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Technology transfer at UA… … a real life example Ignacio Martin-Gullon Chemical Engineering Department.

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1 Technology transfer at UA… … a real life example Ignacio Martin-Gullon Chemical Engineering Department

2 Alicante, May Outline of the talk 1. Introduction 1.1. Brief overview to our former expertise 1.2. Brief introduction to Grupo Antolin (GA) 2. History of cooperation GA-UA 3. International Contacts 4. New contacts & plans from this cooperation

3 1. Introduction

4 Alicante, May Our expertise before 2003 Chemical Engineering Dpt C A R B O N M A T E R I A L S Adsorbents Production Applications Carbon blacks Production Filler for tyres Catalyst support Carbon Fibers & Pitch Production Applications: Composites Carbon nanotubes & nanofibers nm 1 Fuel: Thermal processes 3 4 UA experience 2

5 Alicante, May Brief summary of our expertise Chemical Engineering Dpt C A R B O N M A T E R I A L S Adsorbents Production Applications Carbon blacks Production Filler for tyres Catalyst support Carbon Fibers & Pitch Production Applications: Composites Carbon nanotubes & nanofibers Fuel: Thermal processes UA experience My personal experience Ph.D. at UA (91-95) Post-Doc in University of Kentucky (96-97) NORIT (NL) R&D dept. world leader Productor carbon ads. Prof at UA (99-02)

6 Alicante, May Grupo Antolin Family company Origin 50s Steering and suspension ball-joints 60s/70s: Product diversification strategy (first self supporting - rooflinings) Nowadays: Multinational leader in the conception and manufacture of interior automotive components and modular systems

7 Alicante, May Headliner Sunvisors Accessories Pillars Package tray Sound insulation Safety Overhead System Door panels Window regulators Accessories Safety Door Function Seats Seat frames Seat covers Mechanisms Seat Function Grupo Antolin

8 Alicante, May Grupo Antolin

9 Alicante, May Europe Spain United Kingdom Germany Czech Republic Slovakia Portugal France Turkey America United States Mexico Argentina Brazil Africa-Asia-Pacific-Japan South Africa China South Korea India Thailand Japan Grupo Antolin HEADQUATERS DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY R&D Located in Burgos (SPAIN). over 300 graduated employees.

10 2. History of co-operation UA-GA

11 Alicante, May GA: Carbon Nanofiber Project Up to mid 1990s: No industrial production of MWNT/CNF, only lab-scale. Late 1990s. GM R&D and subsidiary companies led an active research program for producing Carbon Nanofibers and using them in conductive plastic based composites for exterior automobile parts. Applied Sciences Inc. (with GM technology) became first CNF industry Showa Denko (Japan). n APPLICATIONS OF CONDUCTIVE PLASTICS Mirror Housing Door handles Bumpers Petrol tank n UNDERHOOD COMPONENTS

12 Alicante, May Grupo Antolin started Carbon Nanofiber Project: Production for using in new automobile parts. Mid Grupo Antolin produced their first experimental CNF product at industrial scale. So, GA started a search for a technology partner, and among others, UA. GA Needed external knowledge to characterize and purify GA: Carbon Nanofiber Project Purification APurification BPurification C

13 Alicante, May First annual Contact UA-GA Prof. Linares. GA proposed Characterization and purification of CNF through method C Prof. Linares answered sincerely: Not much experience in CNF, characterization and preliminars of purification C. For purification C, support from Martin-Gullon In my first meeting (summer 2003.) I have no knowledge of CNF, but method C will never succeed… and I agreed to make a deep literature review of CNF, and laboratory work to propose alternatives to method C. A fluent communication began (phone contacts, two more meetings) First annual Contract GA-UA. Managed by Prof. Linares. 50 k

14 Alicante, May Formation team UA-GA A fluent & dynamic communication began (phone contacts, two more meetings) Nov GA was invited to a European Research Consortium (Eureka) for MWNT/CNF. GA invited UA. Objetive of the meeting for us: Learn. Nevertheless… We realize we were not so behind. Objectives of project 2003: clearly attained. Big efforts in literature review & Lab work I communicated conclusions I made questions They aswered inquiries. And asked questions WORKING AS A TEAM MUTUAL SATISFACTION

15 Alicante, May Second annual contract Second consecutive annual contract, managed by myself. 40 k. With the same structure Characterization of product for optimizing production conditions. Purification of different products (D type) Post-treatment of carbon nanofibers for plastic composites. Summer: GA produced an excellent CNF product (GANF1). UA-GA relation increased their activity. New science findings. GA began to present their product to the market. September: We attended a Workshop in USA organized by Applied Sciences Inc. We convinced to ourselves that we were in a good level. Strength, confiance Required us one step forward: to introduce in plastic composites

16 Alicante, May /06. Biannual contract Third private contract for two years managed by myself. 150 k (75 k/year). Objectives Optimization of production through characterization (new products as GANF3) Purification and post-treatment of GANF1. Introduce in composite technology for support Consortium of different Research Centers and companies: Trainning period in University of Kentucky (USA) for half year, to get abilities in introducing CNFs into plastics

17 Alicante, May CENIT DOMINO Project Participation in CENIT project Program Creation of a new consortium of companies and R&D Centers. USE OF NANOMATERIALS IN DIFFERENT PRODUCTION SECTORS Private contract with GA at around 200 k. Developing new products. Optimizing production. To scale up post-treatments. Developing nanocomposites with polymers Possible alliance among Grupo Antolin customers

18 Alicante, May Consortium with leader end-users in different industrial sectors Nanoclays Carbon Nanofiber CENIT DOMINO

19 Alicante, May CENIT DOMINO S1 Auto S2 Container S3 Textiles S4 Electr. S6 Coatings S7 Construc. S5 Ceramic Horizontal tasks S8 Windmill, Aeronaut. Sispra Lehoiko Biotz LÍNEAS Y CABLES BIOKER

20 Alicante, May DISCOMNANO project Special program (Ministry of Science) for transfering technology to companies. Spanish Government gives finnacial support, but a company must co-fund (10%) Leaded by UA. Budget 300 k, GrupoAntolin supports with 50 k Composites GANF – PA 66 Melt-mixingSolvent In-situ polimerization Elctrical Properties Dispersion analysis Mechanical properties

21 3. International contacts

22 Alicante, May Apolynaire Consortium ( ) Country Center SwitzerlandSpainGermanyUnited Kingdom Academic -SUPSI (leader) Center for Polymer Engineering of Aargau UA AIMPLAS IVW- University of Kaiserslautern University of Cambridge Industrial MatSim GmbH TIMCAL GA Grupo Repol Two IPOne IP Ph.D. Exchange

23 Alicante, May FP7 Application 2007 NMP (Nanosciences and Nanotechnology) Large Scale Industrial Project

24 Alicante, May FP7 Application Innofun. Innofun did not pass the thresolds But we created a relevant group for future FP actions

25 4. Other local companies

26 Alicante, May Other local companies Due to our partnership with Grupo Antolin, our work is interesting for small local end-users: Avenida Plastics: Project for developing CNF-doped pultrusion Sipem: Project for developing new resistant polymer nanocomposite Nanobiomatters: Nanoclay productor. Possible cooperation project Ferro: Polymer compounder. Possible cooperation project AIJU. Toy Research Institute. Interests in cooperation

27 Summary

28 Alicante, May Before 2003 No experience with carbon nanofiber at all. What is a Carbon Nanofiber? What is done for? Price? 2008 UA is the main technological-scientific partner of the first European CNF productor (Grupo Antolin). 2 Patent application of GANF product Conclusion The technology developed in the last three years could be never produced without the intensive cooperation and understanding between the research teams

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