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Activity Fees An overview to inform the community.

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1 Activity Fees An overview to inform the community

2 Definitions Extracurricular Programming: Includes interscholastic sports, art, music, and clubs Promotes the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and moral well being of the participants Important and integral part of the total school program Open to all students Students assume the academic and behavioral responsibilities and obligations of the club or activity Key connection for school success College admissions expectation

3 Definitions Funded Activities Activities that are facilitated by paid coaches or advisors. Non-Funded Clubs District approved student activities that are facilitated or advised by an unpaid staff member LevelAthleticNon-Athletic High School2637 Middle School1532 Elementary School36

4 Athletic Participation High School Athletics791 Individual Participants Middle School Athletics676 Individual Participants

5 Definitions Supplemental Contracts: Compensation paid to teachers or community members to coach or advise students involved in funded extracurricular activities. Contracts awarded by season or year long. Contracts could be split between multiple staff members. Multiple contracts could be held by one staff member. In 2012-13 School Year, our approximate expense for extracurricular activities that included salary/benefits, supplies, transportation, equipment, and dues was $2,090,354.

6 Definitions Activity Fees/Pay-to-Play/Participation Fees Growing trend in Pennsylvania and nationally Requires students and their families to pay fees to participate in extracurricular activities

7 How prevalent are activity fees? Nation As of 2009, 33 states had districts that utilized activity fees State In Pennsylvania, in 2010 13% of school districts surveyed reported charging fees. As of 2012, that percentage has risen to 30% Local As of this school year, some of the local districts that charge fees include: Downingtown, Great Valley, Marple Newtown, Tredyffrin/Easttown, Unionville, and West Chester Marple Newtown is the only Delaware County district to charge fees

8 What is the typical fee Nothing but typical: Ranges from $10 to $250 for individual students State average: $65 per activity Some districts have one-time fees, fee caps, different fees for different activities, only charge for sports, etc. Fee structures are a reflection of the community

9 Against Fees! Illegal in some states as extracurricular activities are seen as vital and guaranteed part of students education. Could decrease student participation Could discriminate against lower socio-economic families Large families will carry a heavy financial burden Parents are already paying fees through booster clubs and fund raising Activity fees could cannibalize booster club funding Slippery slopepaying for activities could eventually lead to other fees. Could lead to the demise of smaller programs, sports, and clubs Could add pressure on coaches, directors, and advisorsI paid, so my kid plays! Yet another tax Collection and compliance is an administrative nightmare. Revenue does not outweigh the cost of time and effort to administer the fee.

10 For Fees! Most states, including Pennsylvania, from a legal standpoint do not regard extracurricular activities as part of the guaranteed basic education. Fees allow districts to maintain existing programming by generating added revenue. Fees support the philosophy that extracurricular activities are extra. It is commonplace for parents to pay for their childrens activities. Most districts have waivers and financial assistance for low socio- economic families or financial hardships. Family fee caps could be established to limit the burden on large families. Districts may utilize cafeteria pre-payment software for collecting fees to lessen the administrative burden. Booster clubs often provide above and beyond programmatic costs, so their fees could be reduced.

11 What about Garnet Valley? Must be a community decision Perspective is key, so: Survey community (email, website, Twitter) GVSD Activity Fee Survey Analyze data Publically present the data Board takes action YesBudget Task Force on Activity Fees NoThe process ends

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