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University Transfer Workshop UCSD – ULINK And other options

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1 University Transfer Workshop UCSD – ULINK And other options
Cuyamaca College University Transfer Workshop UCSD – ULINK And other options

2 There are many transfer options. Which is best for you?
UCSD SDSU Other University of California campuses Other California State Universities Private Colleges

3 UCSD Options University Link Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)
UCSD has two transfer Options: University Link Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Other UC Transfer contracts include: Davis, Irvine, Riverside, Merced, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

4 What is University Link? (ULINK)
A partnership between UCSD, Cuyamaca College, and the Grossmont Union High School District. A program that helps high school seniors meet the goal of enrolling at UCSD. A program that allows the transfer student to complete his/her lower division requirements at Cuyamaca prior to transfer to UCSD.

5 ULink Students have access to:
Cuyamaca College orientation Assessment of academic skills One-on-one academic counseling Academic Advising from UCSD advisor on the Cuyamaca College campus. Financial Aid information UCSD tour and invitations to special events.

6 Who is eligible for ULINK?
Any current high school senior who will be graduating in June. ULink contract may be signed during the final Spring term through the end of the Fall semester at Cuyamaca College.

7 ULink Academic Requirements
ULink students are eligible for Fall transfer only. Earn 60 transferable semester units Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.80 in all UC-transferable courses

8 Meet UC Minimum Eligibility
2 transferable English composition courses 1 transferable mathematics course 4 transferable courses covering two of the following three disciplines: arts and humanities; social and behavioral sciences; physical and biological sciences

9 UCSD – Transfer Admission Guarantee
Contract must be signed by deadlines. 60 units and completion of specific core general education requirements and preparation for the major courses. Transfer options for Fall, Winter and Spring terms. 2.8 GPA required - must be established at Cuyamaca College prior to signing contract.

10 Other UC Transfer Admission Agreements
The following UC campuses have transfer agreements with Cuyamaca College: UC Davis, UC Merced, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz See a Cuyamaca College Counselor for details.

11 California State University Options
SDSU has a guaranteed transfer for local students CSU San Marcos Other California State University campuses

12 SDSU - TAG SDSU offers a transfer admission guarantee for any local area transfer student who completes the minimum transfer requirements – No Contract Needed! Transfer is available both Fall and Spring terms.

13 SDSU TAG Requirements 60 CSU transferable units
Must include English 120, one transferable math, one Communication, and one course in Critical Thinking. This is known as the “Golden Four.” Each SDSU-TAG student must meet the GPA requirement of the intended major.

14 CSU San Marcos and other CSU’s
CSUSM is a much smaller campus and it is not impacted. CSUSM should be considered as a viable option for students who would like a smaller campus with a more personal touch. Student can transfer to any CSU campus from Cuyamaca College

15 Private Universities Many accept the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Core (IGETC)

16 Private Universities Cuyamaca College has articulation agreements with all of the local area private colleges and universities including: University of San Diego (USD); San Diego Christian College; Point Loma University; National University; University of Phoenix and many others. Check Cuyamaca College transfer web at

17 How to get started Apply for admissions Complete assessment
See a counselor for an educational plan Which transfer program is best for you? Register for classes

18 Recommendation Begin with English and Personal Development 124, Lifelong Success

19 PDC 124 is UC Transferable College Success
Motivation, Time Management, Memory, Test taking, Note taking, Learning style Career Success Discover your personality, interests and values to make a good decision on a career or major Lifelong Success Communication, Relationships, Critical thinking, Appreciating diversity, life stages

20 Counseling Appointments Available Now
If you would like to make an appointment with a Cuyamaca College Counselor, call If you know your UCSD major and the college you plan to transfer into, you can sign a ULink contract today. Or, you can make an appointment at a later date to sign a contract.

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