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Developing NBA contract management framework and approach for commercial blood product contracts.

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1 Developing NBA contract management framework and approach for commercial blood product contracts

2 NBA commercial contracts Four groups of commercial contracts (14 contracts in total): CAFA Imported Plasma and Recombinant Products (IPRP) Imported IVIg Red Cell Diagnostic Products (RCDP) Total annual value $485m in 2011-12

3 Prompts for improvement ANAO performance audit and internal audits (GORV, IDMS) Plasma and recombinant products Supply Chain Improvement Program (outcome of the Distribution Review) endorsed by JBC –part 1 - develop a clear position on information requirements and performance standards for supply chain –part 2 - improving the supply chain to the required information and performance standards –part 3 - consolidation of supply chain for clotting factors NBA contract reviews of current contracts prior to tenders NBA pre-tender stakeholder consultations Increasing systems / data strategy emphasis –broadening information in NBA annual report –formalisation of IDMS data file requirements plus non-IDMS data and reports –development of BloodNet and redevelopment of ABDR –development of sector scorecard

4 Improvements in contracts In addition to benefits of current contracts: Home delivery standardised against AHCDO/AHNG guidelines Tightened performance requirements (delivery times, DIFOT, minimum shelf-life, reserve holding) and improved reporting (including home delivery supply, standing inventory arrangements, post-marketing information) Additional supply security through 3 months committed global stock Improved definition of requirements for product support, and better delineation of role of supplier vis a vis clinicians and patients Specific requirements for customer feedback framework Commitment to supply chain and environmental sustainability initiatives Requirements to provide additional needles, pooling vials, etc clarified Specific requirements in the case of a product recall Removal of price confidentiality restrictions

5 Commercial contract management – approach Generally adopting a managed business process approach Managed suite of documentation: –Contract and variations –NBA business system documents – NBA internal policy, process and templates, eg meeting and management timetable internal monthly reporting framework against supply, contract and contract management KPIs policy for calculating and applying contract KPIs accountability framework, including updated auditing processes –Protocols – issued under the contracts –Supplier reporting templates - issued under the contracts Scheduled, routine cycles of business A no surprises approach of open dialogue

6 Contract management – development Phase 1: Using the IPRP contracts to work through and design the full contract management framework, with supplier reports/data and key protocols initial focus. Phase 2: Test the range of outputs from Phase 1 through consultations internally and with suppliers. Refine as necessary and initially implement all reporting and systems elements Target: End June 2012 Phase 3: Progressively transfer elements from phases 1 and 2 as may be applicable for imported IVIg, RCDP and CAFA contracts. Target: December 2012

7 Contract Management – Development Approach Phase 4: Consolidate the elements that are consistent across all commercial contracts as NBA Contract Management standards, specifications and procedures. Target: December 2012 Phase 5: Continue development and implementation of unique contract management elements – finalising the contract management framework – apply continuous improvement. ongoing.

8 Contract Management – Phase 1 Protocols: Customer feedback Urgent orders Home delivery Supplier reports: Notifiable events Notices Monthly invoicing Stock movement Stock count Billing Reconciliation macro In Country Reserve Committed Global Stock Orders and delivery Performance Report certification Service and quality

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