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How to Prepare a Quality GSA Offer

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1 How to Prepare a Quality GSA Offer
July 2010

2 GSA Offer Preparation Briefly explain GSA Schedules and what FABS is:
Under the GSA Schedules Program (also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules and Federal Supply Schedules), GSA establishes long-term government-wide contracts with commercial firms to provide access to over four million commercial services and products. These can be ordered directly from GSA Schedule contractors or through the GSA Advantage! On-line shopping and ordering system.

3 Accessing the Solicitations
FedBizOpps ( Search by Keyword “financial and business solutions” for FABS Search by Solicitation Number FCXB-F B for FABS Keyword: use quotes May have to change the date field when searching

4 Link to solicitation

5 Links to solicitation files

SCP-FSS-002 Specific Proposal Submission Instructions (JUN 2009) Located on Cover Page of Attachment 2 – Solicitation (page “iv”)

7 Required Method for Submitting Offer
e-Offer Digital Certificate ( Information submitted electronically

8 Offer Sections Section I – Administrative / Contract Data
Section II – Technical Proposal Section III – Price Proposal

9 Section I – Administrative / Contract Data
Pathway to Success Certificate Standard Form 1449; Attachment 4 (paper offer only) Vendor Response Document; Attachment 3 (paper offer only) Agent Authorization Letter; Attachment 12 (if applicable) Summary of Offer; Attachment 10 Copy of CCR Record; Copy of ORCA Record; Past two years of company’s financial statements Small Business Subcontracting Plan; Attachment 7 (if large business) Previous Cancellation/Rejection Letters Other GSA contract numbers Pending offer(s) and contact information of Contract Specialist(s)

10 Section I – Administrative / Contract Data
Pathway to Success Certificate: The offering company, not a consultant, must complete the certificate An authorized negotiator for the current offer must complete the certificate The training session is less than two hours total and covers the major factors your organization should consider prior to submitting an offer to GSA

11 Standard Form 1449 (Paper Offer Only); Attachment 4 Fill in boxes 17(a), 30(a), (b), (c)
17(a) = Contractor/Offeror contact information 30(a) = Signature of offeror/contractor 30(b) = Name and title of signer (type or print) 30(c) = Date signed

12 Administrative / Contract Data Cont…
Vendor Response Document (Paper Offer Only); Attachment 3 Agent Authorization Letter; Attachment 12 (if applicable) Summary of Offer; Attachment 10 Copy of CCR Record; Copy of ORCA Record;

13 Administrative / Contract Data Cont…
Past two years of company’s financial statements Small Business Subcontracting Plan; Attachment 7 (if large business) Income statements and balance sheets to determine financial responsibility

14 Administrative / Contract Data Cont…
Previous Cancellation/Rejection Letters Other GSA contract numbers Pending offer(s) and contact information of Contract Specialist(s) No brochures, newsletters, elaborate artwork, expensive bindings or other visual presentation aids

15 Small Business Subcontracting Plan Goals
GSA’s Internal Subcontracting Goals 37% - Small Businesses 5% - Women-Owned Businesses 6% - Small Disadvantaged Businesses 5% - Veteran-Owned Businesses 3% - Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business 3% - HUBZone Businesses GSA established its internal subcontracting goals for purchases not related to the FSS Schedule. These internal goals are used as general target for the FSS Schedule. The goals are not mandatory for the FSS Schedule; however, if these exact goals are contained in a small business subcontracting plan, approval could be expedited. You must have percentages for each type of small business concern. Zero percentages are not acceptable.

16 Section II – Technical Proposal
Technical Proposal is comprised of four factors: Factor One – Corporate Experience Factor Two – Relevant Project Experience Factor Three – Past Performance Factor Four – Quality Control

17 Factor One – Corporate Experience
Narrative describing applicable corporate experience (must have provided service for two years) Two-page maximum Number of years providing service(s) Need at least 2 years for FABS Organization’s size, experience, and resources Brief history of activities Internal controls (organizational and accounting) Staffing capabilities Proposed federal marketing plan Discuss subcontractors Part I of the solicitation describes the services

18 Factor Two – Relevant Project Experience
Two project descriptions for EACH Special Item Number (SIN) proposed Four-page maximum per project description Completed within the last two years or base year completed, if on-going Demonstrate performed work is similar to solicited work Customer reference information for each project Explain what a SIN is Descriptions of solicited work can be found in Part I of the solicitation

19 Relevant Project Experience Cont…
Narrative shall include: Detailed description of SIN-relevant work Methodology, tools, and/or processes used Demonstration of compliance with laws, regs., etc. Project schedule Similar in scope and complexity Specific experience and/or qualifications Special SIN Requirements To determine if the work your company does is similar in scope and complexity to the work solicited, see Statement of Work (Part I of the solicitation) for an explanation of SINs Examples of Special SIN Requirements: 520-6 – Professional Legal Services – Licensed law firm 520-7 – Financial & Performance Audits – Licensed CPA firm and provide list of states/territories/foreign countries of license, most recent peer review, and internal documents addressing corrective actions for noted deficiencies.

20 Project Description Example – Customer Reference Information
Section II - Technical Proposal ABC Company, Inc. SIN – Loan Servicing & Asset Management Project 1 – Department of Veterans Affairs – Loan Resolution Project Customer/Client Name: Department of Veterans Affairs Project Name/Contract Number: LRP-1 / VA A Point of Contact: Jane Smith Point of Contact Phone Number: (555) Point of Contact Performance Period: 10/1/06 – 9/30/07 Dollar Value of Project: $5,000,000.00 Dollar Value of SIN-Relevant Work: $4,425,000.00

21 Project Description Sample – Narrative
Section II – Technical Proposal ABC Company, Inc. Brief Summary of Project The VA contracted with ABC Company, Inc. to provide an end- to-end solution, from loan origination through the fulfillment of borrower obligations to increase the effectiveness of its loan servicing program. Detailed Description of SIN-Relevant Work Explain in detail the elements of the project which relate directly to the Schedule’s Statement of Work. Methodology, Tools, and/or Processes Utilized Explain how your firm performed the work.

22 Project Description Sample – Narrative Cont…
Section II – Technical Proposal ABC Company, Inc. Demonstration of compliance with any applicable laws, regulations, Executive Orders, OMB Circulars, professional standards, etc. ABC Company demonstrated compliance with…. Project schedule (i.e., major milestones, tasks, deliverables), including an explanation of any delays - October 2006 – Began preliminary assessment… - December 2007 – Presented findings…. - January 2007 – Developed implementation strategy…. And so on, and so on…

23 Substitution for Corporate Experience
If project experience does not exist, the offeror may substitute relevant projects of predecessor companies or key personnel that will be performing major aspects of the work Must provide a project description which clearly identifies the entity or personnel that performed the services

24 Factor Three – Past Performance
Offerors must order and obtain a Past Performance Evaluation (PPE) from Open Ratings, Inc. (Dun & Bradstreet) Offerors are responsible for payment to Open Ratings ($175.00) Submit completed Past Performance Evaluation AND order form with GSA offer Address Negative Feedback

25 Open Ratings Evaluations Cont…
Requires at least 4 references (Maximum: 20) Open Ratings will not release a report until it receives at least 4 complete surveys Open Ratings estimates the process to take 20 to 35 days Reports are good for 1 year

26 Factor Four – Quality Control
One narrative, regardless of number of SINs offered (2-page maximum) Describe internal review procedures Identifies individuals reviewing projects Identifies if subcontractors are used and how offeror ensures acceptable performance Identifies potential problems and solutions Contains procedures for meeting urgent requirements Assures and describes how multiple task orders from the Government can be handled

27 Section III – Price Proposal

28 GSA’s Pricing Goal Obtain Most Favored Customer (MFC) pricing
“The price analysis GSA does to establish the Government’s MAS negotiation objective should start with the best discount given to any of the vendor’s customers.” – GAO GAO = General Accountability Office GAO has specifically recommended that “the price analysis GSA does to establish the Government’s MAS negotiation objective should start with the best discount given to any of the vendor’s customers.”

29 Section III – Price Proposal
Proposal Pricelist Preparation; Attachment 8 Commercial Sales Practices (CSP); Attachment 9 Price Narrative Proposed Escalation (if applicable) Supporting Pricing Documentation Labor Category Descriptions Professional Compensation Plan Uncompensated Overtime Service Contract Act (SCA) Documentation -Commercial Sales Practice Format Need to select a MFC, even if no specific class of customers receives a discount Complete entire document Show actual annual sales -Price Reduction: Before award of a contract, Government and vendor agree upon the customer who will be the “basis of award”, and the Government’s price or discount relationship to the identified customer. This relationship shall be maintained throughout the contract period.

30 Commercial Price List vs. Market Price (FAR 2.101)
Commercial Price List: Price included in a catalog, price list, schedule, or other form that is regularly maintained by the manufacturer or vendor, is either published or otherwise available for inspection by customers, and states prices at which sales are currently, or were last, made to a significant number of buyers constituting the general public Commercial Market Price: Current prices that are established in the course of ordinary trade between buyers and sellers free to bargain and that can be substantiated through competition or from sources independent of the offerors

31 Proposal Price List Preparation (Attachment 8)
SIN(s) proposed Service/Product proposed MFC/Best commercial customer MFC/Best commercial customer price Discount % offered to MFC/Best commercial customer Discount % offered to GSA Prices offered to GSA, excluding Industrial Funding Fee (IFF) Prices offered to GSA, including IFF Explain IFF (.75%)

32 Proposal Price List Preparation Example

33 Proposal Price List Preparation Example Cont…

34 Commercial Sales Practices Format (Attachment 9)
Previous sales information Estimated sales per SIN Discounting policies Deviations from standard commercial practices Past 1 year of sales to general public

35 Commercial Sales Practices Format Example
ABC Company, Inc. 520-1, 520-2, 520-4 5,000,000 10/1/07 9/30/08 100,000 520-1 520-2 100,000 520-4 100,000

36 Commercial Sales Practices Format (Attachment 9) Cont…
If “No,” explain in Price Narrative If “Yes,” explain in Price Narrative

37 Price Narrative Provide information for the Contracting Officer to determine offered prices are fair and reasonable for each offered service Deviations from CSP State whether prices proposed are based on Commercial Price List or Market Prices Proposed economic price adjustment

38 Economic Price Adjustment
Based on Commercial Price List: ECONOMIC PRICE ADJUSTMENT – FSS MULTIPLE AWARD SCHEDULE CONTRACTS (SEP 1999) (ALTERNATE I – SEP 1999) Based on changes in Commercial Price List Based on Market Price: I-FSS-969 ECONOMIC PRICE ADJUSTMENT – FSS MULTIPLE AWARD SCHEDULE (JAN 2002) Negotiate fixed escalation rate Based on market indicator : Price adjustments are not automatic; contractor must submit a modification request for each adjustment Maximum increase = 4% / year I-FSS-969: Fixed rate: automatic annual increases; contractor does not submit or request price increase Market indicator: Maximum increase = 4% / year

39 Price Narrative Example

40 Supporting Pricing Documentation
Support for EACH proposed service Invoices Contracts Quote sheets Clear and relevant relationship between document and price Document labeled with corresponding labor category or service

41 Supporting Documentation Example
Helpful to include customer contact information for each piece of supporting documentation for verification purposes: Name Title Phone

42 Supporting Documentation Example

43 Other Elements of Price Proposal
Labor category descriptions Functional responsibilities Minimum years of experience Minimum educational/degree requirements Applicable training/certification requirements Professional Compensation Plan – Clause Uncompensated Overtime – Clause Services Contract Act documentation Explain SCA

44 GSA Offer Evaluation

45 When We Receive Your Proposal…
Offer assigned to Contract Specialist Offers with deficiencies will be rejected Contract Specialist will contact offereror to request clarifications or correction of minor deficiencies Timeframe for response is established Negotiations Final Proposal Revision Award

46 Contract Administration
Ongoing Process 5-Year Contract with THREE 5-Year Option Periods IFF Sales Reporting Modification Requests Small Business Reporting (eSRS) Contractor Assist Visits Minimum Sales Criteria $25,000 / 1st 2 years $25,000 / year

47 Submitting Your Offer E - Offer

48 For Further Assistance
Financial and Business Solutions (520) Hotline: (703) If you would like an electronic copy of this presentation, please send an to this address

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