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Cindy Dixon OA/State Fleet Management September 16, 2010.

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1 Cindy Dixon OA/State Fleet Management September 16, 2010

2 Contract Basics Contract Numbers: Enterprise C110265001 Hertz – C110265002 Notice of Statewide Contracts on OA/DPMM website Contracts were effective August 20, 2010

3 New Rates Vehicle Class Prior ContractEnterpriseHertz ERAC % Change Hertz % Change Sedan - Compact/ Economy $33.50 $29.73 $27.27-11.25%-18.60% Sedan - Mid $37.75 $31.33 $31.31-17.01%-17.06% Sedan - Full $42.25 $34.34 $33.33-18.72%-21.11% Minivan $59.00 $49.00 $59.59-16.95%1.00% Cargo Van $52.25 $39.00 N/A-25.36% N/A Truck $52.25 $45.00 $79.79-13.88%52.71%

4 New Contract Features Full tank of gas upon checkout, return rental vehicle with a full tank Liability and collision coverage included in rates – additional coverage is not needed One single rate for instate/outstate/airports Minimum age to rent lowered from 21 to 18

5 Accidents/Damage In the event of damage to a rental vehicle, contact the branch where the vehicle was rented If it is a serious accident or there is substantial damage to another vehicle or property, please contact OA/Risk Management to provide details of accident and report only if instructed to do so.

6 Trip Optimizer Updates New contract rates have been loaded for Enterprise and Hertz but Hertz contract is not ready at this time Note on Trip Optimizer that Hertz is unavailable until direct bill accounts are established. New Popup Message when Total Trip Days is greater than or equal to 5 days – instructs user to check weekly rates New links to rates for Enterprise and Hertz that include daily, weekly and monthly rates

7 Opportunities to Reduce Cost Rental vehicles provide opportunities to reduce your travel costs – Look for large pockets of mileage reimbursement and search for opportunities to transfer miles to state or rental vehicles to reduce costs

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