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LANDLORD FORUM Updated: 11/13. Founded in 1991, EDEN, Inc. is a non-profit housing agency About EDEN Mission: EDEN, Inc. provides, operates, and advocates.

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1 LANDLORD FORUM Updated: 11/13

2 Founded in 1991, EDEN, Inc. is a non-profit housing agency About EDEN Mission: EDEN, Inc. provides, operates, and advocates for safe, decent, affordable housing and support services for persons living with disabilities or special needs who have low incomes and may be experiencing homelessness.

3 Purpose and Goal of the Forum The purpose of the Landlord Forum is to inform landlords about EDEN and explain the process it takes to become an EDEN landlord. Our goal is to answer any questions you may have about the process

4 Landlord Forum Committee Paula Langford - Bookkeeper/Rental Specialist Mike McKay - Manager of HQS Inspections Emily Nekic - Bookkeeper/Rental Specialist Jen Pfleiderer - Manager of Housing Programs Lori Ross - Housing Subsidy Coordinator

5 Advertise Your Unit This is a Brand New Process! Moving forward we are using Go Sec 8 for our property listings Access to the website is available as a link on our website List your property directly on the website or fill out the form and fax it to (561) 416-9848

6 Potential EDEN Tenant Contacts You

7 Treat potential EDEN tenants the same way you would treat other potential tenants Please remember that it is your responsibility to screen applicants FAIR HOUSING Landlords are prohibited from discriminating against potential tenants on the basis of: Normal Landlord-Tenant Procedures Race Color Familial Status Sex National Origin Disability **Good Resources** Cleveland Tenants Organization ( Housing Research and Advocacy Center (

8 Request For Lease Approval (RFLA) Processing Time – Approximately 3 Weeks once all Documents have been submitted 1) Rent Determination: 3-4 business days 2) Inspection: 7-10 days 3) Confirm move-in date with Owner: 2-3 days after passed inspection *If the Unit does not pass inspection the first time the Move In Date Will Be delayed*

9 Documents to be Submitted with RFLA Effective November 1 st the following documents must be submitted with every RFLA 1)Certification of Occupancy or Rental Registration Each city has its own occupancy requirements so depending on the city (i.e. Cleveland) we will also accept receipt that confirms that you paid the registration fee 2)Documentation that your taxes are current Tax bill stamped paid or Statement from the auditors website. –If you owe taxes, a payback agreement

10 Tenant Instruction Page -Overview of EDENs Moving Process -Tenant Responsibilities -Processing Time **Tenant Should Keep This Page for Reference**

11 Owner/Landlord Instruction Page -Overview of EDENs Moving Process -Owners Responsibilities -Processing Time **Owner/ Landlord Should Keep This Page for Reference**

12 PAGE 1: RFLA Owner information page -Please be sure to mark the correct program name -Federal Tax ID number/Social Security number must be provided for tax purposes -Physical address is required -Failure to Fill Out RFLA correctly with result in longer processing time **Please Print Clearly**

13 PAGE 2: RFLA -Fill form out with tenant -Units address must be filled out correctly and completely with unit # and ZIP Code -Unit type must be checked (most commonly missed question) -If owner is paying for utility, circle Owner -If tenant is paying for utility, circle Tenant -Make sure that either Gas or Electric is checked where it applies -Signature of landlord and tenant must be on form to process

14 PAGE 3: RFLA Disclosure of Lead Based Paint in the home -Both Landlord and Tenant must sign and initial where it applies -Landlords have a duty to present tenant with the pamphlet: Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home

15 Rent Calculations

16 Rent Reasonable We use software called Go Sec 8 to determine a reasonable rent amount. Go Sec 8 gives us a rent amount based upon Comparable units in the area Utilities paid for by the landlord Amenities included in the unit that raise the value Location of the unit Amenities can add value to a unit. Examples: garage central air extra Bathroom finished basement appliances **The Rent Reasonable amount can increase OR decrease after our inspection**

17 Things to keep in mind after a rent amount is set: The Clients rent portion could change throughout the course of familys tenancy. Their rent portion is based on their income. In accordance with our HAP Contract: The Owner may not demand or accept any rent payment from the tenant in excess of the tenant rent, and must immediately return any excess rent payment by the tenant. *Side deals in excess rental payments are illegal under the Federal False Claims Act* Once you accept the rent amount initially you cannot ask for a higher rent amount after the inspection passes

18 Housing Quality Standards

19 Key Items to Prepare for Inspection All utilities (Gas, Electric, Water) must be on at the time of the inspection If the landlord is supplying appliances, all appliances must be present and working at the time of inspection A working smoke detector must be installed and working on every level of the unit GFIs must be installed in the kitchen and bathroom, four feet from the sink and properly grounded A room is considered a bedroom as long as…

20 The landlord, or a representative over the age of 18, must be present New units cannot be inspected when occupied (with some exceptions) Units will be re-inspected annually For Annual Inspections, if unit fails, you are given 30 days to make repairs The RFLA expires after 30 days; if repairs not made within timeframe, a new RFLA must be submitted What you should know about HQS Inspections A list of Minimum Inspection Requirements can be accessed by visiting our website, however the check list is not all inclusive, it is merely a sample of what inspectors check Repairs should be made before inspector comes out to inspect Rent amount could change slightly based on the initial inspection

21 Move in Date Once the inspection passes, the Finance Department will call with final rent determination and will request a move-in date It is discouraged to let the family move in before the Fiscal Department calls with the final rent determination. Once the Move-In Date is set: 1.Give the tenant their Keys 2.Sign Lease Agreement with Tenant 3.You will Receive HAP Contract in the Mail – Sign and Return it to EDEN. Rent will be held if the HAP contract AND lease are not returned within 30 days **It is recommended that all landlords have their rent Direct Deposited into an account. Please find the Authorization Form on our website. ** **New Landlords Must Come in and Sign Paperwork**

22 Process for New Owners/Landlords Accounts Payable Department will call for Landlord to come into office once the unit passes inspection The Following must be received for check to be issued to new landlord: Signed W-9 Signed HAP Contract Signed Lease that Matches RFLA Voided Check Filled out Direct Deposit Form Landlord Disclosure Form

23 Submit to EDEN within 30 days: HAP Contract Agreement Between Landlord and EDEN Required to be signed and returned before second months rent will be released to you States that you cannot charge above amount on contract for any reason (excess water bill, etc.) Lease Agreement Agreement Between Landlord and Tenant Required to be signed by tenant and landlord and submitted to EDEN before second months rent will be released Must match HAP contract as far as utility responsibilities, etc.

24 Ongoing Tenancy Monthly Rental Payments are made between the 1 st and 4 th of each month Annual Inspections are completed each year – Usually 3 Months ahead of the MID - You will be notified in writing of the date and time We have Retention Specialists on staff to intervene in extreme situations. Tenants are permitted to move after the initial lease term ends (usually after one year). A 30 day notice must be provided to both the Landlord and to EDEN. Always notify EDEN of any changes such as: o Change in Ownership of the Property (Or change of owners address) o Tenant has vacated the Property o Violations or Non-Renewal of the Lease o Increases to the Rent (We need 45 days notice)

25 Rent Increases A rent increase can be requested annually You must give written notice to EDEN at lease 45 days before the rent increase becomes effective To request a rent increase you must fill out and return the Rent Increase Request Form which can be found on our website: We will use Rent Reasonable to determine if EDEN will be able to increase the rent to the requested amount Increasing the amount of rent does not necessarily increase the tenants rent portion because their portion is based on their income, not the amount of rent being paid

26 Security Deposits EDEN, Inc. does not always pay the Security Deposit. Please discuss this with your potential tenant before filling out the RFLA When your tenant moves out of your unit you must return the security deposit or a written list of all items charged against the Security Deposit. It is encouraged to do a walk-through with your tenant before they return the keys The money or written list should be returned to the payer of the Security Deposit within 30 days of the tenant vacating. If you have any questions about who to return the deposit to, contact EDEN, Inc. Failure to comply with the Ohio Landlord Tenant Law R.C. 5321 regarding Security Deposit returns will result in EDEN, Inc. pursuing legal action

27 EDENs Programs **Additional information on all of our programs can be found on our website:** GRANT NAME Approx. # of Participants Length of ProgramPROGRAM IS OPEN TO % of Income Paid by Tenant HOMELESS ? Shelter Plus Care (SPC)1,400Permanent Subsidy ProgramAdults & Families30YES Supportive Housing Program (SHP)150Permanent Subsidy ProgramAdults & Families30YES H-TBRA40Permanent Subsidy ProgramAdults & Families30NO Housing Assistance Program (HAP)150Temporary Program: 1-2 yearsAdults & Families40NO Mainstream Sec. 8 (lottery via EDEN)50Permanent Subsidy ProgramAdults & Families30-40NO Returning Home Ohio (RHO)25Pilot ProgramAdults & Families30 YES Home For Good15Pilot ProgramAdults & Families30YES Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG)VariesTemporary – 2 monthsFamilies0YES

28 Website Features Please be sure to visit our website where you will find: Link to Go Sec 8 Rent Increase Request Form Authorization Form to be Added to Direct Deposit List of Minimum Inspection Requirements List and Description of our Programs Frequently Asked Questions about EDEN

29 Questions and Answers Questions regarding specific clients/situations can be discussed with one of the presenters individually info@edeninc.orgIf you have questions in the future, you can e-mail and your question will be Please feel free to ask any general questions

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