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Special Conditions (up-front document); Annex A1: Work plan (Descricption of the action); Annex A2: General Conditions applicable to EC- financed grant.

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2 Special Conditions (up-front document); Annex A1: Work plan (Descricption of the action); Annex A2: General Conditions applicable to EC- financed grant contracts for external Actions; Annex A3: Budget for the Action (including co-financing part by the Final Recipient of the Action

3 Annex A4: Contract-award procedures; Annex A5: Standard request for payment and financial identification form; Annex A6: Expenditure Verification Report; Annex A7: Special Financial Annex; Annex A8: Mandates (if MS have formed a consortium)

4 The Twinning contract has to be signed in 6 months after selection ( cover contract preparation costs) The work plan has to be prepared in 3 months


6 BC policy developments in the sector Beneficiary institutions and other parties involved Parallel or related projects in the field

7 How the project field answers to one of the areas of cooperation with the EU List of projects already implemented/under implementation

8 Intervention logic Benchmarks Sources of information Assumptions (external to project) Overall Objective Project Purpose Mandatory Results (Components ) Activities

9 Make sure that the benchmarks always define the following: Quantity Quality Target Group Time Place

10 How will the partners and the administrative office know that the benchmarks have been met? For every level, list sources of information (e.g.reports, surveys, Official Journal, Commission Regular Report) The sources should be specified for each mandatory result and activity

11 External conditions at each level related to the project that mus be fulfilled in order to guarantee its success If these assumptions are fulfilled and the activities are carried out, then the relevant mandatory results will be achieved

12 Component Activity Each Component corresponds to mandatory result Each Activity constitutes a separate unit in the project design and corresponds to one budget section

13 COMPONENT 1: Gap analysis of legal acts in force related to counterfeit money - conception of implementation of requirements of the International Convention of 20th April 1929 for the Suppression of Counterfeiting Currency and Protocol, as well as norms of EU provisions prepared Activity 1.1 – 6 : functional audit: analyse conditions of synergies between paying actors Method: Short term experts will proceed to examination of the structure in charge of the fight against other counterfeited payment instruments, notably which it concerns the credit cards, in particular the current actors in the area of the fight against counterfeited payment instruments and the possible synergies between the existing structures and the new central office that must be set up. Resources: 1 expert. Number of days: 5 (One week by one expert) Targeted public: the Criminal police and chief of relevant police units. One interpreter will be provided for this activity. Expert: Mr Tribolet (French Police Counterfeit Money Fighting Central Office – OCRFM))

14 The internal conditions related to the project that must be fulfilled in order to guarantee its success


16 Human Resources Material Resources Indicative Budget

17 NamePresent position EmployerYears of experience NationalityEducationSpecialist knowledge BC experience Languages

18 MS Project Leader Junior MS Project Leader Resident Twinning Adviser (RTA) Component Leaders (Key Experts) Short Term Experts

19 BC Project Leader RTA Counterpart Key Contacts

20 Attach the EU format CVs of the following persons: MS Project Leader, BC Project Leader, RTA, RTA Counterpart in the BC, Key STEs from the MS (Component Leaders).

21 Adequately equiped office space for RTA and RTA assistant Adequate conditions for the STEs to perform their work while on mission to the BC Training and conference venues, costs of catering (if any), as well as presentation and interpretation epuipment

22 Language Project Steering Committee Reporting

23 Assessment of the sustainability of the Project Lessons learned from the project Dissemination of good practice

24 Financed via TAIEX instrument Between 6 and 12 months after closure of the project Twinning Review Expert ( Both PL and RTA and his counterpart also will be involved)

25 For ENPI, work plan to be initialled by the Member State Project Leader and the Beneficiary Country Project Leader.

26 Actions to be undertaken under the Twinning projectResponsibilityCost (tick as appropriate) BCMSNo of units Unit costTotal MS cost 1. Resident Twinning Advisor Remuneration Mr. Spyridon LANTSAS (12 months) Basic salary and non-wage labour costs X121450,5517406,60 Social costs X121404,4016852,80 6% of salary and non-wage labour costs X12171,292055,48 Total RTA remuneration36314,88


28 Expenses incurred to prepare Twinning Contract Resident Twinning Advisers costs Project Leader and Short Term Experts Supplies and services Travel expenses Training

29 Preparatory and follow-up work outside the BC, management and accounting Translation and interpretation Costs of the Expenditure Verification Report Provision to cover changes in prices

30 The Twinning Budget Lists the following expenditure as basic blocks: - RTA Expernditure: 1.Salary of the RTA 2.Non wage labour costs 3.Other allowances - Activity based bilding blocks

31 Civil servant Mandated body employee Temporary public employee Recently retired expert (less then two years before the start of the project)

32 Maximum 2,5% of the total budget To cover fluctuations in unit rates for reimbursable costs Drawing on the provision does not require prior approval by the Contracting Authority

33 Training documentation Interpretation Transport for on-site visits Infrastructure facilities in exceptional circumstances

34 Cost effectiveness and sound financial management Direct link between objectives in PF and study visit Direct relevance for the participating BC officials Adequate and intensive follow up of the study visit

35 Flight costs for BC experts ( only for ENPI) Per diem Incidentals (10 EUR per trainee per day) Travel inside the MS country Interpreter costs (flight ticket, per diem, fees) MS training institution fees

36 RTA should have a full time assistant The assistant should not have any contractual relation with the Beneficiary for 6 months The assistant to be contracted under the service contract The BC might want the assistant from they own administration.

37 Has to be budgeted for each activity The ceiling per budget item is 10.000 Eur BC rates to be applied For the events in MS may be more advantageous to hire BC staff

38 BC Twinning partner is entirely responsible for providing all office equipment In exceptional cases small items of essential supplies (e.g. small laboratory testing consumables) for total costs < 5.000 Eur

39 Where MS is unable to carry out necessary activities Services should be detailed in the Budget Private sector experts are not included in the contract The MS Project Leader is responsible for this procedure

40 All Twinning projects will be co-financed by the BC Costs for large scale equipment cannot be covered by Twinning Contract

41 Adequately equiped office space Telephone Email services Fax Photocopiers Computer Internet access Secretarial support Access to information

42 Costs for inderect taxes (VAT) unless the MS Partner cannot reclaim it Expert Fees for MS input performed outside the BC EU funds will not be used to fund BC running costs


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