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CRLMS Civil Rights and Labor Management System. CRLMS Scope and Timeline.

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1 CRLMS Civil Rights and Labor Management System

2 CRLMS Scope and Timeline

3 CRLMS Scope CRLMS is intended to ultimately address the following functions: Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action monitoring Payroll – wage and labor monitoring DBE/MBE/WBE program monitoring Civil Rights, labor, on-the job training, and DBE/MBE/WBE federal reporting

4 CRLMS Scope (cont.) Integration with, yet capability to operate independently of Trnsport Access to and use of the system by external parties (for example, contractors, subcontractors, FHWA, and Residencies) Data migration from existing relevant Trnsport client / server modules Provide the base data for DBE/MBE/WBE data analysis

5 CRLMS The Beginning April 27 th -28 th, 2005 thirty-one (31) individuals representing 13 agencies came together in St. Paul, Minnesota to discuss the need for an AASHTO software product to track Civil Rights and Labor Compliance issues.( DBE ) As a result, the Civil Rights and Labor Management System (CRLMS) was born to meet the common needs of the AASHTO member agencies

6 Project Kick-off Project kickoff in May 2007 with 10 agencies Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Virginia and we added Missouri (Summer2007) and Colorado( October 2007)

7 CRLMS Today Software development began June 2007 TRT Meeting – August 2007 TRT Meeting – November 2007 TRT Meeting– March 2008 Additional agencies since kick-off Missouri DOT (Summer 2007) Colorado DOT (Oct 07) Beta Testing to begin in May 2008 Finished product November 2008

8 Before CRLMS

9 CRLMS What it can do ?

10 Priority Use Case DescriptionGroupPriority Appendix A Estimates 12043Maintain Vendor DataDBE Maintain Wage Decisions HeaderLabor Associate Wage Decisions to a ContractLabor Enter/Edit DBE CommitmentsDBE Review/Approve Contractor DBE CommitmentDBE5 7 XX3011Maintain Field Interview DataLabor Enter Sub Contractor Sublet DataDBE8 45 XX2113Enter Bidders ListDBE10 XX3002Create Modify Electronic SignatureLaborNP XX3012View Edit Contractor Labor Compliance HistoryDBENP Enter/Maintain Month End Trucking DataDBE Review/Approve Contractor SubletDBE Import Payments to Prime ContractorDBE View Basic Contractor InformationContract Alternate Screen CreationITI Recommend DB TailoringITI Export Contract Certified PayrollLabor 20

11 82024Maintain Contract Employee and Employment DataLabor Maintain Contractor Employee DataLabor Import Payroll FileLabor Maintain Certified PayrollLabor Import Contractor Employee DataLabor View Certified Payroll ApprovalsLabor Maintain Certified Payroll RulesLabor Check Certified PayrollLabor12 45

12 62014Maintain Contract Award DataContract Maintain Contract DataContract Import Contract Amendment (Change Order, Modifications) Data Contract Import Sub-Contractor DataContract Interface from SM to CRLMSTechnical Interface from FM to CRLMSTechnical Inferface from CAS to CRLMSTechnical16 45

13 152037Enter Payment Data by ContractorDBE Verify PaymentDBE Maintain Sub Contractor Payment Data DBE Maintain OJT Trainee DataLabor Report OJT Employment InformationLabor20 7

14 Reports CRLMS will be able to generate Reports

15 R Create Federal 1391 Report 20 R Create US DOT Quarterly and Semi-Annual DBE Award Commitments Report 85 R Create Contract Clearance DBE Participation Report 20 R Create DBE Availability Report 20 R Create Report On the Job Training by Contract and Trade Category 20 R Create Report Showing Payments Made on a Contract 7 R Create Report Showing Progress Toward Transp Agency Goals 7 R Report Contractor/Subcontractor Data 1 R View Month End Truck Report 7 R Create Verify Contractor Data Report 20 R Create Contract Payroll Activity Report 45 R Report Contract Employment Data (total hours, minority and women hours) 7 R Report Contract DBE Subs From Start to Finish 20

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