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GP Clinical System Migrations SCIMP Conference 2010 Louise McTaggart GG&C Contractor Services Manager Lyall Cameron A&A eHealth Facilitation Manager Dr.

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1 GP Clinical System Migrations SCIMP Conference 2010 Louise McTaggart GG&C Contractor Services Manager Lyall Cameron A&A eHealth Facilitation Manager Dr Jim Campbell GP & Clinical Director eHealth A&A

2 GPASS to EMIS Migrations Greater Glasgow & Clyde Louise McTaggart GG&C Contractor Services Manager

3 GPASS Replacement Background Scottish Government decision GPASS to be retired by Mar 2012 Local Specification of Requirements completed following national framework agreement Tender responses evaluated and scored and recommendation made LMC endorsed decision to award single supplier contract to EMIS in May 2010

4 GPASS Replacement Migration Process Approx 12 week process Key Events Practice agree to migrate and are scheduled Project Management visit completed by Mentors Uplift copy of backup for trial data conversion Trial data conversion carried out EMIS client installed on up to 3 PCs in practice – practices to consider which PCs to use to allow checking from GPASS to EMIS Practice trained how to check data Report inconsistencies Practice sign off data

5 GPASS Replacement Migration Process (cont) Key Events (Contd) Engineering commences Final (live) data conversion Pre Go Live Training Practice configuration – users, appointments, templates, etc Go Live Post Go Live Training – mop-up, qof, searches, recall, etc Practice Acceptance Sign Off

6 GPASS Replacement Key things during migraton period:- Trial Data Migration – Data Checking Practice need to clinically sign off data Project Board agreed a recommendation of a minimum of 50 patient records (can be as may as the practice feel comfortable with) Cross section of patient records – Diabetic, pts with long history, pts with lots of drugs, < 5s, etc Discussed with practices to consider resourcing this, time allocated, date for completion Tidy up of Practice Drugs and Allergy Read Codes Again resourcing this, highly recommended to do prior to final conversion

7 GPASS Replacement Week of Migration Monday – Friday process EMIS engineer arrives on Monday morning to set up system on new server. GPASS available all week (BUT need to recapture info in EMIS post migration), can use for scripts, referrals, looking at appts, etc Live data conversion commenced Server install and client configuration (inc 3 rd party apps) completed User configuration/commissioning completed Uninstall of GPASS applications and 3 rd Party apps Reconfiguration of Docman, SCI Gateway and Label Trace Appointment configuration Starting to use system Go Live

8 GPASS Replacement Practice Information/Support Practice Migration Information Pack Ayrshire & Arran reporting database support queries CHCP Awareness Session Mentoring Team support Lessons Learned information

9 GPASS Replacement Practice Preparation 2 key things for a successful migration, Practice preparation and enthusiasm Consider key leads for admin and clinical side Consider communication with patients well in advance Consider how data will be captured at downtime Consider the issue of scripts + letting Pharmacists know

10 GPASS Replacement Practice Preparation Consider Docman workflow that week Consider on the day appointments for engineering week and go live week Consider catch up after downtime CDM LESs/QOF Reviews – run in advance Consider gaps in Appointment book after go live

11 GPASS Replacement Training Package Project Management Session with Facilitator Trial Data Training Day with EMIS Pre-install role based training, 2 days, engineering week with EMIS Commissioning day with EMIS and Facilitator 2 days go live training with EMIS OM and Floorwalker plus Facilitator

12 GPASS Replacement Training Package Half day follow-up on Friday of go live week with Facilitator 5 post go live days, approximately 1 a week 2 day Superuser course Half day Appointments course Standard training plan, sequence Standard recall approach Consistency of templates

13 GPASS Replacement Issues Encountered, so far.. Drug matching Data Transfer Issues: - SCI Gateway; SCI DC; Date Recorded; Invalid Dosages and Quantities; Independent Nurse Prescribing Pharmacy text Completion of Clinical Commissioning tasks Training – consistency of OM, non standard approach, Glasgow specific (LESs; Formulary, etc)

14 GPASS Replacement Whats worked well:- Project Manager from EMIS based with GGC team Regular workshops with EMIS, 3 rd Party Suppliers and internal teams to improve process Development of a GGC EMIS OM team Mentoring Team developing close working relationship with EMIS OMs Superuser course and Appointments course prior to migration

15 Lyall Cameron eHealth Facilitation Manager NHS Ayrshire & Arran

16 Data Transfer Project Management Pre Go-Live Checklist

17 Data Transfer Gpass Extract / Guidance BMI Script Destination


19 Gpass Practice Config Gpass Patient Disposal Info EMIS Screen Message EMIS Patient Script Destination Info

20 Project Management Appointments Repeat Prescriptions Engineering Week 3 rd Party Applications Commissioning Info

21 Pre Go-Live Checklist Medication Review Diary Entries BMI Script Destination Drug Indications A&A Formulary Registrations ePharmacy (AMS) Electronic Lab Imports Commissioning Information


23 The Townhead Experience A Clinicians view Dr Jim Campbell

24 Preparation Data checking –Longtitudinal and Cross sectional RD Searches –Codes –Drugs –Changes in GPASS –Not signed off till near end –Need to remember when Data sent –Logging Issues

25 Preparation Training –By Discipline –By Subject Planning –Prescriptions Advance printing Pharmacy

26 Migration Surgery still open Used GPASS Bookable on the day Publicity Only without Docman for short period Access to PCs Configuration/Commissioning Used Saturday morning for familiarisation

27 Going Live Started later on first day 15 minute appointments with breaks Help available Appointments Only Bookable on the day Appointment system difficult to set up Special Requests not workable Setting up PCs

28 Post go Live Templates Lab results –Change of working practice Drug Matching Code matching Access to GPASS Entry of Information from GPASS

29 Getting System working –Pharmacy Text –Drug Indications –Authorising Scripts –Q Drugs –Documents –Searches –Recall –AAHB Drug Formulary Post Go Live

30 Conclusion Planning Essential but must adapt Decide in Advance Training Training Training!!! Still learning about system At the same level achievement for new contract as at same time last year Still have some blocked appointments Went more smoothly than expected Remember it is not GPASS!

31 Thank You Any Questions?

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