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MEA Contract Overview Find the complete document at under the staff portal Marblehead Education.

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1 MEA Contract Overview Find the complete document at under the staff portal Marblehead Education Association Fall 2013 Mary Miles: President Randy Guthartz: VP of Negotiations teachers, curriculum directors, nurses Eric Fargo: VP of Grievances for teachers, curriculum directors, nurses Stephanie Colby: Treasurer Jayne Mace: VP of Negotiations and Grievances for tutors, paras, custodians

2 Important Reasons to Join OUR MEA/MTA Member Solidarity: Our union contract ensures consistent employer expectations and working conditions for all, and enables us to negotiate salary and benefits every three years. Any teacher employed by MPS shall pay an Agency Fee unless that teacher joins the MEA. (contract, p.5) Free Insurance for All Active Members: $1 million of Educators Professional Liability Insurance Coverage and access to MTA staff attorneys should legal issues arise. Weingarten Rights: Guarantee an employee the right to union representation during an investigatory interview by the employer. MTA Benefits: Access to MTA workshops, complimentary life insurance and magazine subscriptions, and hundreds of discounts on everything from travel to car insurance. For more information, please visit:

3 Teacher Rights ARTICLE IV MGL Ch. 150 E protects your right to freely join, support, and organize with the MEA. law prohibits discrimination based on your union activities You may not be disciplined or terminated without just cause District reserves the right to discharge non-professional status teachers Weingarten Rights You are entitled to union representation whenever you are called to a disciplinary meeting with administration Union rep is a peer to administration in this context No reprisal of any kind may be taken against a teacher for participation in a grievance.

4 Teaching Hours and Workload ARTICLE VIII Arrive 15 min. prior to student arrival time. Student arrival time (when the bell rings) is 8:00, you arrive no later than 7:45 Stay 30 min. after student dismissal time M-Th 2:15 dismissal means you leave at 2:45 Duty free lunch: 25-50 minutes. You may leave the building w/notice to office There will be three 4:00 meetings per month PDC and the SC can schedule one 5:00 mtg. as long as one 4:00 is eliminated Admin may require teachers to attend up to 3 evening meetings per year, one of which would be an open house Not more than 3.75 consecutive hrs per day, or 21 teaching hrs or 28 teaching periods weekly, except: a. When an individual teacher is willing to teach more consecutive time, or b. When for any school year, by majority vote of the faculty in a vote conducted by the Association

5 Sick Leave ARTICLE XIX 15 days each school year 180 days cumulative unused sick leave days Teachers who have used up their accumulated sick leave may request an extension of that leave with pay to be approved at the discretion of the SC

6 Temporary Leaves of Absence With Pay ARTICLE XX Personal Days Each school year, two personal days for legal business, household or family matters which require absence during school hours Days immediately preceding and following holidays or vacation should not be used Additional absence with pay shall be allowed (see details in contract) Bereavement Days Up to 5 days (see details in contract) Family Illness Serious illness of the teachers parent or the serious illness of a member of the teachers immediate household Other reasons Legal proceedings, military service, etc. (see details in contract)

7 Maternity Leave ARTICLE XXII Starts when baby is born; thats when maternity begins Intended to give mother 8 weeks for physical healing after childbirth Sometimes preceded by a period of sick leave due to pregnancy-related medical conditions Paid Leave if employee has accrued sick days; otherwise the leave is unpaid Benefits that a teacher has accrued prior to a leave remain intact Job Security Upon return, teacher will get her position, or a similar position, back Extended Leave: Refer to contract for timelines and details

8 Adoption Leave ARTICLE XXII Paid for 4 weeks: Applicable Only to Teachers with Professional Teacher Status Unpaid: Non-PTS teachers Starts upon receiving actual custody of the child, or earlier if necessary to fulfill the requirements of adoption Refer to contract for timelines and details

9 Extended Leaves of Absence Without Pay ARTICLE XXI May be granted by the Superintendent for reasons listed in Article XXI or other good reason (see details in contract, including timelines)

10 Teacher Evaluation Appendix K The Massachusetts Framework for Educator Evaluation On June 28, 2011, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education adopted new regulations for the evaluation of all Massachusetts educators. The regulations, which apply to both administrators and teachers throughout the state, are designed to: regulations Promote growth and development amongst leaders and teachers, Place student learning at the center, using multiple measures of student learning, growth, and achievement, Recognize excellence in teaching and leading, Set a high bar for professional teaching status Shorten timelines for improvement. Marblehead adapted DESE language in September of 2012 For more info, see

11 Teacher Evaluation Appendix K 2 year cycle with professional and student learning goals to promote continuous growth. See detailed timelines in contract. Observations Non-PTS Teachers: 3 announced and at least 3 unannounced per year (I per marking cycle) Announced observation protocol: Pre conference w/ in 5 days of observation and lesson provided to administrator Written feedback provided w/ in 5 days after observation If your request the validity of an obs. repost you may put in a written request to the supt. w./ in 5 days of your final obs. report to be observed by a different administrator. However, be advised that you can be non-renewed at the end of year one, two, or threeand administrators dont have to (an likely wont) provide a reason. Non-PTS teachers should arrange pre- and post-conferences Evaluator has right to conduct additional evaluations for non-PTS and PTS teachers

12 Teacher Evaluation Appendix K (cont.) PTS Teachers: 2 year evaluation cycle First observation by Nov. 15 Last observation no later than May 1 Summative report delivered by May 15 and signed by June 15. If you are rated unsatisfactory, mtg. w/ administrator by June 1 Administrators can conduct additional announced and unannounced observations as outlined in the contract. PTS Observation Criteria At least one unannounced observation per 2 year cycle. Any length of time not less than 5 minutes Brief written feedback w/in 3-5 school days If one or more standard is judged to be unsatisfactory, it will be followed by one observation of at least 30 minutes w/in 20 school days. Educator will be provided w/ a document outlining timelines and steps to correct issues.

13 Compensation ARTICLE XII Move horizontally on salary schedule: March 1 deadline for salary form to Personnel Secretary Other Benefits Enrollment Of Children Of Unit A Members (Article XIV) Insurance Protection (Article XVI) GIC Plans: Employer 83%, Employee 17% GIC Indemnity Plans: Employer 65%, Employee 35% Tuition Reimbursement Program (Article XXVIII) 100% of the first $135.00 and 75% of the balance of the tuition cost Refer to contract for timelines and details

14 Grievance Procedure ARTICLE II There must be a clear violation of the contract for a grievance to be filed STEP 1: Contact the MEA within 30 days of the occurrence. Usually we can settle the matter on our ownfor example, if you miss a prep due to a gym teachers absence, contact your building rep or an officer, and we can arrange comp time with your principal. Most issues are resolved after the first step. Often, administrators dont even know the contract is being violated STEPS 2 – 4: Refer to contract for details

15 Get Involved Right now: Join the MEA/MTA by filling out the membership application TODAY! Return to Stephanie Colby, Treasurer by 9/23 at the latest. Once you have settled in: Be a Building Representative Help maintain an MEA bulletin board in your school Get trained in the Duty of Fair Representation Serve on Negotiation Team Learn more about the Grievance Process Thank You

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