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Event Coordinator’s Network

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1 Event Coordinator’s Network
Policies and Best Practices in Catering, Meeting & Event Procurement Willie M. Palmer & Sharon Jackson Business Services 8/7/2013

2 agenda What is new? Best Practices: Catering /Hotel contracts Contract Approval/ Requisition process How to Make Payments

3 What is new for fy14? E-Verify Certification Requirement for all service orders $2,500 and over Restricted use of PCard for Food/Group meal expenses that are not in compliance with state policy

What is E-Verify? Effective July 1, 2013, State law requires vendors who provide any physical performance of labor or services $2,500 and over to a public employer to complete an E-Verify affidavit, before the services are procured. E-Verify Requirements All GT contract caterers currently have or are in the process of providing an e-Verify affidavit on file All other caterers must have an e-Verify affidavit on file E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. The process is managed by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a federal government agency.




8 Catering POLICIES On GT Property
GT Catering (Sodexo) is the primary caterer with exclusive rights for the Student Center Secondary On Campus Catering Contracts Technology Square Restaurants Catering contract exceptions information can be found at


10 Off Campus Events (not with Hotel/ Conferences)
Catering contracts Off Campus Events (not with Hotel/ Conferences) Preference is to use contracted caterers E-Verify requirement for non-contracted caterers Direct the non-contract caterer to our website and so they can complete the E-verify affidavit and send to you. Attach the completed affidavit along with the quote to the BuzzMart requisition Need three (3) quotes if not using GT contract caterer and if >$10k

11 Hotel/conference contracts
Who can I use? GT Hotel preferred vendor Conferences/ Hotels are an exempt category, but you should get multiple proposals GLC is an internal agreement and does not require Purchasing approval. Payment via JE.

12 Contracting items to watch for
Down payments Try to limit or eliminate these. The GT contract obligates payment. A/V equipment and conference rooms Many hotels will include these at no charge Attrition / Room block This is a reduction in the number of guaranteed rooms. Most hotel contracts have them but they vary greatly on when the penalties kick in

13 Contracting items to watch for
Guaranteed Revenue Typically will include Food and Beverage income Cancellation penalties Like attrition, these vary greatly from one hotel to another. Payment terms Net 30 days unless otherwise agreed to in contract Need to consider/ negotiate these in selection GT Purchasing will not negotiate these items but will point out things you need to be aware of If you have questions, let us know

14 Purchasing rules Follow the Georgia Procurement Manual and DOAS (State Purchasing) rules Less than $10k at the discretion of the requestor Greater than $10k quotes should be documented Greater than $25k should follow DOAS Purchasing Bidding Rules Event Planners are not exempt Hotels and Conferences (and associated catering) is exempt from bid process requirements Best Practice: Solicit multiple quotes when selecting Hotels

15 Entering a requisition
Use of Buzzmart (i.e. creation of a PO) for Events is required for all orders $2,500 and over Attach contract for signature to requisition Complete Vendor Profile Form for all new vendors Obtain and attach E-verify affidavit if it is a new vendor or if the vendor does not have the orange asterisk in Buzzmart

Event planners can sign catering order requests with GT contract vendors for events only For orders $2,500 and over, enter a requisition in BuzzMart and attach the quote and any other supporting documentation. All vendor contracts other than GT contract vendors must be signed by a contracting officer in Business Services or other authorized delegated approver. Sent contracts for signature to for non-contract vendor catering agreements less than $2,500 or other special contacts that require signature.

17 The agreement or contract is in place, The event was a success, Time to make the Payment!

Vendor invoices for hotels/conference events should always reference the GT PO# and be sent directly to Accounts Payable to Standard payment terms are net 30 days (from invoice date), unless alternate payment terms are negotiated with the PO contract A ‘Receipt’ must be entered in BuzzMart for all POs $3,000 and over

19 Payment processing-AP PAYMENT req form
Option to use the AP Payment Request Form for group meals and catering invoices less than $2500 to facilitate the attachment of all required documentation Employees should never use personal funds to make payment to a caterer or conference center. All payments must be made directly to the vendor to ensure compliance with IRS and state reporting requirements.

20 Advances and down payments
Where required by the contract, down payments can be processed prior to the event by submission of an invoice to Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable cannot make payment from attachments to a requisition. The payment is initiated by an invoice submitted by the vendor.

The Food/Group Meal Event Documentation Form is required for all payments made through the Institute Pcard Invoice Check Request Form Meal Per Diem limits are imposed for most state- funded events. (Excludes FDN and Prof Ed Conference Funds)

22 Revised food/group meal doc form

23 Food/group meal procurement grid

Snacks, bottled water, beverage service cannot be paid for using the PCard The PCard can still be used for any event that strictly complies with the state food/group meal policy Per diem limits Meeting length requirements (for employee meetings) New Procurement Grid and policies posted to Business Services website.

25 Local staff workshops/conferences
BEST PRACTICE All-Inclusive Meeting/Event Per-Person cost can cover all expenses related to meetings. PO and Invoice line item example: 8/15-8/16/ All-inclusive meeting package 32 $209/person= $ NOT 32 $109 32 daily

26 Local staff workshops/conferences
If meals and/or lodging are itemized, all state travel regulations are imposed and travelers pay individually and seek reimbursement via the T&E System $7/$9/$20=$36 for Atlanta, Savannah, Brunswick, Augusta $6/$7/$15-$27 for non-high cost locations 1st/last day of conference, only 75% of meal per diem Employees must be 50+ miles from home and GT headquarters Special exception, Travel policy 6.14, allows event coordinator to claim meals/lodging within 50 miles, if approved prior to the event. (Send to Frans Barends, Sr, Director Business Services and ‘cc’ Sharon Jackson)

27 Sales tax Payments processed through GT Accounts Payable are tax-exempt in Georgia. AP will deduct sales tax if invoiced. Payments processed through the GT Foundation are not exempt from Georgia sales/use tax. Important Tip: Please let your caterer know if GT will be processing payment, so that sales taxes can be deducted prior to invoice creation.

28 Foundation funded-events
Events with the following primary business purpose must be processed directly through the GT Foundation: Holiday parties/luncheons Retirements and ‘Going Away’ events Any alcohol (other than PE and participant-paid conferences) ‘Extraordinary’ events Staff retreats that exceed meal per diems or that include family members or recreational activities Business meetings, conferences, student activities, and advisory board activities can be processed through GT AP using Foundation Funds.

29 Questions General purchasing questions: Payment questions: Business Services website:

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