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CIMS Contract Overview Dale DeFilipps Branch Chief, PGO

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1 CIMS Contract Overview Dale DeFilipps Branch Chief, PGO

2 CIMS Contracts Office Dale DeFilipps Branch Chief Alan Sims Team Lead
Amanda Haynes Contracting Officer Steve Lester Maryann Schlemmer Alan Sims Team Lead

3 General Overview of Contracts & Structure
Procurement Integrity Multiple award ID/IQ performance based service contracts Non-Disclosure Agreement COI Certification CPMO, PGO, Program , SB, and Contractor Review and Comment Cycle Contractor Performance Evaluations PWS requirements Key Roles & Responsibilities QASP Performance Rating Form Ombudsman Clearances (minimum) Task Order Protest Human Subjects, OMB, Privacy Act, and IT Security Debriefings No Zero Dollar PRs

4 Current State CITS – current information mgmt services contract
NGIT and LMIT awardees Extended until April 6, 2011 (tasks can run an additional 3 months after the April end date) Management Consulting Variety of contracts and task orders, e.g. GSA MOBIS, GWACs ITISS – IT infrastructure support services contract Perot award through Dept of Army contract

5 Contract Comparison CITS CIMS One domain Three domains
Information Management Three domains Information Management, IT Infrastructure, & Management Consulting One award type (F&O) 3 award categories by business type F&O, SB, 8(a) Duration 7 years Duration 10 years Two awards 30 prime contractors (different companies) 55 awards Over 150 named subs/partners Total value ~$1B Total value $5B $3B IM, $1B ITI, $1B MC

6 CIMS Prospectus Broad and flexible scope and access to diversified
talent Many specialty labor categories Facilitates small business and 8(a) goals Performance based focus CIMS fosters contractor work off-site Explicitly enables teleworking Government issued equipment not required but allowed

7 CITS/CIMS Transition Issues
Approximately 48 CITS task orders will be expiring between February 1 and June 30, 2011 and will be re-competed under CIMS Completed RFTOPs must be received by the CIMS CPMO office at least three months before the requested performance start date. CPMO will review and forward to PGO. For expiring orders program offices may need to allow additional time for contractor transition in case a new (non-incumbent) contractor receives award .

8 CITS/CIMS Transition Issues
COTRs will make recommendations on small business or 8(a) set aside determinations including technical rationale and justification. PGO and the small business specialist will review and the contracting officer will make the final determination. RFTOPs sent to the contractors for competitive proposals will initially be ed from the PGO Contracting Officer Inventory of CDC requirements to be procured under CIMS CITS, non-CITS contracts administered by CDC (GWACs, GSA etc), interagency agreements, new requirements

9 Performance-based service acquisition (PBSA)
Performance-based service acquisition (PBSA) is the preferred method of contracting for services and supplies Results in better quality services and timely responses PBSA is contracting for results, not just best efforts Essential elements include: Performance requirements described in terms of "what" the required output is, and not "how" the work is to be accomplished Performance standards or measurements, which are the criteria for determining whether the performance requirements are met Appropriate performance incentives, either positive or negative Surveillance plan that documents the Government’s approach to monitoring the contractor’s performance

10 Performance-based service acquisition (PBSA)
Performance Standards/Metrics: Reflect the level of service required by the Government to meet performance objectives Standards may be objective (e.g., response time), or subjective (e.g., customer satisfaction) Service level agreements are performance standards that translate customer’s priorities into measurable performance outcomes Performance standards use commercial standards where practicable, ensure the standard is needed and not unduly burdensome, and must be measurable, easy to apply, and attainable

11 Performance-based service acquisition (PBSA)
Performance Incentives May be positive or negative; monetary or non-monetary If a financial incentive is promised, funding for the incentive must be committed at the time of task order award Examples of monetary incentives include: Incentive fees Share-in-savings Negative monetary incentives (can be included if the desired results are not achieved, deduction should be equal to the value of the service lost) Examples of non-monetary incentives include: Positive performance evaluation Automatic extension of contract term or option exercise

12 Performance-based service acquisition (PBSA)
Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) The QASP is a plan for assessing contractor performance to ensure compliance with the Government’s performance objectives Describes the surveillance schedule, methods, performance measures, and incentives The QASP is included as part of the PWS and inspects the outputs, not the process The level of surveillance should be commensurate with the dollar amount, risk, and complexity of the requirement

13 CIMS Awardees Full list by category posted on CPMO website
Each domain and business category has 3-11 awardees 43 percent of the awardees are small business or 8(a) companies Small business and 8(a) companies will receive first consideration for RFTOPs

14 Information Management Domain
Full and Open Business Category Accenture National Security Services, LLC Booz Allen Hamilton Business Computer Applications Deloitte Consulting LLP Dell Perot Systems IBM ICF Incorporated, LLC Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman Science Applications International Corp. SRA International, Inc.

15 Information Management Domain
Small Business Set-Aside Category 2020 Company Business Computer Applications DB Consulting Group, Inc. Emergint Technologies, Inc. 8(a) Set-Aside Category

16 IT Infrastructure Domain
Full and Open Business Category Accenture National Security Services, LLC Booz Allen Hamilton CACI Ciber, Inc. CSC Dell Perot Systems HP Enterprise Services, LLC IBM Lockheed Martin Northrop Grumman Unisys

17 IT Infrastructure Domain
Small Business Set-Aside Category Amdex Buccaneer Computer Systems & Service Emergint Technologies, Inc. Human Touch, LLC    8(a) Set-Aside Category Chickasaw

18 Management Consulting Domain
Full and Open Business Category Booz Allen Hamilton CSC Deloitte Consulting LLP IBM ICF Incorporated, LLC Lockheed Martin Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP Sapient SRA International, Inc Unisys

19 Management Consulting Domain
Small Business Set-Aside Category Amdex Cadence Group Associates, Inc. Carter Consulting, Inc. SciMetrika 8(a) Set-Aside Category Cloudburst Consulting Group Total Solutions, Inc.

20 RFTOP Process Flow Chart
Program Office develops RFTOP package CPMO reviews RFTOP package CPMO forwards RFTOP package to PGO PGO reviews RFTOP Contracting Officer issues RFTOP Q & A period Contractors submit proposals Proposals reviewed Task Order issued and work commences

21 Program Office Develops RFTOP Package
Identify Program Needs Develop Statement of Work (Performance Work Statement) Deliverables – include monthly report Schedule (include transition time) Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) Recommend appropriate Domain and Business Category Develop Technical Evaluation Criteria Develop Independent Government Estimate (IGE) Loaded Labor Rates Include Attachments and links

22 Program Office Develops RFTOP Package (cont’d)
Request Clearances Include response in RFTOP package Enter Procurement Requisition (PR) in ICE No zero dollar PRs Forward RFTOP Package to CPMO Selects members of the Technical Evaluation Panel Only FTEs At least 50% must be certified COTRs One member cannot be supervisor of another member Upon issuance of RFTOP, sets up time for Panel to convene

23 CPMO Review CPMO reviews RFTOP Package
CPMO returns package to Program Office Questions Recommended changes Incomplete package CPMO assigns RFTOP number Will be numbered by fiscal year, domain & sequential number RFOP number is identifier until task order is issued CPMO forwards completed RFTOP Package to PGO

24 Other Important Information
COTRs will need to be trained in the following areas: Reviewing and evaluating technical proposals Post -award administration - - COTR duties and responsibilities Task order funding - - application of bona fide needs rule, severable/non-severable services Personal Services Unauthorized Commitments

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