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Construction Contract Management By Johnnie Martinez II.

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1 Construction Contract Management By Johnnie Martinez II

2 Why I am Interested Construction contract management is a career that allows a person to have a job that is in the construction industry, as well as, being part of the technology and economics industries. The job also comes with perks when it comes to how to do the job, and at what location you do the job in. The job can be done with prioritizing in different areas more than others. There is also the perk of being able to work on the work site, from a work desk if I work for a firm, or from home if I work as a construction contract manager for hire.

3 The breakdown of the system used in construction contract management that details the specific areas of expertise.

4 Education There are multiple aspects to the education side of becoming a construction contract manger. -Graduate High School. -Get a degree in construction contract management. - Get experience within the construction industry.

5 Colleges that offer Construction contract management degrees Central Michigan University Arizona State University Saint Josephs University University of Houston Miami University (Miami, OH)

6 Finance Construction Contract Managers make about $61,000 annually.

7 Work Schedule The work schedule is very flexible as long as you meet your deadlines.

8 Analysis The result of my research is that I no longer want to be a construction contract manager. There are two major reasons for me reaching that conclusion. One is the potential for some very hectic time periods while working. That problem would not be as problematic if not for reason two. I always prefer to have my fate in my own hands, and in this job you depend greatly on the work of others. One mistake by someone working for/under me could cost me my entire career.

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