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Variante Kitchen Variante Kitchen provides its users with a kitchen solution that is beatiful, versatile, and takes into account the individualistic needs.

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1 Variante Kitchen Variante Kitchen provides its users with a kitchen solution that is beatiful, versatile, and takes into account the individualistic needs of the user, as well as the changing needs of the future. Variante Ltd Tekniikantie 12, FIN Espoo, Finland

2 Variante Kitchen Design for All Environmental awareness Life cycle characteristicsAdvantages from societys point of view Savings in institutional care. The price of Variante Kitchen is equal to only a few months cost of institutional care. Extremely fast growing share of all public sector expenses must be used to support the ageing people. The need for climbing in the kitchen is eliminated: Accidents caused by falling down when climbing with a chair, especially elderly, causes very high costs yearly for the society. The moderate extra costs of the life cycle characteristics of the kitchen will turn into savings in longer term. Because the kitchen is able to adapt to all changing conditions there is no need for renovation or for ecologically and economic- ally wasteful acquiring of a new kitchen in the future. For exsample there will be more flexibility and savings in seniorhousing because physical abilities of the new inhabitant has no impact. The reliable technical and structural solutions and recyclable high quality materials quarantee the long working life of the kitchen. Variante Kitchen is suitable for any user groups, such as users of various age and stature and having varying capability on moving. For a single user or for joint use. The kitchen allows for the user s individual needs, both current and future. It serves its users in any life situation. The easy and safe everyday use allows anybody to work independently which also increases the activeness of disabled and elderly people. The universal Variante Kitchen does not categorise its users to any specific usergroup. The kitchen with life cycle characteristics Variante Ltd Tekniikantie 12, FIN Espoo, Finland Quality for life

3 Adjustment of dimensions Variante Ltd Tekniikantie 12, FIN Espoo, Finland The ergonomic Variante Kitchen adapts according to its user. For example, physically challenged persons do not need to invest into a handicapped kitchen, and elderly persons can forget about senior kitchens. Variante Kitchen provides relief especially for the elderly, seniors can live independently in their own homes for longer. Users can easily set all the surfaces to match their height and thus make life in the kitchen easier. Also a family with children can make baking sessions more fun, as the kids have access to the lowered kitchen surfaces. Applications with electric automation Intended for user-specific adjustment during everyday use or in jointly used kitchens. The adjustments are ensured by control and safety techniques that meet international safety requirements. Electric shift mechanisms can be added later. The height adjustment happens electrically by a push of a button on the front panel. Horizontal adjustments can easily be per-formed manually or electrically. Occasionally adjusted applications Suitable for kitchens that do not require daily adjustment, such as for one person to work with. The vertical adjustment of the kitchen furniture is locked into the selected height of the worktop. The dimensioning can be readily readjusted. The remarkable advantage is that Variante Kitchen also with its simpliest solution is able to serve disabled users, electricity is needed only for the kitchen machines and appliances and lighting. The support framework The patented support framework which stands freely on the floor enables the stepless 3- dimensional user specific settings of the kitchen. The adjustability of Variante Kitchen is based on both vertical settings and horizontal settings: The worktop and the upper and lower cabinets move simultaneously in vertical direction, which is completed with horizontal settings of the upper and lower cabinets. Variante Kitchen is a patented product that has been developed and manufactured in Finland.

4 Interactive features Touchscreens and displays create a home information and entertainment center. The user-friendly userinterface opens a win- dow outside the home for the disabled and seniors living alone. Glass surface between the worktop and upper cabinets: - On/Off symbols and attention lights of the kitchen appliances. - Timed and color adjustable lighting surface Technical intelligence Innovative technical and structural solutions of the kitchen represent the latest know-how. The patented support framework enables the stepless 3-dimensional adjustability of the kitchen. Control and safety techniques of the adjust- ments and the function of kitchen machines and appliances. The new type of lighting contribute essentially to working safety. Variante Kitchen is a natural part of accessible and smart housing technology. Physical intelligence 3-dimensinal user specifig settings / dynamic ergonomy The adjustability and modifiability of the kitchen is brought into everyones reach. The user will always be allowed the optimal work-ing position. Work in the kitchen can be done sitting or standing. All the cabinets are easily reachable. Operating safety. Kitchen machines and appliances and the associated pull-out shelves are always ergonomically and safely placed. Smart interactive Variante Kitchen Variante Ltd Tekniikantie 12, FIN Espoo, Finland

5 Individual kitchen units Elegant and high quality Variante Kitchen concept provides entirely new dimensions for kitchen design. It is suitable for stylish country house kitchens or say, ultramodern open-plan kitchens. The freely chosen cabinet frame, door and worktop materials and the kitchen machines and appliances offer kitchen units composed entirely according to the clients personal taste and their special requirements in each case. Imagination is the only limit

6 Variante Ltd Tekniikantie 12, FIN Espoo, Finland New–generation kitchens Design for All Life cycle characteristics Ergonomy and accessibility Safety of use Adjustment of dimensions Intelligent features The user decides how to work not the kitchen furniture. Ergonomics and accessibility Investing in life

7 Variante Ltd Tekniikantie 12, FIN Espoo, Finland Adjustable furniture for household, arts and crafts Movable screen divides kitchen and livingroom spaces

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