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WATER VOCABULARY water: a liquid earth material.

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3 water: a liquid earth material

4 absorb: to soak up

5 bead up: form a ball shape

6 wet: Water is there.

7 dry: No water is there.

8 properties: characteristics; things that tell what something is like or how something is ; what you observe about something using sight, smell, hearing, tasting or touch.

9 surface tension: when water beads up

10 dome: this shape

11 porous: having holes

12 slope: a slant, like on a hill or ramp

13 gentle slope: steep slope:

14 surface: the top or outside (skin) of something

15 flow: when liquid moves

16 expand: to grow, get bigger, spread out

17 contract: get smaller, pull in, come together

18 sink: fall under the surface and toward the bottom

19 has molecules closer together; takes up less space denser:

20 float: In water, it means to go up toward the surface or stay on the surface.

21 less dense: molecules spread out, need more space


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