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The Why We Are Different Story. The Company Winston Industries Founded in 1969/ Engineered and Designed first commercial pressure fryer for Colonel Sanders.

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1 The Why We Are Different Story

2 The Company Winston Industries Founded in 1969/ Engineered and Designed first commercial pressure fryer for Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken. More Winston pressure fryers worldwide than any other manufacturer in the world. $20 to $25 Million/Louisville Headquarters Asia Sales Office/Worldwide Distribution Account Execs/Mfg. Reps/Dists/Dealers FCSI/NAFEM/FEDA/MAFSI/CEFESA

3 The Founder Winston Shelton Research And Development Engineer Over 42 Patents obtained including the Collectramatic Fryer and CVap (Controlled Vapor Technology) line of products Published Sheltons Three Laws Of Thermoisturization & Fundamentals of Controlled Vapor Technology Honorary Doctorates from the three major Culinary colleges in the U.S.

4 Winstons Brands Holding Cabinets Transport Cabinets Hold & Serve Drawers Cook & Holds Therm & Holds Steamers Display Cabinets VLP/T Fryers Open Fryers Breaders Filters Accessories

5 The Market Segments Primary Focus: Global Chains Schools, Colleges, Universities Culinary Kitchen Design Consultant

6 The Market Segments Global Chains 38 out of Top 100 Independent research and design department references and operator performance testimonials are available. Truly is the choice of chains!

7 The Market Segments SCHOOLS, COLLEGES, UNIVERSITIES Utilize chef-sales executives that communicate with end users who prioritize quality of food, yield, day-part management and product consistency.

8 The Market Segments CULINARY Chef sales executives talking to Chefs about food quality. The operators who use the equipment understand why what we say about our technology is true by comparison and actual kitchen performance.

9 Celebrity Chef Operators Emeril Lagasse-Emerils, Emerils Orlando, Gulfport, Nola, Delmonico New Orleans, Las Vegas Mario Baltali's-Del Posto & Lupa Jean George Vongerichten-Jean George Thomas Keller-Bouchon Bakery Michel Richard Citronelle

10 Daniel Boulud Cafe Boulud Palm Beach, Brasserie Las Vegas Wylie Dufresne-WD-50 Charlie Trotter-Charlie Trotters Norman Van Aken-Norman's Tom Colicchio-Wichcraft David Bouley-Bouley

11 Michelle Bernstein-Michys Barton Seaver-Hook Nora Pouillon Restaurant Nora, Asia Nora Robbie Lewis-Bacar Kent Rathbun-Abacus Tre Wilcox-Abacus Lanny Lancarte Lannys Alta Cocina Mexicana Akhtar Nawab-E.U.

12 Josh DeChellis-Barfly Franklin Becker-Brasserie Zak Pelaccio Fatty crab,5 th Ninth, Borough Iacapo Falai Falai & Falai Cafe Michael Jordan-Rosemary's Carlos Guia Commanders Palace Las Vegas Thomas Solomunovich-Larkspur, Larkburger French Culinary Institute New York City

13 Continuous Industry Recognition Example: Foster F. Frable Jr., FCSI Design Consultant Nations Restaurant News ….Hi Tech Holding Cabinets like the Winston Industries CVT have completely changed operators expectations of how long food can be held without deterioration…of all the new equipment introduced over the past 30 years, no single equipment class has introduced more excitement. Winston CVT has the longest holding time without product degradation.

14 Frable continued: Winston has changed the rules for the length of time during which hot food can be held. NO COMPANY HAS A GREATER PASSION FOR EXTENDING HOLDING TIMES FOR THE WIDEST VARIETY OF PRODUCTS. Winston equipment provides the benefits advertised, and they have been rewarded with repeat business from most of the top 100 chains and distinguished restaurants worldwide Industry Recognition

15 Recognition Examples Yum Asia-Business Relationship Award Yum Intl-Supplier of the Year Pizza Hut -Vendor of the Year Star Chefs Intl Chefs Congress Innovator Arby's-Supplier of the Year FCSI-New Product Design of the Year A&W Canada-Vendor of the Year Manufacturer of the Year/Electric Cooking Council Product Design of the Year/Electric Cooking Council

16 The Science of Not one product in our line would have any value to you other than to be one more commodity product if not for the discovery of Controlled Vapor Technology. If this brief presentation accomplished one objective, it would be to communicate the technical correctness of our technology and how it translates into benefits for the end-user.

17 Controlling Food Temperature And Controlling Food Texture

18 Food is mostly water. Water is a common element to all fresh food. Bread, meat, vegetables, and fruits can contain up to 90% water. Controlling food quality then is dependent upon the control of food moisture. Made Simple

19 Controlling Food Temperature While Holding or Cooking This is accomplished by controlling the temperature of the water in the large reservoir or heated evaporator in the bottom of the cabinet. Water in the food and water in the evaporator reach the same temperature.

20 When food is placed in a common holding cabinet or oven, the foods moisture evaporates as its temperature is increased. Evaporation of moisture wastes heat and food succulence. The result is that uncontrolled evaporation disallows the control of food temperature. Food safety, food mass and diner enjoyment are compromised. Made Simple

21 Bakers understood evaporation control Made Simple

22 When food is placed in a CVap holding cabinet, it is greeted by a moisture laden atmosphere having a vapor pressure that opposes the vapor pressure of the food. In effect, an equilibrium is reached between the vapor pressure of the food and the food environment… disallowing evaporation. Made Simple

23 While prevention of evaporation is important to yield and food succulence, it also produces precision food temperature control. The precision and repeatability of the CVap process therefore provides operational benefits; food quality benefits; and an assurance as to food safety. Made Simple

24 The Dual Heat System Determines Food Temperature and the temperature at which evaporation begins… Sets Air Temp above Food Temperature (Differential) to evaporate surface moisture-- to texture or brown…

25 Dual Control Holding In holding, the Differential temperature controls texturing…

26 Dual Control Cooking In cooking, Differential temperature controls browning…



29 Why Then Are We Different? Others in our industry have a different understanding of the physics of HEAT TRANSFER. The traditional belief is that air is the medium for heating foods, but the reality is that air is the medium for drying foods.

30 Why Then Are We Different? It is still an industry standard for equipment testing companies to measure the uniformity of air temperature circulation from the top to the bottom of the cabinet. Water temperature control is the technically correct medium for uniform heating & cooking of food.

31 Why Then Are We Different? Even though most of our warming cabinet competitors have passive humidified cabinets with evaporators, they still have the physics up side down or reversed. 100% still use air to control the temperature of the food, even if they have copied our two dial control. PROTECTED BY NINE PATENTS

32 Why Then Are We Different? Do Combi ovens have it right…? Combi engineers thought the primary value of moisture in the oven was to produce foods with a higher moisture content. They therefore concluded that a method employing high pressure injection of steam was best. While it is true that the higher oven moisture content increases food moisture, they overlooked that the best, first purpose of vapor should be to control food temperature. Their error caused them to miss the right and best way of doing it.

33 Why Then Are We Different? Winston discovered the fundamental benefit of vapor to be food temperature control. By putting an evaporator in the chamber with the food and controlling its temperature, our first purpose is accomplishedfood temperature control. Our second purpose… the Combi Engineers first… is controlling food moisture--by controlling air temperature relative to the evaporator temperature.

34 Why Then Are We Different? Combi ovens locate the steam source remote from the food chamber and inject the steam into the temperature controlled food chamber. Relative humidity shuts off injection as its setting is satisfied. Air temperature and RH are directly controlled not Food Temperature and Food Moisture

35 Why Then Are We Different? Because Controlled Vapor Technologys technical correctness is unique to the foodservice profession.

36 List Price = $14,006 (28 pan) No Hood Required List Price = $22,790 (20 pan) Hood Required Rationale Combi Model SCC 102 Why Then Are We Different?

37 The Science of Food Thermoisturization Controlled Vapor Technology ITS ALL ABOUT FOOD


39 See the Holding Difference Food Temp: 164 o F Shrink: 2.5% Held 3 hours Brand A Food Temp: 161 o F Shrink: 23.3% Held 3 hours

40 Food Temp: 154 o F Shrink: 1.9% Held 3 hours Brand C Food Temp: 132 o F Shrink: 19.9% Held 3 hours See the Difference

41 Food Temp: 148 o F Held 2 hours Brand A again Food Temp: 138 o F Held 2 hours See the Difference

42 Food Temp: 150 o F Shrink: 3% Held 2 hours Brand F Food Temp: 135 o F Shrink: 7% Held 2 hours See the Difference

43 Food Temp: 162 o F Shrink: 3.4% Held 3 hours Brand C Food Temp: 153 o F Shrink: 24.5% Held 3 hours See the Difference

44 Full Line of Holding Cabinets

45 Full Line of Hold & Serve Drawers

46 Cook and Hold Ovens Highest yield large protein oven available Operator friendly three-input control Operator sets doneness temp (130 to 200) Operator sets browning level (0 to 10) Operator sets cook time according to meat thickness @ one and a half hour per inch Press start, walk away, end result will be higher yield and a consistent, precisely cooked product EVERY TIME…………………. EVERY TIME

47 Automatic FDA compliant hold Custom cook cycle options Thaw, poach, braise, steam, roast, and bake delicate foods like crème brulee and cheesecake Control has four pre-programmable channels HACCP smart software that monitors up to 24 hours of cook and hold cycle Data retrievable from install date Cook and Hold Ovens

48 CVT technology delivers uniform doneness End to end - top to bottom - front to back Use select cuts of meat and produce choice quality Achieve the ultimate in customer satisfaction Minimum food shrink…….Maximum yield Then hold hours and hours without quality loss Silver, Gold, Platinum control options Cook and Hold Ovens

49 Cooks slow- high yield ( 3 -4% loss ) Fan on for 40% of cook cycle Creates browning and color applications Whole proteins Sous Vide cooking Staging Cook and Hold Ovens

50 Cook and Hold Ovens Uniform Doneness

51 Full line of Cook and Hold Ovens

52 Therm and Hold Ovens Designed for reheating and holding of pre-cooked meats, beans, nuggets, pizza, egg rolls, entrees, bake-able french fries, even prepared packaged foods with the highest yield at optimum quality level. Simply select one of the appropriate seven pre- programmed cycles for the type of food-dry, crispy, moist entrees, cryovac, individual meals, packaged ala-carte products and more. Two extra buttons for custom cooking cycles.

53 50% to 75% less energy usage then competition Controls food texture AND food temperature Superior food quality and product consistency Greater operational efficiency Better food safety Meets USDA 3-403.11 for re-heating Meets USDA 3-501.16 for hot food holding HACCP smart software monitoring Therm and Hold Ovens

54 Higher wattage Quick cook-high yield ( 6 to 9% ) Fan on 100% of cycles Creates browning and color Portion food Whole proteins Par cooked and processed foods Therm and Hold Ovens

55 Full line of Therm & Hold Ovens CAT529 Basket Dolly Application

56 Winston researched every top rated steam/hold model on the market and improved on the design in every area operators identified. Speed, durability, affordability, easy to maintain and service. Competitively priced with more standard features The Best Steamer on the Market

57 Customers say they like: Simple to use controls Lower K/W-yet better efficiency More standard features Energy saving mode Automatic water fill Low water alarm Safety & cleanability utilizing exclusive evaporator cover Self cleaning water fill system Two drain options - pan or drain

58 Two Chain-Proven Models

59 Display Cabinet A counter top display cabinet that actually holds foods! Pass through model for customer self-serve Electronic differential controls Holds crisp foods crisp and moist foods moist Optional top signage and rotating Shelves Never requires field calibration UNIT WILL OUTPERFORM ANY PRODUCT IN ITS CATEGORY ON THE MARKET..GUARANTEED!

60 Display Cabinets

61 VLP/T Fryer WINSTONS VERY LOW PRESSURE/TEMPERATURE FRYER A new way of Frying! Chicken is different today then 40 years ago. It then took 16 weeks to grow a 2 1/2 pound bird. Now it takes 4 to 6 weeks! 15 pounds of pressure was required to tenderize. Now only 3 PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure is needed.

62 No loss of flavor profile and/or texture specification Dramatic extension of shortening life Only three moving parts Simple daily clean up Simple controls/Simple training Preprogrammed Soft, Medium, Crisp Extended hold up to 3 hours in CVap cabinet due to more moist product. VLP/T Fryer

63 Select desired cooking temperature. Select desired cooking time. Or choose preprogrammed cycle. VLP/T Fryer

64 Open Fryer The most efficient open fryer available in market. Immersion frying process/clamshell basket allows no aeration of product at surface. Can alternate fish, potatoes, chicken, etc. with NO flavor transfer. Utilizes deepest Cold-Zone "collector available Uses patented FilterFry system extending shortening life 50% to 75% over competitors. Cooks up to 20 cycles without filtering. Food texture and moistness selection w/8 channel. Requires only 3.97 sq. ft. of floor space

65 Open Fryer

66 Business and Industry Recreation Schools and Colleges Resorts Nursing Homes Hospitals Supermarkets Full Service Retail Clubs Hotels Banquet Dining


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