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Dave Bryan President, ManTech International Corporation Defense Systems Group.

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1 Dave Bryan President, ManTech International Corporation Defense Systems Group

2 ManTech Overview for ITSEF March 18, 2009 Dave Bryan Corporate Executive Vice President

3 Why ManTech is Here To build a bridge with Silicon Valley and other innovators To brand ManTech as a leading player in cybersecurity/IA To establish partnerships with selected small businesses

4 Topics Overview of ManTech International Corporation Cybersecurity Threat Government Investment in Cybersecurity ManTechs Cybersecurity Program …and how we can work together

5 ManTech at a Glance

6 National Security Focus –Critical technology and services support for the DoD, Intelligence and Homeland Security missions –Positioned at the heart of Cybersecurity, Global Logistics, Counterterrorism and protection of the homeland –Culture based on mission support, high quality, trust, integrity and ethics Background & History –Founded in 1968, George Pedersen - Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman –IPO February 2002 – NASDAQ: MANT –Strong history of organic growth and focused acquisitions Our People –8,000 Technology Professionals Over 75% of total employee base hold security clearances 42% of total employee base cleared at Top Secret or above Our Locations –Headquartered in Fairfax, VA –Approximately 300 locations worldwide (40 countries, 42 states) –Office in Charleston, SC (Aviation Business Park) –SCI Cleared Facilities 6

7 Recognized Success A Top 100 IT CompanyBusinessWeek magazine, 2008 Named a, Top 75 Fastest Growing Tech Company in 2007 Selected as a G.I. Jobs magazine, Top 10 Military Friendly Employer in 2006 and 2007 IntelligenceCareers.comEmployer of Choice Chosen by Business 2.0 magazine as one its TOP 100 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in 2006 and 2007 A Deloitte & Touche, Top 50, Fastest Growing Virginia Technology Company in 2007 Named a Top 100 Small Cap Technology company by Red Herring Magazine in 2005 Time names ManTechs A-Space one of Top 50 inventions of 2008

8 25% Revenue CAGR 2002-2008 ManTechs Acquisition Success Since our IPO in early 2002, MANT has successfully acquired and integrated companies which continue to fuel growth across the enterprise 8 20022007 $1,871 ACS Defense IT Network Ops. Customer Set NATO Air Force Gray Hawk & GRS Intel Analysis Intel Ops Customer Set Intel Classified DoD SRS Tech C4ISR SE&I Mission Support Customer Set DHS DARPA NRO/NGA MDA Capabilities Added/Markets Addressed 200320042005/20062007 McDonald Bradley IT Info. Sharing SOA Customer Set DIA DHS ($ in millions) Aegis Sec & Tech. Engineering Customer Set Class. DoD CTX & IDS IT Info. Sharing Customer Set Intel Class. DoD $500 ETG Computer Forensics SIGINT COMINT Customer Set DoD Intel 2008 EWA Fed Svcs

9 Our Growth Strategy – New Five-Year Plan 2009 – 2012 – next goal is to reach $3B in revenue –Organic Growth of 10-15% per year Protect the base Continued market penetration Leverage discriminators Expand into new Government markets/priorities –Selective strategic acquisitions Continued long term threat Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative (CNCI) Protection of the Homeland Intelligence collection & information sharing Continued Government outsourcing trend Market Growth Drivers 200220072009 - 2012 Organic Growth $1.448B 16% M&A Growth $500M 9 Organic Growth 10-15% 25% 2002-2008 CAGR 2008E Organic Growth $1.871B 18%

10 Leverage Global Presence: Anytime- Anywhere

11 A Threat to the Nation Is EVERYONES WAR

12 Cyberattacks have increased more than 40 percent in the last two years Increased instances of unauthorized intrusions and introduction of malicious code on federal computer networks On 8 January 2008, President Bush signed the National Security Presidential Directive 54/Homeland Security Presidential Directive 23 (contents are classified) authorizes Intelligence Community (IC) agencies to provide comprehensive Computer Network Operations (CNO) to support all Federal Agencies in the protection of government (and private sector critical infrastructure) computer systems. Response to serious threats from state and non-state actors and provides a structure to deter and respond to cyber threats. Cyber Pearl Harbor has already occurred and protecting our cyber infrastructure will be The Problem of the next decade. Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) has the lead along with several Federal agencies focusing on the initiatives and enablers

13 The Government Investment Is There: Follow the Money

14 New Administration plans continue to make cybersecurity a top priority –Presidents 2010 Budget includes $355 million for cybersecurity efforts –Homeland Securitys Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) includes additional $17 billion

15 Source: INPUT Federal Information Security Market Forecast 2008-2013 – Five year traditional IS market forecast is $41 billion

16 ManTechs Cybersecurity Program

17 Title 10 Customers Title 50 Customers Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) -DAC-5, Cyber Defense Office -Joint Intelligence Task Force for Combating Terrorism (JITF-CT) Department of Defense – Military Services DHS National Cyber Security Division (NCSD) FBI ESOC DoJ Security Operations Center U.S. Senate and House of Representatives National Media Exploitation Center (NMEC) ManTech provides direct support to the members of IC and Multiple Government Agencies A Diverse Set of Customers in Cyber Security

18 Policy and Planning Support Secure Systems and Software Design Techniques Continuity of Operations Planning Certification and Accreditation/Compliance Verification User Awareness and Training Vulnerability Assessments/Penetration Testing Insider Threat Detection methodologies Intrusion Detection/Prevention Monitoring Event Correlation and Analysis Incident Response and Emergency Management We fully support all aspects of the Information Assurance Lifecycle Cyber Defense – Information Assurance

19 Cyber Forensics Operations Full Scope Digital and Media Forensic Analysis Response and Recovery Operations Advanced Data Hiding Vulnerability Analysis/Reverse Engineering Tool & Technique Training Signature Development & Analysis Application Analysis Tool & Technique Validation Forensic Architectures

20 Computer Network Operations/Tech Ops Support Multi-tasked Intrusion & Penetration Tests Network Enumeration Operations Security (OPSEC) & Deception Support Cyber Profiling Network Threat Simulations/Adversarial Tradecraft Emulation Cyber Intrusion Operations/Threat Analysis

21 Security Operations -Remote Intrusion Monitoring and Incident Response -Collaboration with Cyber Centers/Customer SOC operations -Cyber CONOPS to integrate with DIBCI requirements -2n+1 redundancy for environmental and power -Tier III Classification (UpTime Institute) Training Center -Classified Training Center -CNA/CND/OPSEC/Forensic and other specialized training capabilities -Expanding to build internal pipeline for Reverse Engineers, Kernel Developers, Advanced Forensics and Threat Analytics -Program to support Government workforce development Personnel -Subject Matter Experts in all disciplines -SOA Security Expertise -DoD 8570.1 Certifications -Industry/Government Accreditations Network and Security Ops Center Training Center

22 Recon Ops Support Hardware Exploitation Network Devices/Personal Computers PDA Cell Phones Other Mobile Devices Hardware Assessments/Deep Dive Inspections Supply Chain Logistics Management Hardware Exploitation/Supply Chain Assurance

23 Opportunity Space

24 Hard for firms without key contract vehicles and strong past-performance qualifications to compete for much of the work as a prime contractor Work will largely come as task orders under existing indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contracts or as add-on work to existing awards when they are re- competed Funding under the national cybersecurity initiative should result in continued strong growth during the next few years. Source: Washington Technology, Feb. 2, 2009

25 Defense contractors, government agencies and the military all have a stake in safeguarding their networks from attack Federal cybersecurity chiefs recently listed basic steps to help defend against attacks: -Inventory of authorized hardware and software -Secure configurations of hardware and software -Network boundary defenses -Maintain and analyze security audit logs -Monitor and control dormant accounts -Control wireless devices -Create an incident-response capability -Create secure backups to help recover lost or altered data … but defending against and defeating cyberattacks will require new technologies and new approaches for assuring the supply chain and maintaining real-time protection of IT systems. Source: Federal Times, February 23, 2009

26 Some specifics for supply chain assurance - Federal governments increasing emphasis on protecting the Nations critical infrastructure from the growing threat of malicious products/components Resultant need for conformance testing and certification of the integrity of the hardware supply chain Development of standards and associated test procedures for hardware conformance testing Providing testing services to the government, product manufacturers, and other entities which use the products (e.g. IT/telecommunications services providers and system integrators) Supply chain management

27 Partnering with ManTech

28 R&D Partnerships NetWitness Baseline Tool Kit Sentris Document Detective Hardware Exploitation Lab Active Defense Cyber Forensics CNE/CNA Operations Supply Chain IP & Local Solutions Market Expansion/New Markets Operations Products/ Solutions Focused R&D New/Existing Customers Execution New Capabilities New Products/ Strategic Programs We have developed numerous Cybersecurity solutions that directly support Cybersecurity Operations ManTechs applied R&D provides opportunities for teaming

29 Teammates – Process for Teaming Identify Sources Through : ITSEF and other small business associations Technical conferences and trade shows Academic Institutions Small Business Administration Government Agencies SBIR Programs Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) DODs Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system, Dynamic Small Business Search (formerly known as PRO-NET)

30 Teammates – Process for Teaming Selection Based On: Leading edge technologies Innovation Competitive advantage Maturity of product Commitment to containing costs Technical competence Production capabilities

31 Executive Points of Contact Dave Bryan, Corporate Executive Vice President ManTech International Corporation 981-8393 Sam Russ, Senior Vice President and CTO, ManTech Defense Systems Group – (703) Mike Kushin, Senior Vice President and CTO, ManTech International Corporation – Dan Hall, Vice President, Corporate Cyber Security, ManTech International Corporation –

32 Questions?

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