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DuRanda Smith’s Jeopardy Review Game for Contract Law

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1 DuRanda Smith’s Jeopardy Review Game for Contract Law

2 Welcome! The Topic For Today Is…. Contract Law

3 Contract Law Elements of a contract Characteristics of a contract
Termination of an offer Requirements of Acceptance Miscellaneous 200 400 600 800 1000 Bonus Question: 5000 pts

4 Topic 1: 200 Question 1: what is an offer?
Answer: An offer is a proposal by one party to another intended to create a legally binding agreement. Back

5 Topic 1: 400 Question: How would you define a genuine agreement in your own words? Answer: Well Genuine is something true. A valid offer is met with a valid acceptance. Back

6 Topic 1: 600 Question: Name the six elements of a contract.
Answer: Capacity, consideration, legality, offer, acceptance, and genuine agreement. Back

7 Topic 1: 800 Question: Who are excused from contractual responsibility ? Answer: Minors, mentally impaired people, and individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Back

8 Topic 1: 1000 Question: Define what is a contract.
Answer: A contract is any agreement enforceable by law. Back

9 Topic 2: 200 Question: Give a definition of what valid means.
Answer: Valid is something legally good. Back

10 Topic 2: 400 Question: Define a bilateral contract.
Answer: A bilateral contract is a contract that contains two promises. Back

11 Topic 2: 600 Question: In which type of contract do both parties, the offeror and the offeree, make promises. Answer: A bilateral contract Back

12 Topic 2: 800 Question: What would be an example of an implied contract? Answer: when you pay for your gas you have an implied contract with the person who you paid your gas to. Back

13 Topic 2: 1000 Question: What contract is oral or written?
Answer: An expressed contract Back

14 Topic 3: 200 Question: What is the difference between revocation and rejection? Answer: Revocation is the taking back of an offer by the offeror. Rejection is when the offeree refuses the offer and brings the offer to an end. Back

15 Topic 3: 400 Question: Can you change you mind and withdraw an offer?
Answer: You can withdraw as long as the offeree has not already accepted the offer. Back

16 Topic 3: 600 Question: How would you describe a counteroffer.?
Answer: A counteroffer ends the first offer. For example) If you tell someone I will sell my car to you for 12,000 and that person says I will sell my car 10,000 . Back

17 Topic 3: 800 Question: Describe Death or Insanity
Answer: If the offeror dies or becomes insane before the offer is accepted, the offer comes to an end. Back

18 Topic 3: 1000 Question: Expiration of time give an example.
Answer: Lets just say Aniya has offered to sell her car for 1,200. Aniya tells Franny the offer will remain into effect until noon of the following day. Back

19 Topic 4: 200 Question: How would you describe definite and certainness? Answer: Definite and Certainness means that it has to be detailed and states exactly what the contract says. Back

20 Topic 4: 400 Question: What is the Mirror Image rule?
Answer: The Mirror Image rule means that the terms stated in the acceptance must exactly mirror or match the terms of the offer. Back

21 Topic 4: 600 Question: How would you define serious intent?
Answer: I would define serious intent as entering into the contract with a legal obligation. Back

22 Topic 4: 800 Question: How would you define definiteness and certainty? Answer: Definiteness and certainty means that you state exactly what the contract is about. Back

23 Topic 4: 1000 Question: list different communication to the offeree.
Answer: Offers can be made by: telephone, letter, telegram, fax, etc…. Back

24 Topic 5: 200 Question: What is invitations to negotiate?
Answer: They are invitations to deal, trade, or make an offer. Back

25 Topic 5: 400 Question: In Latin what does bilateral mean?
Answer: Bi means two lateral means sides Back

26 Topic 5: 600 Question: In Latin what does Unilateral mean?
Answer: Uni meaning one lateral meaning side? Back

27 Topic 5: 800 Question: Name a well known contracts for teenagers.
Answer: cellphone contract Back

28 Topic 5: 1000 Question: You can ask a question here, it has to relate to the topic, as # get higher, Q’s get harder! Answer (The answer here!) Back

29 Bonus Question: 5000 pts. Question: Does a contract have to be in writing in order for it to be valid? Answer: No it doesn’t a contract maybe be valid orally. Back

30 Daily Double Of the six elements, which is the most crucial to setting up a valid contract?

31 Daily Double You lost your backpack and posted a $20 reward for it. If someone who did not know about the reward returned the backpack, would you be legally obligated to pay the reward?

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