33 INDIAN FURNITURES TYPES Maharani Gujarati Orissa Tuscany Coco Jehan Loha Mughal

34 Cane wood furniture

35 Rajasthani furniture In some parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat colourful painting of furniture is quite common.

36 Kashmir furniture The woods used for ornamental work in India are walnut, which provides the base for the fine workmanship of Kashmir

37 Gujrati furniture

38 Mughal furniture Mughal Furniture workmanship, and design of contemporary wood carving.

39 Maharani furnitures Synthetic furnitures within wooden textures.

40 Orissa furnitures Made of local timbers like teak, rosewood

41 Tuscany furniture Tuscan furniture is typically made from ornamental wood and hand-worked wrought iron in designs that range from simple to complex. Its rich materials and polished finishes will add a touch of class to any establishment.

42 Coco furnitures Made up of all synthetic materials steel, glass, fibres, plastic


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