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LEARNING CONTRACT Misbahuddin Azzuhri.

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1 LEARNING CONTRACT Misbahuddin Azzuhri

2 About Lecturer Misbahuddin Azzuhri SE MM
Major in Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior, Minor in Business Management Address Raya Candi VI Sigura Hill C 2-3 Contact ,

3 References Ferrel OC, et al. 2008, Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases. South Western: Cengage Learning Hartman LP & Desjardins J Business Ethics: Decision Making for Personal Integrity & Social Responsibility. McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Leonard J Brooks & Paul Dunn, Business & Professional Ethics, for Directors, Executives & Accountants. NY: Cengage Learning

4 Course Outline (1 of 2) Business Ethics: A Fundamental Introduction
The Essence of Human and Righteous The Essence of Philosophy, Religion, Ethics, and Values Ethical Issues and Dilemmas in Business Case 1: Wal-Mart: The Challenge of Managing Relationships with Stakeholders Ethics, Business, and Law Ethical Decision Making Ethical Leadership Case 2: Tyco Int’l: Leadership Crisis Midterm Exam

5 Course Outline (2 of 2) Ethics and Social Responsibilty
Case 3: Starbucks Mission: Responsibility and Growth Moral Philosophies and Values The Role of Corporate Culture in Ethical Decision Making Developing an Effective Ethics Program: An Ethical Code Case 4: Texas Instruments Creates a Model Ethics and Compliance Program Good Corporate Governance Business Ethics in a Global Economy Business, Environment, and Sustainability Case 5: New Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibility Final Exam

6 Evaluation Class Participation : 20 % Quizzes : 15 %
Structural Assignment : 15 % Midterm Exam (UTS) : 25 % Final Exam (UAS) : 25 %

Misbahuddin Azzuhri

Globalism Culturally Diverse Rapidity of Change Psychological Contract Technology 1st M E E T I N G

9 Main Issues Employee – Employer Relations
Employer – Employee Relations Company – Customer Relations Company – Shareholder Relations Company – Community/Public Interest 1st M E E T I N G

10 Public Opinion Only 17% – 25% organization has been conducted business ethics successfully (Gallup Survey) 1st M E E T I N G

11 Business Ethics: What Does It Really Mean?
Business Ethics:Today vs. Earlier Period Society’s Expectations of Business Ethics Expected and Actual Levels of Business Ethics 1st M E E T I N G Ethical Problem Actual Business Ethics Ethical Problem 1950s Time Early 2000s

12 Key Words Ethics involves a discipline that examines good or bad practices within the context of a moral duty Moral conduct is behavior that is right or wrong Business ethics include practices and behaviors that are good or bad (Wess, 2006) 1st M E E T I N G

13 Key Branches of Ethics “What is” “What should be”
Descriptive ethics involves describing, characterizing and studying morality “What is” Normative ethics involves supplying and justifying moral systems “What should be” 1st M E E T I N G

14 Ethics and Culture Components of Culture Values Norms Folkways Mores
1st M E E T I N G

15 Values Form the bedrock of a culture. Provide the context for establishing and justifying a society’s norms and attitudes toward: individual freedom democracy truth and justice honesty loyalty social obligations role of women love and sex marriage 1st M E E T I N G

16 Norms Social rules that govern people’s actions toward one and another
Folkways routine conventions of everyday life actions of little moral significance dress code, eating habits, time orientation, rituals, etc. violating folkways will not be considered evil or bad Mores norms seen as central to the functioning of a society have much greater significance than folkways violating mores can bring serious retribution theft, disloyalty, incest, cannibalism 1st M E E T I N G

17 Moral Justification 1st M E E T I N G Most of Us
To avoid some punishment To receive some reward Many of Us To be responsive to family, friends, or superiors To be a good citizen Very Few of Us To do what is right, pursue some ideal, such as justice 1st M E E T I N G

18 Conclusion Many ethical principles are universal, others are culturally bound 1st M E E T I N G

19 That’s All Misbahuddin Azzuhri

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