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ADMIN SERVICES Outcome 3 Describe tasks carried out by an admin assistant and roles and activities of functional departments.

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1 ADMIN SERVICES Outcome 3 Describe tasks carried out by an admin assistant and roles and activities of functional departments

2 You have to know about … The tasks carried out by a junior admin assistant

3 Admin assistant tasks … Incoming and outgoing mail Filing Reprographics Reception Petty cash

4 MAIL HANDLING Internal Mail – communication between people within an organisation External Mail – communication sent outwith an organisation or received from outwith the organisation

5 Incoming Mail (mail arriving) Check for Private or Confidential mail – do not open Open envelopes Date stamp letter Copy any mail to be seen by more than one person Check for enclosures. If missing, report to supervisor Payments received should be noted in remittance book Mail should be sorted by department and distributed

6 Scanning Mail Some organisations scan all their incoming mail so they have an electronic record and can deal with the mail electronically. (your passport application form is scanned when received by the Passport Office and thereafter dealt with electronically)

7 EQUIPMENT USED FOR INCOMING MAIL Fax Scanner Pigeon holes for distributing mail Photocopier Date Stamp Letter Opener

8 Outgoing Mail (mail to be sent) Collect mail from departments Check letter is signed and enclosures are there Fold letter and place letter in envelope Weigh and calculate postage. Stamp or frank mail Sort mail into different classes, eg first, second, parcels etc Take to Post Office

9 EQUIPMENT FOR OUTGOING MAIL Date Stamp Scales Sorting Trays Fax Mail Trolleys Folding and Inserting machine Franking Machine

10 FILING – WHY? Information must be: –Kept tidy –Able to be found easily and quickly when needed –Kept safe –Stored in an accessible place

11 INFORMATION CAN BE STORED In a manual, paper based form (hard copy) In electronic format – on the computer (soft copy)

12 MANUAL STORAGE OF INFORMATION Vertical filing cabinets Horizontal filing cabinets Filing trays Lever Arch files

13 A PROCEDURE FOR MANUAL FILING File regularly throughout the day Before filing, check for a release mark: –F for file –Tick –Initials –File stamp –Line through Staple papers to be kept together Sort documents in order Place in correct file in chronological order Replace removed documents with an absent marker Lock cabinets containing confidential documents Old documents should archived to free up space

14 FILING ORDER Alphabetical OrderNumerical Order Folders in order of surnameCustomers etc allocated a number Direct – no index neededAlphabetic index required Easy to understand and useMay require some training to understand Chronological order – date or time order: Place documents in file most recent at the top – it is the most likely to be needed!

15 ELECTRONIC STORAGE OF INFORMATION Memory Stick Floppy Disc CD Rom Zip disc Hard Disc DVD

16 EXAMPLES OF DATABASES (electronic filing) I can look up your information on our database – what is your account number please? My name is Mr Bain and I can look up my student details on Click and Go – our student database I have all my patient details on a database – this allows me to print prescriptions I see from out database that you are allergic to penicillin!

17 MANUAL VERSUS ELECTRONIC ElectronicManual Saves space – no need for cabinetsLittle training required Documents can be accessed by many usersPeople prefer to read paper Databases can be searched and sorted very quickly Lost documents cannot be replaced Documents located quicker than going to filing cabinets Takes time to locate documents Records can be added, deleted and edited much more quickly than on paper Confidential – use of log-in and passwords Back-ups easily made Takes time to train staff to use system Faults can lead to delays in finding info

18 REPROGRAPHICS Reprographics refers to producing copies of documents and making them look good by using different equipment –Photocopier –Laminator –Binder –Scanner –Printers – laser and inkjet

19 Photocopier Provides exact copy quickly Paper, card, A3, A4, A5, OHP slides Back to back Multi-page collated documents Enlarges/reduces Some in colour Can be linked to computer Staple ID codes for security Used for Staff handbooks, Price lists, Policy documents, posters

20 Laminator Uses heat to seal documents inside a plastic coating Document is protected from wear and tear Documents are easily wiped clean Used for plastic covers for booklets, posters/notices, ID passes, menus

21 Binder Holds pages of a booklet together Looks professional Comb binder punches holes then plastic comb fits into the holes to hold pages together Thermal binder uses heat to fasten an adhesive spine to hold the pages together Comb binder Thermal binder Used for Staff handbook, Reports, Instruction booklets, Organisational policies

22 Scanner A document/graphic is placed into the scanner which then transfers an exact copy to a linked computer Image can be inserted into documents or edited Allows incoming documents to be saved on computer eg application forms Allows incoming mail to be put on intranet Used for Catalogues, Handbooks, Intranet, Incoming mail

23 Inkjet Printer Text and graphics can be printed Prints on different sizes of paper, labels, card etc Prints colour Inexpensive to buy Used for small runs, posters

24 Laser Printer Text and graphics can be printed Different sizes paper, card, labels Prints colour Very fast High quality printouts Expensive to buy Used for long runs (many copies) personalised letters (eg mail merge, high quality documents

25 RECEPTION The reception area will give a customer or visitor their first impression of the organisation. A good first impression can increase the success of the organisation.

26 Duties and Qualities of a Receptionist Duties Greeting visitors Making appointments Directing visitors Keeping reception area tidy and presentable Keeping reception records up to date Qualities Friendly and helpful Calm and patient Well presented – neat and tidy appearance Knowledge about the organisation

27 Dealing with Visitors No appointment If they have appointment 4.Try to contact person visitor wants 4.Check in appointment book 7.Visitor to sign Visitor Book 9.Direct or accompany visitor - Suggest visitor makes appointment 8.Ask visitor to take a seat; offer refreshments - Ask if someone else will do or 7.Phone person to inform them 6.If not available 6.Ask visitor to complete Visitor Book 5.If available, follow 4-9 over 5.Issue visitors badge 1.Greet the visitor 2.Ask their name and who they wish to see 3.Ask if they have an appointment Good morning, can I help you?

28 Appointment Book TimeNameCompanyAppointment with 9.00J LivingstonFabby FoodP Smith

29 Electronic Diary – Alternative Visitors Book Allows appointments to be entered and saved to computer already on desk Alterations can be made more quickly and neatly than on paper Allows a to-do list to be kept Stores names, addresses etc Regular appointments only entered once Reminders can be set

30 Visitors Book DateNameName of Org To see Time In Time Left Vehicle Reg 2/3Miss SmithAB LtdMr Jones3.40 pm

31 Organisation Chart Managing Director Sales Director Sales Manager Marketing Manager Finance Director Accountant Personnel Director Recruitment Manager Purchases Director Purchases Manager This chart may appear on the wall of the Reception area. It shows who is in charge of who and gives a visitor an idea of who they need to speak to. Can also be useful for new members of staff.

32 Other Information On An Organisation Chart Employee Names Job Titles Room Numbers Groupings Photographs Tel Numbers

33 PETTY CASH Petty cash is a small amount of money to cover the cost of stationery, stamps and any other small expenses.

34 Procedure for using Petty Cash Cash is requested using a Petty Cash Voucher Receipts must be obtained for expenditure A Petty Cash Statement is prepared regularly, eg weekly, to account for all cash used and all expenditure must be accounted for

35 Petty Cash Statement All petty cash spend should be recorded on the Petty Cash Statement so that the cash box can be checked

36 To sum up, you should know … The tasks carried out by the junior admin assistant –Incoming and outgoing mail –Filing –Reprographics –Reception –Petty cash

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